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Highlights of Previous Essays. Part 1 of 3.

Jun 22, 2024

I wanted to give a quick overview of some key points in some of the long winded
essays/discussion that has been conducted over the past while. I know some of you will not
see it as I do, some will tar and feather me and on and on. But it seems to be a logical
explanation to the items being discussed and is fully backed up by current research or with time tested trial and error. So here goes:
In our discussions we have reviewed the topic of parasites. I love this topic. It is a very
important one, despite being one of my favorite topics. When it comes to cancer, many
cancers are introduced by parasites. Not all are, but many are, especially ones dealing with
organs and or the body cavity. Other cancers are based on corrupted DNA and toxic
chemical exposure. However, one must always remember that parasites serve many roles,
such as being called in to break down diseased and dead tissues. However, some parasites
are there to actually help us. Some will end up doing both, depending on the situation.
So let's start with Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 boils down to 2 parasites. One called Ascaris lumbricoides, which is a Nematode, a Roundworm, AKA; Pig Roundworm. We see these
same types of issues when dealing with pigs. Since pigs and people are kind of presenting
many similarities, as in almost like kinfolk here, those of us that have worked with pigs
extensively, kind of makes us uncomfortable in one respect, yet comforted in another
respect. But very positively when understanding the nature of the health issues. The other
one is Giardia lamblia. This one is a Protozoa. What the Ascaris does is builds up a
film/barrier within the ducts of the Pancreas. This prevents the insulin from being released
into the bloodstream. The other one, the Giardia one causes an atrophy of the small
intestine and the result is the lack of movement and the intestine that it affects, flattens out.
Within this process we see the situation of Lactose Intolerance surfacing. The basic idea
here is that the Pig worm ends up blocking the Insulin release, then the sugar builds up and
the intestine can’t process the sugar by not delivering insulin and then the sugar just builds up. Once the sugar, in its various forms, hits a critical mass, if you will, then it starts to create other issues. I mention
both of these parasites together as the two build on each other. If you kill the Giardia only, then
you run the risk of developing a full blown, Lactose Intolerance issue. You then just make the issue
worse and create other issues. Just remember than we have to have sugar and having it function properly, for at least decent health. To properly treat type 2, you must get rid of the Ascaris as well.
You can’t treat this these through the digestive tract. Most of these parasites have a Lipid
membrane to protect them from the digestive tract acids. You have to treat them through the

So when we look at these issues like Gluten Intolerance, Lactose Intolerance, Asthma, Type 2, among many others, the first go to solution is to cut out the perceived offender. It covers over the symptoms, but does not solve the problem. Should we not be looking at the actual cause and treat that causation? The offenders/causations here? Parasites, bacterium, toxic chemicals and one that requires a novel approach is the corrupted DNA aspect.  There are a number of Pharma drugs that are safe and they work effectively.
Likewise, there are a number of natural solutions that are safe and work very effectively as
well. But the key here is to recognize the issue for what it is and treat it based on what it is.
One thing for sure is that just doing a cover up, looks good in the short term, a disaster in the
long term.
The next one is the whole issue of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency and Gluten Intolerance. We
really have to lump these two together as they really are together in what they do to the
animal (read;Human), The main Parasite involved here is one called Diphyllobothrium latum.
The secondary one is Helicobacter pylori. The Diphyllobothrium one is also known as
Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense when dealing specifically with humans. It is a Cestode, IE; a
tapeworm. Some of these tapeworms can grow up to 10 meters long within the digestive
tract. As this worm matures it tends to become flatter, so they are generally referred to a flatworms at this point. They can lay as many as 1,000, 000 eggs per day, (yes, 1 million),
and the eggs can incubate in as short as 2 weeks and as long as 2 years. This one is a
zoonotic based disease and causes a wide range of GI tract structural changes. It primarily
is driven from fish, IE; sourced mainly from fish.  I guess that is why it is nicknamed Fish Worm. It also causes or leads to
Vitamin B-12 Deficiency. These parasites require a great deal of Iron to properly function, so the pathway to a possible Iron deficiency is identified here. Along with this there is usually an Iron related deficiency. Of course
this is a bacteria. This bacterium has a casual relationship to developing many gastric cancers.
Interestingly, this Helicobacter pylori is the only known bacterium that has been proven to
directly cause some cancers. Basically, in real simple terms the changes caused in the digestive
tract driven by this bacterium and parasite combining forces is the base cause of Gluten
Intolerance, lymphomas, a wide, long list of health issues and even Asthma. The connection
with Asthma is due to the traveling of the bacterium through a number of organs with the
destination being the lungs.So if you cut off the daily supply of recruits from the stomach to
the lungs, you bring the asthma deal to a terminal halt. It really does no good to treat the
lungs when you have an ongoing Asthma issue. Well other than maybe a very short term relief.
Most of you have no idea how widespread this Diphyllobothrium and Helicobacter situation is
with people out there. Working with people in the self help arena, we see this issue
every time we turn around. The long list of ill effects is mind boggling. I can’t even begin to list
the issues here. So I ask that you trust me on this or even better research it yourself. What is
one of the best preventatives for this Helicobacter? Probiotics is the one thing that helps to
lessen the proliferation of Helicobacter. Good nutrition and reasonable effective use of
hygiene related activities will go a long way to help. The other two issues that are directly
related here in this discussion. The Diphyllobothrium induced B-12 deficiency covers a
massive spectrum of generalized and specific health issues. Earlier I mentioned that some
parasites are generally helpful to our health. Some species of this Helicobacter are helpful to
us. Some studies have shown that a high salt diet contributes to the colonization of this
bacterium. However, many other studies have shown that single element salt is not good for
us, but natural, broad spectrum salts are good. So maybe this is a key factor in this picture.
So the key here as in the other issues mentioned here and their association of bacterium
and parasites is that a proper balance of foods, lifestyle and properly constituted minerals,
enzymes and the whole list here, is a key factor to dealing with the parasite. I wanted to
include Toxoplasma gondii here, as it is closely related and at times part of the issues
discussed here. But that topic is a long essay in and of itself. So I will deal with that one in
part 2 of this series. Just remember the key to this discussion here is the quote from
Einstein. “Understanding the nature of the problem is halfway to its solution”.We are just
trying to understand the nature of these problems in these first few discussions. By doing so we are halfway there. Later on we will discuss some solid solutions to these issues and we will talk about the solutions as we progress into other parts of this discussion.
Until next time, enjoy your summer. KK.


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