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Clary Sage: Brain Game

We’ve all heard the phrase time and time again, “It's all in your head.” Women that are full of emotions and feelings have come to hate that term. Because for us our feelings are real. Our emotions are worth listening to and comforting.

But what if I told you that it all was in your head? That by simply using one essential oil, you can decrease your brain games from a high stakes blood battle of jousting everyone in your path, to a calming game of chess instead.

In my own opinion Clary Sage is the oil that saves most of men's lives. Not because they use it, but their wives do! It also saves women's lives as well. As a woman and even if I were a man, I suggest having this oil in my pocket all the time.

Clary Sage is mood altering – it lifts up a bad attitude and, as a sedative, calms the mind. This is what I suggest – rub three drops of Clary Sage onto your palms and then rub on your temples, through your hair, behind your ears, then down the...

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Man Up A New essential Oil

Man Up.

I have heard some feedback on this oil blend as most people are thinking it is a sexual enhancement oil. I want everyone to know, IT IS NOT a sexual enhancement oil. It is not a replacement for the little blue pill. So remember, this is not a sexual enhancement oil. Directly anyway, maybe indirectly but not directly. If you are looking for that type of oil, then XY will do the job more thoroughly, on both genders. Man Up is an oil blend that is specifically oriented towards the needs of most men, particularly the mature male.

What has been found is that there are several oil constituents that really work good on male specific issues. One of those is Thymol. It is found is the proper amounts in 2 of the oils, Thyme ct;thymol and the Oregano. This particular Oregano is the same one that will be offered in the culinary oil line. It is not as heavy in the one constituent that makes it as hot as the hot Oregano oils but it is sweet and has a notable level of thymol. In fact when...

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Coriander: Get the Good News

When you think of essential oils, several will spring to mind first … Tea Tree, Lavender, Frankincense … but probably not Coriander.

And why not? I have no idea. But I’m going to make Coriander my public relations client-du-jour and tell you why it is so wonderful.

Coriander has a connection to the Bible, although it’s a bit obscure. Did you know that, according to scriptures in Exodus and Numbers, manna resembled coriander seed? Do you know what coriander seed looks like? Me neither (that really cleared things up). I don’t profess to know exactly how God created manna. But I will ask for the recipe when I get to the other side (because I’m sure I will be an excellent cook in Heaven).

Manna … that reminds me of an obscure song. I warned you on a previous blog that is that I think in songs and lyrics.  If “ … manna burgers, manna soufflé, filet of manna, banana bread  …” sound familiar, then you...

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Earth Scent

You know how you see a word and suddenly it reminds you of something? Earth. That’s the word that did it for me. I used to know a guy from Earth. Earth, Texas.

And no, until he told me, I didn’t know there was an Earth in Texas either.

But digress (you may have noticed I do that).

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there is something comforting about Earth. First, it’s where we live! And there’s always something comforting about home. Plus, it smells so … earthy. I like the smell of dirt – you know, the kind in your yard, nurturing those blades of grass (and maybe a weed or 40).

There’s also something comforting about Earth Scent. When I smell it, the grounding aroma of patchouli makes me think of the 70s, when “the children and the flowers (were) my sisters and my brothers.”* To me, it’s a comforting scent, and comforting seems to fit this blend.

Earth Scent was formulated to help reduce overall stress levels...

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Intimacy and Fooling Around

Caution adult material will be discussed.

The other day a discussion came up about ED, ie; Erectile Dysfunction.  This is a simple issue when it comes right down to it. But in order to fully get a handle on it, one must consider the bigger picture. So here goes.
ED will be sourced from two approaches. One is from an organic angle.  That means there is some physical action, event, etc., that is at the base cause of it.  That can come in the form of a tumor, pinched nerve or even a nutritional deficiency.  This aspect is something that we are only going to touch on lightly and in spots throughout this discussion. The other is psycho-genetic, or in simple terms, psychological. The bigger part of this discussion is going to be centered around the latter rather than the former.

One might see this a male only discussion, but it is also a female discussion as well. Why is this? Males have a tool called a Penis.  Females have a corresponding tool called a...

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Thank Heaven for Lavender

When you think of Lavender essential oil, you probably think of fields of purple. These fields are generally from photographs you have seen. These photographs are generally ones taken in Provence, a region in southeast France along the Mediterranean Sea.

If you’re like me, you work on your fake French accent and say “proVONCE, FRONCE.” Then, if you’re like me, you think of a song. Because that’s what I do. And you already know I’m probably going to come up with one, if you’ve read my blog posts.

So, enjoy Maurice Chevalier singing “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” from the 1958 movie Gigi as you enjoy learning about Lavender … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTM40o3WgZo.

I found some interesting details about Lavender, Mailette in the winter, 2000 issue of aroma, The International Magazine for Essential Oils (and yes, they use a lowercase “a” for “aroma”). In the article Cousins and Clones:


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Volatile Oils

Volatile Oils.

Many times it is very easy for people to get confused about the term that is usually used in the same sentence as essential oils and that is Volatile Oils.This is somewhat misleading.  Sorry but none of around here came up with these terms, we just have to live with them. This question came up in relationship to someone saying that you have to be careful about using essential oils that might end up on clothing that might end up ending up in a dryer.

Volatile means that they evaporate easy when it is discussed in essential oil circles or in any thing aromatherapy.  Combustible means that the substance can explode easy. EO"S just evaporate. I have heard some people say that if you Yadda Yadda with the oils they will explode. I have tried and tried to get them to explode or combust. I have failed at that task. In theory I can see if you buy a bottle of oil for say a buck or two from some discount joint, that is nothing more than just a synthetic or made from a...

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Emotions: Body & Mind

What positive emotions do you experience when you use essential oils?

“Emotions are at the interface between mind and body, going back and forth between the two and influencing both.”

"All thoughts and all bodily functions involve peptides (chemicals). Each peptide (chemical) mediates a particular emotional state. All our perceptions and thoughts are colored by emotions. There is no such thing as objective, rational thought. A chemical network of peptides integrates our mental, emotional and biological activities. So where are the emotions? It used to be thought that mind and consciousness were located in the brain but the answer is really quite shocking. The emotions are happening everywhere simultaneously and we really need to learn to think of ourselves in a totally new way. Emotions are in the digestive system, in the immune system, in the endocrine system etc.”

– Dr. Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion

We smell essential oils , bathe in them, rub them on...

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My Intimate Secrets About Cedarwood

I want to start my post off by sharing something personal. If I haven't shared this yet I am sharing it now. I have strong Native American blood in me, and I have a way of fine tuning into the vibrational energies of plants, as well as what God our creator (or the Great Spirit as Native Americans call him) has to offer me.

My feelings on Cedarwood essential oil are that if you are going to use it, use it gratefully. It took a whole tree to get such a small amount of pure essential oils into your palm! Indians used the whole tree, seeds and all. There was no waste.

Because it was believed that the tree itself carried protective properties from their native ancestors, Native Americans carried a piece of cedarwood around their neck for added support.
Whether my ancestors knew it or not, those necklaces kept the pesky bugs away!

Cedarwood was also burned and used as a purifier to cleanse homes and sacred places from negative vibrational energies.
Today in this chaotic world, where our...

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Sweet Sooth Blend

Hi Everyone,

Sweet Soothe EO Blend

In one of the groups I sort of got into a conversation about the Sweet Soothe Essential Oil Blend. I thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of the back ground of this oil blend. In my perspective, it always helps to have some of the back ground of a given thing, so that a person can work with it better.

Sweet Soothe has its origins in a blend that was widely used as an anti parasitic formula. Somewhere back in time someone came up with the idea of using Coriander, Fennel and Dill to do a number on parasites. Generally this was to combat the typical stomach worms. Then it was discovered that it helped with upset stomachs and helped with digestion. Some companies actually use a form of these 3 oils as a basis of their digestion related oil blends. For the most part, any one of these oils as a single does a good job for digestion related, up set stomach type issues. So if you only have one of these oils, don't feel bad about trying these if...

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