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Balancing Specific Minerals.Calcium, Part 3 of 3.

Mar 30, 2022

When I started this discussion, I intended it to be a single discussion. The I realized that it needed to be split into 2 parts. Then after doing the part 2, I then realized that it needed to have part 3 to polish it off. At least I hope 3 parts will end up putting the shine to it all. I also  need to apologize for calling a big group of people some derogatory terms. Even though they are those in reality, I shouldn’t say it out loud. So the nicer term would be to use these: Those who think in terms of one dimension, or those who think in terms of 2 dimensions and those who think and see things in a 3 dimensional form.  In our discussions we are attempting to communicate in this last form, 3 dimensional. In many cases, Aromatherapy is thought of and applied in the 1 dimension form. Sometimes it will be applied in the 2 dimensional form. In this number 2 form, a lot of weird stuff can happen and many times does so. But when you move Aromatherapy into the 3 dimensional form within your mind and do so properly, then a lot of good things can happen and usually does.

This discussion was centered around Calcium but quickly spread over to several other nutrients. The reason for this is because no nutrient is a lone wolf so to speak. They work in packs. Not every wolf hunts in every pack, but they do so much with exchanging or efforts that it soon appears to be a big, chaotic unorganized mess. It may appear like that, but it is far from it. So let's go.

 An interesting thing to keep in mind with Calcium is that it is like a giant workhorse that isn’t the brightest star in the herd, but more than willing and able to do anything asked of it. In order for it to work properly it has to be directed to do so in whatever is asked of it. Perhaps that is a simplistic view of why it is involved in so many of the body’s processes and why so many other trace nutrients are involved in giving it direction. 

 In the one discussion I mentioned how ratios are so important when it comes to Calcium. The main 3 where Calcium is involved is of course Calcium and then Magnesium to liquefy it and Boron to direct it and keep it organized. It doesn’t take a lot of Boron to keep it organized, but if it isn’t there then it runs around like an untrained dog. Then if the Magnesium isn’t there then it doesn’t run around, at all. It solidifies. From that point on with different applications, it then pairs up with a different nutrient depending on the job at hand and what is required. 

 In the last discussion I went into some discussion about a particular EO blend that we used to work with a situation from the SandBox that many people coming home from there were “Blessed” with. This is a parasite that has plagued people in that area for, well, since forever. Even though I haven’t studied a lot of Jewish based stuff with regards to this issue, I  have studied a lot of Islamic based treatments and on up through to pre modern time. Plus, the so called present treatments. The one common theme is this, it is all the same, same disease, same treatments.  What they used in Jewish, Islamic, and Christian based treatments and so on, are all the same. They were all heavy metal solutions. Up until modern times, pretty much everything was religious based. But religious based or not, it is still the same as to cause and treatment. This issue is the one of Leishmania. It is one wicked little bug. It can affect all parts of the body, it is somewhat easy to treat but once it gets into the brain, it is tough to work with. 

 So what is the key here to work with this issue? Calcium. What Calcium will do when it encounters a “Bug” or some other foreign object, it will assist in facilitating/forming a pus ball around it. Pus is dead white blood cells and dead pyogenic bacteria, basically pus is formed to digest the foreign object;, IE; an immune response. Many times in the process it will push the object up to the surface of the skin. Many times it can’t or doesn’t and when this happens, the object is calcified, IE: entombed in a Calcium tomb. From there the object and eventually the calcium tomb is metabolized and dissolved. This is why I say that you don’t necessarily want to “KIll” the parasites in place, it is better to “Drive” them from the body. Plus you want to distrupt their breeding cycle. I think it is easier to drive them out than it is to kill them in place. See by killing them in place, it creates a huge, unnecessary burden on the immune system. Enough of them are dying as a normal process, the immune system is working overtime as it is. So let’s just drive them out and go the easy route. 

 Another nutrient that is related to the treatment of Leishmania and that is Stibnite or AKA Antimony. In the treatment of Leishmania, Calcium is actually the enforcer for the Antimony, as Antimony is actually the lethal force here. Calcium, like Antimony, is a metal element. Take a guess what the chemical formula for Antimony is.. Sb2 S3. That means 2 molecules of Stibnite and 3 molecules of Sulfur.. This is kind of a weird couple. One is a metalloid and one is a non metal. Normally, the metals/metalloids and non metals don’t connect up, unless, and the big unless is, if Cobalt is present. Cobalt isn’t part of the formula, but kind of a pre-formulation formulator. It sets the stage so that the non metals can work with the metals. But the metalloids are very magnetic and a strong conductor of electricity. Metals also conduct electricity. Of course the Sulfur part of this is very revealing too. But we will forgo the discussion part of Sulfur for right now. Another topic for another day.  

 When I look over this material, I see a key point working its way to the surface, that being Antimony, is a metalloid, which is essentially magnetic, and the main known biological activity of this element is that of assisting with metabolizing. It really does a good job at metabolizing. Another element that is actually the little brother to Antimony and that is Arsenic. A female must have a proper ratio of Arsenic in order to carry a male fetus. A little brother.. Male fetus…kind of a comical twist to the idea here, but maybe you can make the connection here. It is generally thought that for biological applications, Antimony is 5 X stronger than Arsenic.  Keep in mind that all of these Metalloids aids or even maybe hyper charges the metabolizing of the after effects of digestion. The definition in simple terms here are, Digestion; To convert a substance that can be utilized by the body. Metabolization; to absorb and process. Some of the other metalloids are Boron and Silicon, plus others. So do you see why I push so hard to try to balance these with the other non metal types, such as with the Sulfur and Nitrogen. So if you work these formulas, you have to balance the non metal with the metal elements and then you use a metalloid to give it direction and action. 


Since I have mentioned that I grew up in an area that is still rich in Antimony ore, and in the alluvial plain area of that canyon is where my Grandpa and Dad farmed, we naturally got our fair share of this element as it was leached through the soil and water and taken up by the animal and plant life forms. We ate a lot of fish and deer meat that sourced their nourishment from this area. Also, the potatoes were watered from the water running over and through the soils that were high in Antimony, drinking the milk from the cows that ate the feed grown on these lands, and so on. Too much Antimony is really hard on your teeth. That might explain why everyone in my family had a difficult time with our oral health care. Another element that tends to be found in the neighborhood of Antimony (Stibnite) is Selenium. I have mentioned this many times about this area being high in Selenium. But one thing that I am really excited about is that this summer I am going to spend some time in an area of that canyon where there is a good sized grove of Pinyon Pine trees that are growing on an alluvial plain that really provides for a perfect growing situation as to the use of these elements. This is really cool, for me at least. Here is why. Normally, Pinyons are normally a tree that grows like it has a real serious case of arthritis, you know the type where the person’s fingers are all going in different directions and kind of frozen in that position. The trunks aren't really very uniform, the branches have no real rhyme or reason as to their distribution or direction and they are kind of stunted in their growth. These trees in this grove are all uniform, straight and uniform trunks, evenly distributed  branches and tall, like 25 feet tall on average. I have had a desire to go there and study the trees but I never felt like I knew what I was supposed to be studying and accessing. So I have been trying to figure that part out. Over the past few years I have come to a clearer understanding, so now I am on a mission, lol. 

 You can work with these elements as a single deal if you want. But when it comes to essential oils, you will get better results when you work with them as a formulation, if you are working with them on a 3 dimensional level. Anyway, Maimonides, back in the 12th.century mentioned Antimony in his salve. Sunan Abu Dawood mentions in his writing about the Prophet Muhmammad and claims that he said that Antimony clears the vision and makes the hair sprout. Throughout history Antimony is mentioned in makeup formulations.There is also numerous mentions about Antimony being used with Cobalt, etc. I also have made mention of my theory about where we read in scripture about Jesus healing the blind man. The soils there are of a makeup of sorts that will or did likely contain one or more of the following free will elements, namely; Boron, Stibnite (Antimony), Cobalt, etc. All of these are high electrical conductive elements. Since Selenium is found in the general area with Cobalt and Stibnite, it stands to reason that the eye issue might have been a fungus. Boron is a fungus killer. Any of these 3 will do a number on an eye fungus.

An interesting note here is that we see 2 more themes coming through here. One is the eyes. Most pathogens of this nature will tend to attack the eyes as the first line of assault. The next one is of a bit more delicate nature, Venereal Disease. We see many times the people asking Jesus about someone's disease and asking if it is the parents fault or the child’s fault. Keep in mind that these people back then were not idiots. They were very smart, they just lacked some of the technology that we have today, they were just normal people, much like we are today. So 2 things form the basis of the people asking the Master this question. 2 main things that the parents could be responsible for, one is general welfare of the child and the other is Venereal Disease based issues. In my mind, I go, really? At least when it comes to the kid’s welfare. Because that issue is clearly dealt with in other settings. It makes perfect sense ,VD’s are a parasite and these high energy elements are and have been used for eons of time to deal with VD issues. 

 Anyway, a long thought and now we move on. Phiny the Elder, an often quoted Naturalist and author, and Naval Commander of the Roman Empire, he died in 79 AD, is noted as making the first mentioned 2 forms of Antimony. One is the male version and the other is the female version. The male version is essentially worthless for biological applications. The female version is the one used for biological application. The male version is a dull, dark gray color and without distinctive markings. The female version is a bright, silvery,element with distinctive markings. I have samples of both right here in front me even as I type this discussion. I guess you could say that this helps to illustrate the importance of choosing the right Chemo Type in making a solution to solve an issue.  


I wanted to do this part of the discussion as part of this particular discussion grouping because it goes so well together with the other 2 parts. I hope that you will see how complex, yet how simple this whole thing is if you look at it in a 3 dimensional aspect. Then you use the basic knowledge of chemistry to balance things out. This type of an approach is simple for me because I use a simple pattern to work from and that is working with balancing a feed ration for livestock and the basic biological aspects of both animal and plant life forms. 

 Another very important aspect to this deal is that these deficiencies that many people are always talking about are, many times, not a simple 1 dimension deficiency deal. As you can see, it is a very complex interaction of many elements and a very delicate balance of any one of these to the whole of the complex. Many times what appears to be one issue, many times is actually an issue way down the list and usually one of the smaller of the elements, as required by the body, expressed as percentage of body weight. Another aspect that I want you to get your head around is the idea that I presented in the one paragraph how the possibility of a trace mineral, a very trace mineral at that, can influence a tree. Now keep in mind that plants and animals in many cases respond very similarly when it comes to the very micro trace minerals, some differences in the micro nutrients, but the big difference is in the macro nutrients, this is where we see some differences.

 I hope you enjoy this additional part of this discussion. 

 End of Discussion. KK



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