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 Leiann's Essential Oil Blog

Parasites; Some Good Stuff and Related Perspectives.


In this discussion I take a different look at parasites and present some very positive material about them. In addition to this, I present some simple relationships between diseases and the causation/solutions.Which in turn makes the whole deal a simple deal. Really!

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Parasites; Recognization and Rehabiliation from the Parasite Damage.

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Trematode Parasites.


This video centers around the Trematode class of parasites. Attention is specifically given to the cancer connections as well as some comparative discussion to non-parasite cancers.

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Viewing the Basics; Salt, Water and Overall Balanced Ratios.


This video is really for the clinical level students. Although the self help crowd can benefit greatly from these concepts, There are 4 new concepts introduced here in this discussion, they are as follows;

#1- Genomics: What could happen in living organisms.

#2- Transcriptomics: What seems to happen.

#3- Proteomics: What is provoked so that it does happen.

#4- Metabolomics: What happened in the past and what is happening in the moment.

These concepts are used in order to develop a protocol that will lead to an improvement in an individual's life. If any of these ideas are not evaluated, then a less than effective protocol is likely not able to be properly constructed. These concepts are necessary for natural solutions to be effective. This discussion talks about some of the various solutions that are basic to life.

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Distilled Water, Salt and Related Discussion.

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Viruses; Current and Cancer Associated.


Here are some highlights of a few takeaways from the whole discussion.

1- A virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates inside of a cell of an organism. 

2-  a GMO is designed to overcome the natural barriers between species.

3- [Dr. Thomas Sinks, the associate director for science at the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control] clarified that nobody ever developed cancer because of chances. There was always a cause, and the challenge in Fallon would be to discover the common denominator among the 11 children. The unifying cause was not yet known, but eventually science would identify the commonality. The probability of the Fallon cluster being a chance event was described by Dr. Sinks as being unlikely. ( This quote is related to a cancer, leukemia, that happened in Fallon, NV. The 11 children mentioned were the main ones used as a sampling of an outbreak of a high cancer cluster in the 1999-2000 time frame).

4- In simple...

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Obesity, Type 2 and Zinc.


This discussion is centered around the connections of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and associated nutrients required to avoid these issues.

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Black Pepper, The Plant: The Spice, EO and Mineral Associations.

Today we are going to be looking at Black Pepper in general and Black Pepper Essential Oil in specific.
Way back when, whenever that “When” was, I didn’t pay much attention to Black Pepper EO. I really don’t know why, then somewhere along the way, I kind of got cornered into having to work with it. I thank my lucky stars every day that the event happened to me. Then when I started working with Black Pepper EO, I was shocked at what good things can happen with Black Pepper EO. Plus, actually using the spice in it’s basic form, is just flat out a miracle spice.
First we need to look at the main types of Pepper types. These ones that we are talking about are the types that are grown in the more "wet" environments. We are not going to be talking about the Pepper oils and plants grown in the more dryer, IE; desert type settings. 
Black Pepper; This type comes in 3 basic kinds. One is the Black Pepper, which centers
these 3...
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Fennel: The Plant, The Seed and The EO, Uses and Applications.

Today we are going to be looking at a plant, more specifically Fennel Seed and Fennel
Essential Oil. Fennel is a really cool oil in that it does so much and can be used on many
Normally, you can buy the Fennel plant in the produce section of the grocery store.. The
plant can be used raw or slightly cooked. Over cooking it should be avoided as it degrades the qualities of the actual use of the plant. You can eat virtually the whole plant. I personally like to use it in the raw state and use it as a side dish or as a stand alone snack. With Fennel, it is one that you will either love or hate, depending on if you like Black Licorice.
Usually, it will have a very strong to slightly strong Black Licorice taste and even aroma.
There are two main chemo/variety types, if you will, of Fennel. One is referred to as Sweet Fennel and the other is Bitter Fennel. Overall, most of the time these two varieties are very close in their chemical profile. Normally, the big difference or...
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Fixed Oils; in General and in Aromatherapy.


This discussion focuses on Castor Oil and Wheat Germ Oil, with references to a number of related Fixed Oils.

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