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Locally Distilled EO's and their Related Health Functions. Sagebrush, Artemisia.

Jun 21, 2024

Today I would like to explore a little bit of perspective on some locally distilled EO’s and how
a person’s health is affected by those plant’s contributions.
The oil that we will focus on comes from the Great Western Sagebrush, found primarily in
the Great Basin of the Western US. The Latin primary name is Artemisia. Although the
primary name of this plant is found in many parts of the world, the various sub types are
world wide and will contribute similar results and be used for similar purposes. There are
over 500 different varieties of this Artemisia plant world wide.
As a general rule, in certain circles, they will make various claims as to why you shouldn’t
use the natural versions of the extract and so on. But we all know the reasons as to why they
say that. However, to avoid the issues of over use and so on, just be national about it. Try
not to “drink” the oil/extracts/etc.. Overall a topical application will usually produce safe and
effective use of these oils/extracts/etc. This really should be the overall general guideline
when you are using natural products in a self help situation. There are times when a
particular use and application will be indicated for, and when this situation presents itself, it is
always best to consult with someone that can monitor you and are more schooled in the use
that you might be.
In many of the published studies, you will find that they are generally talking about Artemisia
aunnua. This variety is produced commercially in China and Vietnam. These 2 countries
account for 80% of the commercial extract production and Africa accounts for the basic 20%
of world wide production. The component content is very similar to the Artemisia tridentata
which is the one found in the Great Basin area of the US. The main reason for this is due to
the commercial cultivation of the A. aunna and lack of commercial cultivation of the A.
tridentata as found in the Great Basin area. So basically, the A.aunna is a farmed product
and the exact component results can be manipulated to a small degree. With the A.
tridentata being basically a wild crafted plant, the components are a touch more varied.
However, one must remember that it is a zero sum game and with that, if one item goes up,
then another one is displaced and usually it will go down. This is why when a plant is used
for anything pharma, the commercially cultivated one is the preferred one they use. IE:
easier to control the outcome and control for consistency of components involved.
From this point on in this discussion we will be focusing on the A. tridentata variety. Again,
this is the Latin name of the Great Western Sagebrush that is primarily located in the Great
Basin Region of the Western US. This variety is basically a wild crafted donor plant. But
surprisingly, the component survey is close to the A. aunna. However, one must mention that
due to the more highly likelihood of the production medium the A.auuna will take on a more
Nitrogen expressive approach, IE; negatively charged extract to its function whereas the the A.tridentata will present with a more positive expressive charged approach due to its production medium of higher Potassium setting. But in either approach, for the functioning of the oils/extracts, the results are more closely related to the same rather than differently. One of the primary uses for this plant is to treat Malaria and a long list of other parasites and their associated infections. Since Arthritis is closely associated with parasitic infections, it works effectively in treating this condition. There are a long list of human related illnesses that can be treated effectively with the use of Sagebrush oil/extracts. One of the greatest advantages is that due to at least 48 different secondary metabolites that have been identified in Sagebrush oil, the chances of the user becoming resistant to its use is considerably lower than with the use of synthetic and semi synthetic drugs that are used for similar functions. The general observations are that it is similar to Ivermectin and even Moxidectin.

Now to toot our horn here. We have access to the Essential Oil obtained from the Great
Western Sagebrush. We use it in a number of blends. Because of the strong overpowering
effect of this oil, I do not like to use it as a single. There are too many people that would
abuse it, by using too much at each setting and as with most “Too much” of anything usually
produces negative results. For example, the person that distills this oil locally, told us that one
time he had an apprentice helping him. He told the guy to be careful and not take a big whiff
of this oil. But did the apprentice listen? No! The distiller said that out of the corner of his eye
he noticed that the guy was in the process of taking a big whiff. The next thing that
happened was the guy just tilted over backwards, he had fainted. No it didn’t do him any real
long term ill effect, rather that just fainting and having the need for some fresh air, a short
while later, he was back to work.
Other uses for this plant’s oils and extracts are for use in treatments for a wide range of
Parasites and their associated infections. From my experience, I have used this oil for a
number of various application for a reasonable of psychological/emotional applications and I
have found a great deal of consistency across the board no matter the gender or the
teenager age to the geriatric crowd. While I was writing this discussion, I applied a co-distilled
blend of Sagebrush, Rabbit Brush and Juniper. It is very helpful as I had to deal with a
number of stressful situations today, due to dumb people just doing their dumb crap. It helps
me to have a clearer mind. Yes, I feel really good right now! In fact I have to purposefully
concentrate on what those stressful situations were to remember them. This one treatment
will help me to have a deep, restful sleep tonight. The aroma itself takes me to a time when
life for me was on my horse, with my dog, in the mountains, chasing cows and the related
activities. When the most stressful thing that I had to deal with was some cow strung out on
LocoWeed. Don’t get me wrong here, there are many really effective essential oils that can
be used to deal with stress and the associated stressors to stress, but for me, I thank God
everyday for the use of these types of oils.

I also need to add a gee whizz here. In looking over the nutritional needs of this plant, we see a perfect application, which contributes to the effectiveness of this plant for a wide range of applications. This plant requires the nutritional sources of Nitrogen at a certain time, Phosphorus at a certain time and then Potassium at a certain time. All of this is sourced from nature and at specific times. Sagebrush is considered an evergreen, which helps with Homeostasis Balancing, It up takes all of the nutrients needed for a perfectly balanced plant. I could write a whole, long discussion on just this paragraph, but trust me, everything is perfect with regards to proper mineral uptake for widespread use in humans. It is formulated to therapeutic for humans, nutritional balancing needs for humans and remedial functions for humans. Yes, also for animals, especially mammals.
I wish there was time to write more and that people had the time to read a much longer essay because of
the information I could present here on this one plant and its contributions to our daily life. I
hope this helps. I will do some discussions on Rabbit Brush, Juniper, Pinion Pine and a few
others that fall within this artisan sourced oils grouping. Thank you for your time and interest
and allowing me to share with you what I feel is a super quality ingredient for a happy life.



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