Meet Our Graduates

All of our Alumni have a great story to tell. Some have used their certification in a career, some have used their skills to enhance their personal living.

Here, we highlight just a few of these remarkable people.

Prepare to be inspired!

Jody Summers

I love what I have learned at AAI because of the width and depth of knowledge. Not only is there a good foundational basis but then each module goes much deeper in chemistry, application and hands on learning.

Leiann has so much knowledge of essential oils as well as the gift of teaching. All of it together makes for a wonderful school experience.

My favorite module wasn’t really one module, but the science, chemistry and biology sections in each module. As someone in health and wellness everything I learn for my clients is based in health and science - and I could NOT have chosen a better Essential Oils school than AAI for that!

I use Essential Oils daily now- from morning to bed. I have learned how to incorporate them into my daily life through my beauty routine, my relaxation and bedtime routine, even cooking. Most importantly I have learned how to use them in my health- from everyday health support to a more acute situations. I have been able to change out some of the things in my medicine cabinet and use oils.

The entire reason I took the course was as a layer of support for my cancer clients.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and someone who works with those recovering from cancer, Essential Oils are a perfect supplemental support in mitigating side effects and helping recover strong.

This course has been such a blessing for some of my clients- helping them learn how to use specific oils to assist in their recovery.

I am glad I took the AAI course - it has helped in my knowledge and application. I am so thrilled have completed the course and even after a year of completion of the course, I use the info daily.

I would, and I do, recommend the AAI course for anyone wanting information about Essential Oils. I have not taken any other Essential Oils course but I can say that with all the knowledge (binders, books and the app) I gained, I have everything I need to be successful.

In fact, more than I need. The additional information on iridology is not something I use with my clients but so glad I know it.

I am very happy with the course and the knowledge I gained and would recommend this course to any student.

Keli Anderson

Why do I love AAI, because of the combination of science, emotional connections to oils and how easy it is to safely apply to life.

My favorite module had to be pets because of the fascinating video on horses and essential oils. It’s just one more way to connect with the whole family.

During a long health journey, I landed on Leiann’s essential oils Facebook page. I knew within 5 mins that she was the missing link to my life. I have learned and I have grown in more ways than I could have ever imagined.  First was affordability, she wasn’t using a whole bottle to create a massage blend. From that moment  on, essential oils have enriched my family, my friends and my life. Just as a tree grows, there are many things it needs to grow strong and beautiful; Leiann’s school and many of the students have given me what I’ve needed to grow.

The school has given me a passion to share. My job is no longer a chore. What I like the most is sharing the fun in the kitchen with others. I’m look forward to traveling to friends’ homes and helping them cook with essential oils.

For any one hesitating to join, don’t wait, this isn’t an ordinary essential oils school and it is so much more.

Michelle Fields

As one of the first graduates of Applied Aromatic Institute, I have nothing but praise for Leiann King and her amazing school.  The flexibility of studying at my own pace and schedule was a huge benefit.  One of my favorite topics was Aromatic Iridology.  

Currently I am a professional member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.  As a Certified Aromatherapist I create customized items for a nonprofit animal rescue and homeless organizations, including a Paw Protector and lip balm.  Additionally, I teach others how to safely use and create their own essential oil balms, sprays, etc.

Anyone who is serious about learning and practicing aromatherapy should take this course.

Brenda Wright

As a young mother, and as a woman who had benefited from the use of herbs and oils, I wanted to find a place to gain knowledge on how to utilize these gifts in my daily life. I was on a tight budget restriction so I knew I had to find something that had all the information I was seeking, and that meshed with my own standards of safety and benefits for everyone.

I found a lot of sources but found that the cost was too much or the information just wasn’t up to standard, and in some cases, was just incorrect. I still did a lot of studying and learning but then I had the problem of too much information, from too many sources, and not organized so I could easily access it and use it.

When I met Leiann and she shared her dream of a school I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of not only the creation of the school, but to be able to finally earn the title of Certified Aromatherapist.

I am so proud of Applied Aromatic Institute. To have the information, with all the correct protocols and safety standards that I believe in, in one place is so gratifying. I love the way each topic is fully explored and developed and presented in a way that is easy to understand.

I love that correct information is now available for all those who also want to use these amazing oils to benefit their life, and the lives of their families and friends.

Shirley M. Rodgers

I had the opportunity to sign up for Leiann’s School while attending a Convention in 2015. Having learned about the school in 2014 and really wanting to sign up.  I knew I could not afford it. At the end of her session in 2015 I went to the table and inquired about making payments. To make a long story short I called my husband to ask his opinion. He said yes, sign up we will make it work. I entered into an agreement of making payments. This would allow me to extend my knowledge and little did I know how much I would grow in my ability to talk and share with others. I love the growth I have made.

I also love the fact we could study at our own pace. I have been stretched further than I have ever imagined. I have learned each of us need to know how to apply essential oils safely. I do not need to know it all, I just need to know where to find the answers. Whew! What a relief.

Since graduating in October 23, 2017 and then again in October 2019 because

1. Applied Aromatic Institute was now NAHA approved

2. Because Leiann had a dream for each of the graduates to walk across the stage and accept their certification.

Since graduating I also have the confidence to help others, my family members, and my pets. I continue to lead a Study Group where others may ask questions, tell of their successes and we are able to talk about everyday life and any of the monthly subjects they are learning in the school. I keep studying and learning more even after getting my certificate. Why? Because I can study till the day I die and I know I will not learn everything there is to know.