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Balancing Specific Minerals.Calcium, Part 1 of 3.

Mar 26, 2022

Sometimes you run across an idea and for some strange reason, it just seems to want to be talked about. So with this article, we will talk about the …drum roll please….the essential oil connection and having it focused around Calcium and some other things too. 

 Calcium seems to be the major focus of many people as they walk the path of trying to up their game when it comes to “all things health wise”. Really, most people are right on the money when it comes to this nutrient. It is important. For the most part Calcium makes up from 1% to 2% of the average person’s body weight. A lot of recommended daily dosages seem to start at around 1000 mg to maybe upwards of 1500 mg.per day. The reason for the spread has a lot to do with.. well it depends.. on the needs and the conditions of the individual person being evaluated. Also, about 99% of this Calcium is stored in the bones and the other 1% is scattered throughout the body in places like the blood, tissue, etc. 

 I don’t know how many times I have heard people self diagnose an issue and then lay the blame with a Calcium Deficiency. Then to solve it by taking Calcium and usually massive amounts of the stuff. When this path is followed, it makes the issue even worse, in the long term. Most people in the 1st. World countries do not have a Calcium Deficiency issue. Yes, they have many other  deficiency issues, but only on the rarest occasions do they actually have a direct Calcium Deficiency. Here is the problem with what appears to be a Calcium Deficiency in most people, particularly when self diagnosing; it is because of the Calcium being locked up and unable to be metabolized. This locking up or a situation of not being able to be metabolized is a very common problem among both animal life forms and plant life forms. This situation is not limited to just Calcium, but pretty much every single nutrient out there. 

 So what causes this locking up type of thing? It is found that most of the time it is because of an off balance of or an improper ratio of nutrient being observed and its companion nutrient or its entourage of associated nutrients. Almost every time I turn around I hear that our food has no nutrition in it. Well, I understand the simplistic view of the situation, but it is not really true when the facts are examined. First off one must remember that in a number of these  nutrients, they are not always required by the plant but are required by the animal, especially the human animal. Also, there are some that are not needed by the human or some animals, but needed by the plants. But the one aspect that is all important here is that of ratios. For example, most normally plants used for food, but not all, will require about a 80-20 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium for normal growth and development. A human requires about a 50-50 to a 60-40 ratio of these 2 minerals. The Human can get by with the 60-40 ratio, overall, but will do much better with the 50-50 ratio. The Human Brain needs a ratio of about 50-50 to thrive and function as it should. So here we go, the plants, if run correctly, will provide a 80-20 ratio to the one consuming that plant. So by this rationale we automatically have a Magnesium deficiency and an overdose of Calcium. This is an improper ratio and cannot be properly metabolized and fully utilized by the human body. Some will be, but not all of it. So do you see why I say that when you have what appears to be a Calcium Deficiency, and you take Calcium, it only makes conditions,, well, anything but good.  

 So now that we have looked at one aspect, let’s look at another aspect. This aspect is Nitrogen. The average Human has about 4.5 % of their body weight as Nitrogen. The air we breathe is about 78% Nitrogen and by way of perspective, the air we breathe consists of about 18% Oxygen. Nitrogen is a very important part of our daily life and how we function both long and short term. Another thing about Nitrogen is that for Calcium to metabolize within the body system, it requires a great deal of Nitrogen. So now we have Nitrogen in addition to Magnesium in order for Calcium to metabolize. 

 When it comes to plants, Nitrogen has everything to do with structural growth. Many of these Herbicides are based on Nitrogen and the Nitrogen, in part of the whole deal with Herbicides, is a contributing factor in causing the hyper growth in certain parts of the plant that ends up actually killing the plant as part of the process. Once the process of the breaking down of the Herbicides is complete, we end up with Nitrogen and some other element, usually Carbon. Comically speaking here, we end up killing the plant with these Herbicides this year, then if the breakdown is completed by next year, we end up providing fertilizer for the next year’s crop of the weeds from the parent plants that we killed off this year. Gotta love it! Also, it takes a great deal of Nitrogen to break down fibrous material in the soil, or even above the soil. For example, when you feed corn stalks to cows, it actually takes up as much energy to digest them as the energy is produced by consuming them. In simple terms, it is just a filler. The poor old cow ends up dying of starvation with a full belly. Does that sound familiar in many applications with human nutrition? Can you get your head around that idea?

 Now we can add insult to injury, if you will and take it a step further and bring on Estrogen or aka; Oestrogen. Normally, Estrogen or Oestrogen as it is known in some circles, is largely thought of as a sex hormone. It is so much more than just a sex hormone. It runs or has a major administration in many parts of the body function. Did you know that it has everything to do with balancing HDL and LDL? Did you know that it is impossible to lose weight without the help and action of this hormone? Or is it a nutrient? Well, it doesn’t matter because it acts like a nutrient at the very least and has everything to do with nutrition and by extension, Calcium metabolism. A simple sex hormone controls Calcium metabolism. LOL> BTW, I talk about some of this stuff in the discussion on Working With the Brain, The Hypothalamus. When looking at this part of the brain, it makes perfect sense with a so called  sex hormone and Calcium metabolism thing and how it works.   

 Another factor that is involved with Calcium metabolism is the Photosynthesis aspect. In simple terms, if you don’t have enough sunshine on your body, it will cause your Calcium ratios to go all whacko. 

 My purpose here is to point out that sometimes this stuff isn’t as simple as a stimulus-response episode. I have used Calcium to make this point. It is not as simple as adding Calcium to you diet to correct an obvious problem. I really didn’t think this was going to end up being as long as it has become, so I will do it in 2 parts. In this part one we have looked at an overall idea of the situation. In part two I will spell out solutions and options to work with. It then becomes almost a simple stimulus/response deal, almost. Keep watch and in a few days I will get the part two posted. 

 End of Discussion for  part 1. KK    



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