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Essay; Uranium, Yttrium, Strontium and Cesium. The heavy hitters of minerals.

Oct 26, 2022

I would like to finish up this discussion as it relates to these 4 controlling minerals. While I have discussed a lot about Uranium, we need to move past that one and discuss these others. I have done a video on Strontium so that one is covered a bit, so we will mention it a bit. But when it comes to Yttrium and Cesium, we need to spend some more time here. These 4 minerals are in my opinion are likely among the most critical as they are totally controlling over the 4 major body systems that in turn runs the rest of the show. So in brief let's look at a quick recap. Now keep in mind that we are talking about the nutritional forms of these 4 minerals as to body activity. However, we also make mention of the “Industrial Versions” as well.  In this case the industrial form is the radioactive type/version. Also, keep in mind that the radioactive aspect is characterised by and extremely high level of energy. Yes, there are various types, but this is the general idea. Basically it burns out the electrical circuits in the brain and well, every other part of the body as well. But in their natural form, in the nutritional applications are where we are focusing our attention.



Uranium has a major energy control over the brain. Essentially the whole deal with Dementia has everything to do with a Uranium deficiency. In fact the medical people that work with Dementia patients by treating them with Natural Uranium. THey are having remarkable results. Dementia can be simply described as “The lights are on, but no one is home” as it applies to the person’s mental state. A lot of other body activities and functions can be traced back to Uranium as the basic, core element.of anything energy as to the body function. As to food sources of Uranium, it will usually be found with Phosphorus, and accumulated in the leaves and stems of the plants. It is usually not found in the seeds and roots in usable amounts.




This particular nutrient is kind of on the other side of the road from Uranium in some aspects. As to a Yttrium deficiency, it directly affects the brain as well. Only this is where Alzheimer’s comes into play. You might see Alzheimer’s as a condition of where the brain appears to,”Have the lights out, yet having someone home”. Who is “home” can be many different people, and so on and at different time periods. Outside observers have a hard time seeing in the dark. Well, so does the person with this issue as well. You can’t really benefit from Yttrium directly. What has to happen is that you have to ingest Yttrium, then some specific bacteria in the digestive system will consume the Yttrium, then they pass the waste product from their Yttrium meal. We then absorb that “Crap” and that is where we actually get the Yttrium that helps, well, actually performs a controlling role with brain function. So when you hear someone say, “That person doesn’t have crap for brains”, what they are really saying is that person has a Yttrium deficiency. 


Yttrium can be sourced from a number of food sources. Usually the most usable forms are found in the Roots and Fruits. Generally we find a very metabolizable Yttrium in Tumeric and Ginger. Yttrium is an oxygen seeking mineral. It is all about Oxygen and the delivery of it to the cells. In animal studies done a number of years ago, they found that it increased the lifespan of the experimental animals by over 30% over their peers. 


You need to think of a Yttrium issue as the core cause of a number of nerve diseases. Take MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's , Lou Gehrig’s are all basically the same source, namely and Situation of Aluminium over running Boron and with no Yttrium to control the situation. But when you bring in the radioactive aspect to this mineral as in Yttrium-90, it blows the circuits and since you see what goo dit does, it is equally bad when this happens.However, the good thing about this one is that it burns itself out in a short period of time. The half life on this one is about 2 months.




I did a video to go along with this one. The bottom line with this one is everything to do with bone and muscle. But primarily everything is about bone first with muscle coming in a close second. Also, blood is involved here as well. So one can see that Strontium is equally important. It actively associates with Boron, Manganese and Silica. So when you have a grip on the activities of these minerals both singularly and collectively, it presents a powerful picture. However, one of the major roles of Strontium is to regulate and control the Calcium-Magnesium Balance and by extension the balance of other minerals to these 2 minerals. This mineral is really important to women as when they take the menopause ride, they lose around 35% of their Calcium, so this one has a lot of work to do to keep the women’s balance of Calcium in balance. 


In a study that was done in 1963, they compared both adults and children, but mostly children from before about 1950, when open air nuclear testing was started up until 1963 and they found that tooth decay increased by 50 times as compared to the pre-1950 period. This was caused by the radioactive version of Strontium. So since Strontium looks like Calcium, acts like Calcium and works kind of like Calcium, the radioactive version is readily accepted by the body with some serious ill effects. The half life of Strontium-90 is around 28 years. Also, when Strontium-90 decays, it decays into Yttrium-90. Refer to Yttrium and then you see an interesting picture. You might see Strontium as being the cool headed bodyguard for Magnesium but when it goes radioactive it is like having a bodyguard on meth. 


Since Strontium is almost like Calcium, and Calcium is a huge part of life, one can find Strontium in foods almost right along with Calcium. However, some of the better foods for Strontium are common root crops, nuts, melons and citrus. There is a good reason why we have a preference for common foods, like Onions, Carrots, Tomatoes, Beans, Cabbage and the list circles in that arena. 




Lastly we will look at Cesium. Cesium has everything to do with the immune system. It controls and operates the immune system. Yes, I know that many other minerals like Zinc and Selenium, Carbon and so on has everything to do with the immune system. But we are talking about the main control factor. Cesium runs that part. Cesium also pays a major part of an anti-cancer agent. What it will do is act much like the immune system does with fevers, to kill various pathogens to protect the body. So when it is working properly, it will detect certain types of cancer cells and will raise the body temperature, like it does with a fever, to kill those cancer cells. The detox route is through the Spleen, Gallbladder and Liver routes, then out the back door. 

Cesium can be best obtained from Seeds and Fruits of all kinds, but more likely the best sources are the seeds. 




I hope I have given you a brief overview so that you can see the importance of these 4 very critically important minerals for overall body function. I want to go through and discuss some various aspects of these as it is very interesting and educational. So to recap; Uranium keeps you active and at home. Yttrium will keep the lights on and the people in the right houses. Strontium keeps the person moving and upright. Cesium keeps the person from getting sick and kicking the bucket. So until next time, thank you for your interest and time.



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