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Balancing Specific Minerals.Calcium, Part 2 of 3.

Mar 27, 2022

Well here we are on part #2 of this discussion. In this one I want to go more from the solution side than the shock and awe of getting past the nonsense of the psychopaths and make an attempt to deal with reality. In the previous discussion I tried to explain that a lot of this stuff about our foods being totally devoid of nutrition, as taught by a number of people, is a load of crap. Yes, there are lower levels as compared to the past, whatever the past might be defined as, but the bigger problem is the lack of  ability to work with that issue, as a general rule. In light of this concept, it has produced a system of out of balance ratios. This is mainly where the problem lies and to further make this a serious issue is the herbicides used on these plants. Many of these herbicides are designed to create out of balance ratios in many of the plant’s chemicals. That is their mechanism of how they work. They kill the plant by messing with the chemical/nutrient ratios. Then we consume the plant that was killed by this method, then we wonder why we suffer the same fate as the plant. Go figure, lol.

Overall, most animal life forms, including humans do not need the whole gambit of nutrients to function reasonably well. Plants are the same way. Even though some companies preach about some specific number of minerals, for example that we need, many of these are not really used or necessary. Just because they show up on the periodic table of elements, many are not used. Some of these are really high energy and are basically radioactive. So we try not to go there. Under certain situations and under really capable hands, many times these are used, but to use them willy-nilly, is usually a situation of creating issues that shouldn’t be given life. So for most everyone in the general public, sticking with the basics is really the best route to go. Once we get a decent balance of nutrient rations functioning, the body can go a long way in arranging and distributing these elements to where they need to be and used. As a side note, the last I heard there are close to 110 discovered elements that should be classified on the level of being placed on the table of elements. But to see that happen there has to be a lot of peer review and the whole deal of going through the self appointed authorities for that to happen, which takes years. So for now, lets just keep with what we do know and can work with.

Since this discussion has Calcium at the core of this discussion, let's go here. Years ago I developed a specific blend to deal with these people coming home from the Sand Box, (Iraq). In those areas they have a very serious issue with a particular sand fly that bites people and in turn donates to them a real ugly parasite called Leishmania. It worked remarkably well and still does. This one is definitely a clinical level one. What is interesting is that present research has suggested that many of these people, in the past, that had died from Leprosy actually had a serious case of Leishmania. Working with the data and information available, it makes perfect sense in my mind. One of the things that caught my interest here was that for well over a thousand years they have used a heavy metal solution of Stibnite, which is known commonly as Antimony. There is a town this is a town that I grew up in, a small backwater town at a high elevation, and usually has a population of about 120 people at the time back then as well as now.  It was originally named Coyote, but after the discovery of Antimony Ore in the one canyon, the name was changed to reflect its claim to fame.  Anyway, even to this day the Army uses this same solution to treat the troops. Local clinics use the same stuff, as did practitioners in the Sand Box area did over a thousand years ago. So I went to work and I spent a lot of time researching the data on it, running the numbers and decided on an Essential Oil Blend to deal with the issue. As stated earlier, it worked and still works remarkably well to this day on a wide range of related type parasites. The Plagues of Europe, Dumb Dumb Disease and several others of the similar type/same parasites use the same type of protocols.

So what was used? Well this blend is centered around…drum roll please… Calcium. When all things parasites are considered and with the certain class of parasites that is normally targeted with a blend like this, it make perfect sense. What oil is at the core of this blend and what oil is this blend built around? Fennel. Fennel oil is also used as the Calcium balance in my Bio-Balance Program. Of course this blend also has the entourage of supporting nutrients from this donor plants in the form of essential oils to complete the whole of it. When you consider the ingredient list of what is contained in Fennel Seeds, which is where the Fennel Oil that we used is sourced from, contains an almost perfect balance of Calcium and Magnesium as required by the human life form. Also, an even large percentage of Iron and a huge amount of Manganese, according to daily values needed. Which is at about the ratio that those 2 should be at for human applications. Also, the Fennel Seeds contain a huge amount (daily value wise), of and a wide range of B -Vitamins. Also, Fennel Seed Oil is listed as a major part of an Insecticide protocol.. (Pavela ET AL.2016. PMID:2647100). I hope this gives you some perspective on the deal. A little bit, if used properly,  can work wonders, a whole bunch, misapplied, may not be so good.  The name of this blend? DePlague.

Now let’s move over to another one, since we have been introduced to Nitrogen. As mentioned in part #1, we know that we have to have a lot of Nitrogen to make Calcium work. I have a blend that I developed well over 10 years ago and maybe even a little longer. I never did introduce it in any company. Every time I wanted to do so, I had that bad feeling that I shouldn’t. As time moved on and with this last pandemic, the feeling changed. So I went with it. I made up a new batch. Then Leiann sent it out to people in her group of people that were receiving samples. Based on what the ones that reported back and that I found out about, it was well received. Then moving forward to the last day or so,  two of our grand kids that live with us, came down with a nasty cough. Leiann has been working with them. Then yesterday I came down with the same cough. I got home early today, because I  had a short work day. I was coughing up flem, etc., you know the normal stuff. So I started talking to myself. I said, you know it makes sense that Nitrogen would help here, So I broke out the Nitrogen based blend and tilted my head back. I can’t tell you what I did from there or tell you to do the same, lol. The cough was looser and not as harsh, So after a half hour I did it again.  The cough went away. So now a few hours later, I feel a slight urge to cough coming on. My head also feels a lot clearer.

So what is the bottom line here? This blend is built around Nitrogen. I also have some peripheral support built in here as well. The core oil? Basil. Not just any Basil will work effectively. It has to be a specific Basil. As with most blends, it has the entourage of support oils in it. The oil Blend? Defender. It will be in the new company, in fact both of these will be. The Defender is on the first tier and DePlague will be 2nd.tier.  

So now having run a discussion on Calcium and bringing in a related nutrient, Nitrogen, I hope it gives you some perspective as to the need to know more than just what some idiot, psychopath tells you on the internet who is just writing some blog about which they really haven’t a clue. There are all sorts of interactions that take place with all of these nutrients and even how we use them. In both of these discussions are dealing with the main, front line support nutrients to one particular nutrient, Calcium. We haven’t even talked about the 2nd. line support nutrients to the front line support nutrients to Calcium. It goes on and on what seems like forever. Plus we haven’t gotten into the related Amino Acids and Enzymes to Calcium. Here in these discussions we are only looking at the issues and and the front line nutrient and the main essential oil contributor to facilitate action potential. We might should work in a different discussion on the other nutrients that support Calcium. namely; Iodine, Magnesium and Boron just to name a few. All are necessary for Calcium to even think about metabolizing.

How this is helpful. I appreciate your time and interest. Until next time, hang in there. 


End of Discussion. KK



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