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Viewing the Basics; Salt, Water and Overall Balanced Ratios.

Apr 24, 2024

This video is really for the clinical level students. Although the self help crowd can benefit greatly from these concepts, There are 4 new concepts introduced here in this discussion, they are as follows;

#1- Genomics: What could happen in living organisms.

#2- Transcriptomics: What seems to happen.

#3- Proteomics: What is provoked so that it does happen.

#4- Metabolomics: What happened in the past and what is happening in the moment.

These concepts are used in order to develop a protocol that will lead to an improvement in an individual's life. If any of these ideas are not evaluated, then a less than effective protocol is likely not able to be properly constructed. These concepts are necessary for natural solutions to be effective. This discussion talks about some of the various solutions that are basic to life.


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