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Gardening, Nutrition & Oils Part 2

Jan 13, 2017

Hi Everyone,.

I hope that by now you are seeing the pattern of the human body is much like a plant or even a animal and much like the soil in which it grown. We all depend on the vary same elements. However, the variety of the application is vast among the different life forms.

When we look at the quality of essential oils they have a direct relationship to the nutrition that we as humans receive. A person that is not very well nourished will not perform to his potential; we see the same thing in a plant from which an essential oil is derived.  Just because a plant is grown in the same area does not mean that it is consistent across year in year out.  Many people will at times convince you that if it is wild crafted then it is the best. This is not always the case. There might be a plant growing there, and it may be deficient or show deficiencies patterns over time. We may not always find the most optimal expression of the plant under those conditions. On the opposite...

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Course of Action: Part 1

Jan 13, 2017

So what is the best way to deal with an issue?  Before or after the fact?  I for one, am an advocate trying to deal with an issue  on a before the fact.  Many times I get labeled as being negative or pessimistic and all those words along those lines. But really is that being negative or all like words?  I really don't think so. Here is why. In nature I have observed that inaction on a subject will produce a given result. Just like an action.  Sometimes it may be a little bit all over the board, not always, usually the outcome being pretty predictable in either the action or inaction case.

My line of thinking is this, why deal with an unfavorable issue if you don't really have to?  I mean don't we have to face and put to rest enough unfavorable issues that just comes across our path all by themselves?  So why create more ?  So how do we work with this?  I say be proactive fix it, do some preventive maintenance and avoid a break down....

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Gardening, Nutrition and Oils: Part 1

Jan 12, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I have a good positive item for discussion that is not directly linked with aromatherapy but is linked in an indirect way.

As we move forward with the seasons of the year, those in the northern latitudes have already began to put their gardens to rest for the year. Those found in southern latitudes are starting to give serious thought to the deed. The information I share with you is taken from the works of Dr. William Albrecht and Dr. Weston Price; as well as my own knowledge.

In our last discussion we talked about clay and how the minerals are essentially attached to the clay particles. Minerals are inorganic by definition. One must not confuse this type of inorganic with the more traditional use of inorganic being derived from petro-chemical production. The inorganic that we are looking at is non biodegradable. What nature does in essence is a similar action, which is to weather away the larger particles and eventually make it into a water soluble form. This...

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Smudging and Diffusing

Jan 09, 2017

There are many ways to use essential oil. One idea is Diffusing, which is very similar to smudging.  As a general rule, I have observed enough of this to say unequivocally that yes, I think the people that smudge are on to a valid form of helping themselves feel better.  Leiann quite often smudges and over the years I have come to appreciate it. Although it is normally associated with non-white man cultures, it still is a valid form of health recovery, even for the "white man", such as myself. However, in many situations we can't really smudge; try using a diffuser instead. A diffuser pretty much acts on the principle of smudging. Does pretty much the same thing. That is why a person might want to use a diffuser. Not only does it help you directly, it will also cleanse the area around you, such as any room that you are in. I like to use a diffuser, but I also like to use an incense burner for my personal smudging. I usually "fire" it up when Leiann is gone  as she...

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What’s Up With This Essential Oil?

Jan 04, 2017

If you are like I am, when you think of carrots you think of … ?

Raise your hand if you also think of Bugs Bunny.

As the animated rabbit antagonized the likes of Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam, Bugs munched on his favorite food. But did he think? Did he contemplate the benefits of the carrots he chomped and crunched?

Of course not, silly, because he’s a cartoon.

However, you and I are quite real – and so are the benefits of this vegetable. Carrots grow from seeds and that leads us to the topic of this blog post – Carrot Seed. As an essential oil that is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing, one of the top benefits of Carrot Seed is for the skin. It encourages cell renewal and reduces signs of aging when a small amount is added to face cream. It also promotes healing of wounds and scars.

And while we’re talking about the face, I’m sure you’ve heard – probably from your mother while you were growing up – that carrots are good...

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Essential Oil Toxicity

Dec 21, 2016

Many times we have questions come up concerning the use of oils, if they are dangerous, and what is the toxic level for various oils?

Most oils are really not dangerous if used in a responsible manner. In reality water, good old drinking water, can be toxic and will kill you if you drink too much. But in order to drink that much you would have to stick a hose down your throat and turn the hose on. Normal human reflexes would likely not allow you to "drink" that much.

But with oils, it is slightly different. Most people will have a problem if they are dehydrated. Their negative reaction is related to the degree of dehydration. Notable symptoms related to dehydration are; when the oils just set on the skin, the person develops a head ache, or the oil becomes offensive. Usually if the person will drink some water and rest for a while then those symptoms will go away. In extreme cases of when the person is sick they might vomit or develop a rash. In cases like this it is best to consult...

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Weeds...Masters of Survival

Nov 17, 2016


My name is Kent King. You guessed it...I'm Leiann's other half, her husband. And I want to share with you and have you ponder, as I have, about weeds.

As we go along this path of looking at healthy foods, etc., and working with herbs and oils, we find a lot of interesting information.  Since I have lived in the same general area pretty much my whole life, I see a lot of trends.

For example, when I was younger, there seemed to be a wide spectrum of crops been grown and animals raised.  Now it is more specialized so the observations are more limited to a smaller grouping.  As a young child I remember certain weeds that were growing like wild fire, and many of those weeds were and still are used in herbal solutions for various health challenges. What I observe in the "Wild Crafting" arena and in looking at the weeds and knowing a lot of the health problems in the area at the time, then looking at those weeds and their uses, I am amazed at the solutions that nature...

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Happy Beard Day

Sep 17, 2016

Have you noticed this beard trend at all recently? Men everywhere have them, from the fancy restaurant waiters, to suited-up businessmen, to just your average Joe Shmoe.

Our whole marriage my husband has never been able to grow a beard, and I personally have never been able to grow one either, and that's why we are perfect for one another.

So with that out of the way … all you normal-faced people who shoot hair out of their faces like Play Doh spaghetti, put on your manly boots and neglect your razor for several weeks.

Once you get to your desired potential of beardhood, you'll notice something. Beards are wiry, tangled, dirty, oily, smelly, and you may have gathered some fungal bumps. No, wait – stop! Put the razor down! There is still hope, Mister.

Have you heard of beard oil? Now don't go running to Walmart and buy yourself a chemical-filled box of disappointment. I happened to be an essential oils expert and I care about your face too much to let that happen. I...

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Sep 16, 2016

Recently, I was invited to do a FB Live program with Leiann as she was conducting a discussion of Fennel Essential Oil. I did a part that dealt with a few items that are not normally found in various write ups and discussions on this particular essential oil. So I would like to convey some of those ideas and add to what was discussed.

Fennel oil can be expressed in two types, one is Sweet Fennel and the other is Bitter Fennel. In aromatherapy we find that Sweet Fennel is the one normally used. The only real difference between the two is the levels of the constituents and their ratios. Many times Bitter Fennel is passed off as Sweet Fennel. In my opinion, for most aromatherapy applications it isn't that big deal, except that it is being misrepresented. The constituent levels and ratios are the main concern for this particular oil. Fennel, whether in the herbal forms or essential oil form, tastes much like black licorice.

Perhaps one of the main concerns with using this oil is the...

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Clay and Essential Oils

Aug 18, 2016

I have made the comment a number of times about doing a discussion on clay. This is sort of out there because none of the companies doing essential oils, that most are familiar with, does anything with clay.

Clay is used in a wide range of industrial applications,healthcare products, and herbal applications. In many aspects clay is a very useful item. When used in Herbal or Natural Product applications it is used both internally as will as externally. Now don't get me wrong, I am not telling you to use it internally, I am simply discussing what some people do with it. Got that straight? Good!

Clay is simply volcanic ash. There are many different settings where it can be found and depending on the settings, you will find various types of clay. Also, there are different colors of clay. This is generally attributed to the dominate mineral content of the clay itself. Red Clay usually has a high Iron content. White clay usually has a high calcium content, Grey clay usually has a...

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