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Nitrogen: Realistic Applications and Considerations.

Aug 17, 2022

One of the big questions that usually comes up after the discussions on these various topics is this; How does this apply to me in my everyday life?  In reality that is an excellent question. We need to know and learn about topics, any topic that affects our daily life is fair game. Since Nitrogen is a very important aspect to our life, well then, let's look at some aspects of this nutritional element. Perhaps that should be worded a little differently by talking about how the nutritional aspect of nitrogen affects us. Does that sound better?

I want you to draw out diagrams on a piece of paper..Just use an 8.5 X 11 plain paper, like printer paper. The first diagram needs to be an X. Use about ½ of the sheet. On the upper left hand side of the X, write, Energy. On the lower right hand side of the X write Protein. Then on the upper right hand side of the X write Carbohydrate. Then lastly on the lower left hand side of the X write Sugar. You can use this template to work out many types of challenges and solutions to various issues and tasks. But for the sake of this discussion, this is how we are going to start the idea. Then at the halfway point of the ends of each line and the center of the X, draw a circle.  We want to make everything we do happen on the inner side of that circle. So what we will do is focus on the main topic, Nitrogen. Why? Because that is the main element that drives all things in our discussion here, today. I will now leave this aspect and go into specifics and we will jump back and forth to bring about a balanced perspective to this.

Sleep. How many of us get enough sleep? I would say very few people do. Based on questions surrounding essential oils, I would say that the topic of sleep comes in at the top 3 or 4 areas of concerns and solutions being sought. One of the interesting ideas around sleep is the idea of why we need it. Our brains need a rest/diversion from external stimuli so that it can sort out and categorize memories.  During our waking hours we take in an incredible amount of stimuli. Sometimes this is duplicate stimuli, so our brain discards it, IE; it already has that memory there. So why add layers upon layers of the same stimuli? We actually form new connections to memories. As we add a new memory, we create new connections to that memory and cateorize/catalog that memory to be easily accessed in the future, when called up on. For this to happen, we need a lot of energy. This is necessary so that it is properly cataloged so that it can be properly retrieved. IE; a clean new file created or an old file updated. This action or series of actions cannot function while all of this new stimuli is coming in. So we sleep, IE, we shut down the incoming stimuli while this memory consolation is taking place. However, in order for this process to function as designed, it requires a tremendous amount of energy. For this type of energy to take place, we see that Nitrogen is what is required. So we look at Nitrogen sources. When this nitrogen is processed by the digestive system, it is transferred to the brain by way of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid. We can see low quality all the way to high quality Nitrogen being moved into the brain. Of course this requires a balanced ratio of other elements as well. But for this discussion, we are looking at the role of Nitrogen. If you don’t have a high quality Nitrogen and in a balanced ratio with a wide range of other elements, then you won’t get a good sleep session. A good sleep session requires movement through a number of sleep cycles and each sleep cycle has it’s own, unique patterns. But in short order, bad Nitrogen and/or a lack of Nitrogen will not allow you to have proper sleep and the repercussions of “bad” sleep affects all parts of the body. Many mental illnesses can be traced to Nitrogen as the centerpiece of  many everyday, run of the mill, mental illnesses.Other elements involving “bad” or “lack thereof” determines which mental illness manifests. 

Another element that we learn from the chart that I had you make is that Nitrogen is directly related to Protein. Nitrogen and Protein work together. Protein in this aspect when paired with Nitrogen in this aspect makes for a real good combination. This combination allows for the Nitrogen to work to develop and work the proteins into ready to use elements.

Then on the other side we have the Carbs and Sugars working together. Again, same as with Nitrogen and Proteins, Carbs and Sugars are highly dependent on the quality of elements and in the right ratios when presented to the digestive system. Once this combination is processed, then we end up with a high quality Vitamin, for example. In this case the B-Vitamins. If you don’t have the proper ratio of Carbs, Sugars and Proteins then the Nitrogen can’t do it’s role in developing these B-Vitamins.and for that matter all of the other enzymes, etc.that require Nitrogen. For Carbs to function properly, it needs the direct role of Nitrogen. For the Sugars to function up and down the line, rather in plants or animals, require the direct role of Nitrogen. Of course Proteins require a direct role of Nitrogen to make them develop and work.

Why is Nitrogen so important? Well mainly because there really isn't any other element that can step in and take Nitrogen’s place. I know, I know, I am always saying that no element is a lone wolf, but when it comes to Nitrogen, yes, it is pretty much a lone wolf. Many of the Vitamins, enzymes, etc.,  can in some cases, bring in a substitute that will help carry the burden, but the quality of the end result is not something to write home about. But for Nitrogen directly, yes, it is kind of a lone wolf, operating on its own terms. 

Foods; Foods that are sources of really good Nitrogen are the leafy green vegetables, Most meats, usually roasted rather than fried, Sea foods, Nuts, Eggs, Legumes, etc. In our day and age, we see many of the Protein sources working the amount of protein they contain in a downward trend. Perhaps due to the way those protein sources are worked with can be blamed. But nonetheless, it puts more of a burden on the Nitrogen carriers to be more intense in the Nitrogen levels to be there so that a balance can be maintained and the proteins developed properly.


I hope that I have been able to give you at least a foggy idea of the importance of Nitrogen and the biological role that it plays. I think the simple idea of the influence that Nitrogen has on sleep is shown by the studies on sleep. Sleep or rather a lack of sleep has clearly been coordinated with weight gain, diabetes and heart problems. So in reality this is the skinny on Nitrogen. Besides to support this idea, when people have heart problems, what do they give them to give an emergency kick start? A form of Nitrogen called Nitroglycerin.This is used in a wide range of serious applications related to blood, heart, etc. Interestingly in the name itself we see a sugar aspect of this nitrogen application. In my opinion I feel that Legumes and associated foods,(IE; the Pea pod and the Pea inside of the pod are what I am referring to as the associated food to the Legume, as the pea inside is not considered a legume as they are a pulse. Many so called beans are also a pulse, so…), are one of the most workable and a really good source for Nitrogen in our diets. While there are a number of possibilities for Nitrogen promoters and maybe even enough to make a difference in people’s diets to be found in essential oils, it appears that Basil, CT MC is one of the easiest to use, with no real side effects and least costly is the winner here. From my background in brain studies, I see Nitrogen as being an even larger factor in brain function than it is in physical biological function. I feel like I must remind you, the reader, that you should not forget the dehydration factor that I mentioned in a previous discussion on Nitrogen. Also, one should not forget the Sulfur factor as well. These 3 items, are in the command, control and application of Nitrogen and if properly balanced, really good things can and will happen. The Nitrogen complex consists of 3 companions, Sulfur, Water and Photosynthesis. All 4 of these are really very low cost items, comparatively speaking, than perhaps any of the other elements needed to insure good health. 


Thank you for your time and interest in these discussions/essays. KK


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