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Sports Injury and Protocol to A Quick Recovery.

Sep 13, 2022
I would like to share with you a situation that involves a number of things that is discussed in this group.
My oldest daughter, Amanda, (many of you know here and BTW, her husband is a Dr. as well),  called me up one day and asked where she could get some really good Boron. I asked her why she needed it so that I could better identify a good source that would help her for her needs. Of course I suggested a place after she described the situation to me. She ordered it and began using it for the obvious reasons. To describe the situation; My oldest  Grandson's friend got wiped out while playing football. He broke his ankle and tore up a number of related ligaments, etc. They were afraid that he was done for the season. So the parents called a family member who happens to be an Oncologist. That Dr. told them to put the kid on a somewhat elevated level of Boron. Also, I guess the kid's Dad is friends with an Orthopedic Surgeon for a professional sports team in Chicago. That Dr. also told them to do the same thing. They both told the parents that if they do this, he should be back up on his feet playing football in about 5 1/2 to 6 weeks. That even happened on Aug 19th. I checked up on things today, Sept 13th. As of today he is walking around his house, without using his boot, feels fine and he is set to go back on the field before the end of the month. So that would make it about 6 weeks. His protocol has been liquid Ionic Boron, liquid Ionic Joint blend, Rosemary, Birch and Lemongrass essential oils and an herbal mix called B F & C. I have a very similar herbal mix that I call White Knight. Both of these herbal blends are essentially the same mix.
I was also told that one of the kids on the same football team, 3 years earlier, broke his ankle in the very same way, on the very same field. They were the visiting team. He did not use this type of a protocol and he never recovered enough to play football with his team again nor did he recover enough to wrestle after the football season. My grandson's friend, actually his best friend, both seniors are in High School, will be able to wrestle as normal as he has done in previous years. This boy and my Grandson are both key players on their football team and the wrestling team. Both of these teams are reoccurring state title winners and working at the 3A high school level. So a brutal and tough lineup of kids on both sides.
As I claim, it is shown here as in numerous cases, that if you use essential oils in a protocol involving herbs you will see excellent results. Then if you add Ionic minerals the results are exponentially much better with quicker results. This situation shows the validity of this type of protocol.

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