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Uranium: Essential Micro Nutrient and Discussion. Essay.

Oct 19, 2022

Why are we talking about Taboo minerals? Segment 1 of the series of essays. 

In a few of our discussions about minerals in the Applied Aromatic School in the Level 3 Grouping, which is AKA as the Clinical Level, we talk about some minerals that are usually associated with Bad Stuff as it applies to human health. In this discussion I want to go over some of the main points with some of these minerals and help you to see them in a different light. 

I have done a few videos talking about minerals like Uranium, Strontium, Cesium, and Yttrium. Believe it or not, these are critical nutrients for functioning healthy people. Without them, a person ends up with serious health issues. As with all minerals, there are no “Lone Wolf Minerals'', so to speak. The Lone Wolf means that they act alone, on their own and without any direction. The base minerals are important as all other operations within the body, such as Amino Acids, Enzymes and so on all use minerals and the major difference between all of these are just the ratios and the order of dominance. Of course these differences determine what activities the minerals or rather the combinations of those minerals to accomplish the desired outcome.  

One factor that many people don’t seem to consider in many discussions is the act of conductivity of electrical charges within the human body and the role certain minerals play in the functioning of electrical conductivity. While the Macro minerals play a role here, it sometimes appears that the majority of this electrical conductivity is determined by the Micro minerals. These Micro nutrients also play a governing role in all things related to body function. When I talk about this stuff I like to put it in terms that most people can make an association with. So here goes; In computer speak the activities that are surrounded around consciousness, is what I call the “Software”. Behavior is the predominant function here. Most of the activities of the body associated with governing daily, repeat function is run by the “Hardware”.. Anything to do with the actual body in daily function is carried out by the Macro minerals or better known as the Hardware. Anyway, those are the general ideas, but nothing is really either or, but just see this as a generalization to get your head around this discussion.Just remember that “Electrical Conductivity” is everything here. 

At this point I would like to confirm my bias here. Based on being educated in Psychology, I tend to look at the Brain with intense attention and the center of all that has to do with a “Live” human being. Then on the other hand by being educated as an Agricultural Scientist, I tend to look equally with the same intense attention to non-conscious activities of the human body. However, in all fairness the truth is a marriage of the two extremes with the truth in the middle. So with that, let's move into the discussion of certain minerals.This segment will be dealing with Uranium. 


URANIUM. Have you ever heard of Uranium as being a beneficial nutrient? I am sure most people’s knowledge if Uranium is all things associated with Nuclear. But when it comes to Nuclear, we need to keep in mind that, yes, Uranium is a key element in most things Nuclear, but by the time it becomes Nuclear, it has been processed and condensed to a point way beyond the Natural State of Uranium as it is found in nature, as Natural Uranium. If you look at it in terms of food, you might say that Nuclear is to Natural Uranium as GMO is to a plant, in the extreme application of GMO.

Natural Uranium is absolutely necessary. So what role does Uranium play in the Biological functioning of the human body? First off we need to remember that it has everything to do with activation of energy. What current research has discovered is that Natural Uranium works wonders for people with Dementia. This mineral has everything to do with a person ending up with developing Dementia or not. When you think of Dementia think of the human brain in the state of, “The lights are on but nobody's home”. Uranium plays an active role in keeping someone home while the lights are on. Another critical factor is that Uranium has everything to do with taking all or any nutrients into the cells. Well, it actually takes the many other nutrients into the cells that are inside of the cells that are inside of the cells. Anyway, I think you can see that Uranium will take nutrients into the cells of the body to any extent that is required. 

Uranium is not talked about a whole lot as most people don’t deal with minerals that are past or above the Charge 4 level. Uranium is at the Positive 6 Charge level. However, it can and does manifest itself at all charge levels from 1 to 6 and all on the positive side. This is almost unheard of among minerals as many minerals will manifest on a few charge levels and will sometimes be positive or negatively charged, depending on the charge level and external influences. Uranium seems to be very consistent and stable in this sense. 

An interesting aspect of Uranium is that it is not like most minerals in that the mineral is found in clay type soil. Uranium does not appear to like clay soils and is generally found in coarse, sandy type soils. The roots of this concept are in the ideas of clay being negatively charged and Uranium being positively charged. However, the working aspect of this is very complicated and not necessary for this discussion. Uranium is also moved around very easily by water. As a general rule if you are a long distance from a Natural Uranium source, the less likely you are to be able to obtain Uranium in your diet. You cannot really get it as a nutritional supplement and perhaps that is why most people don’t talk about it as they can’t sell it to you.The only way that you can really obtain this nutrient in its proper and usable biological form is through a food source. In plants that take up Uranium tend to store it in the leaves and stems in abundance and usually a decent amount is in the root systems, such as tubers. Uranium does not appear to accumulate in the fruits and seeds. However, another one of those however exceptions is that with essential oils and herbs, it is easy to get the really useable form of Uranium. The secret here is that Uranium is closely associated with Phosphorus. The one that first comes to mind for me is plants from the  Origanum  plant family. In this sense this is Marjoram. Other oils and herbs here are Oregano and Thyme. So getting your Uranium and in a biological source/form, I think it is very easy. Just remember the key here is Phosphorus and that Uranium is closely associated with it. If one is there, as with Phosphorus, then there is a good chance that Uranium, biological active n the good, helpful sense will likely be there as well as these plants are good accumulators of both of these minerals and will activate the bio process of these minerals within the human body. .

As a general rule, if you consume a diet that is lacking in highly processed foods, a diet that consists of being more closer to original source, as in a lack of processed foods, then there is a good chance that you will be able to get at least some nutritional/natural Uranium, at least enough to stall off the exit from the house situation. Another factor is that Uranium is highly influenced by pH. The higher Uranium moves above base, the more it becomes unusable, from a biological sense. Then the more it moves below base, the more usable in the biological sense it becomes. 

So what keeps Uranium under control in a biological setting? If a person does not have their Boron and Aluminum levels in balanced ratios, then all bets are off. Not only does the Boron and Aluminum keep the Uranium focused and under control they also keep the radioactivity tendencies of this mineral at bay. Basically, the radioactivity will not affect the biological functioning of this mineral if the Boron and Aluminum are in proper order. Keep in mind that the order doesn’t have to be perfect, just within reason on the ratios. Also, other minerals play a role here but on a secondary level and among the main ones here are Phosphorus, Iodine, Silica, Sulfur, and Nitrogen. Plus with these we have to consider that these are just at the pinnacle of the main ones, we also have their whole complex structure that comes into play here. But the primary associative mineral to Uranium is Phosphorus.

So the bottom line here is that with Uranium, you have to have it for proper brain function. In the video I talk about the support points with Uranium so I won’t go into those here, but keep in mind that if you have a problem with your Uranium ratio, or simple run too low, your lights will stay on but you will be leaving the house, IE; you won’t be home. Need I say it any more plain than that? Keep in mid that Alzheimer's is a totally different monster. Alzheimer's is a situation of Some one being home but the lights are off. We will discuss that in another essay in this series.

Anyway, have a good day.


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