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 Leiann's Essential Oil Blog

Food- Meat- Rabbit.

As we start off the new year, I wanted to jump in and start looking at foods. In this one, we are going to be looking at Rabbit Meat. I know, I know, I understand all of the pet stuff but let's not get stuck there. We are simply looking at it in an educational way. I pulled the text of this from a website in the UK. In Europe, they do things much differently than we do here, in some areas. Having lived in the UK, I can appreciate and respect many of the things they do there that are different. I am interested in this topic because of the Omega-3 content as well as many of the other nutrients that are more available to a human-being than many other types of meat provided. I also understand that they use this food source in hospitals in some countries "down under" because of its ability to be able to be digested by people in recovery from serious health issues. To answer the questions that are circulating in some people's minds about now. Mainly this one, "Can we not eat meat...
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Keep Strong and Carrot On!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Andrea Brightwell and I am one of the guest bloggers for I'm taking over this week to talk about CARROTS! Thanks to this weeks Webinar all about gardening, I'm getting my seeds in a row, literally. And of course in my garden, carrots are a staple. So let's talk this week about carrots and the essential oil, carrot seed.

Carrots in general are so good for you. Good for your eyes and getting energy. When it comes to the essential oil, you get even more benefits. Carrot seed oil is usually used for skin care to help reduce the signs of aging (YAY!) as well as for internal organs like the kidneys, liver and pancreas, to help support them.

So what does this mean for you in your day to day life? Well, a little carrot seed oil in your face cream will help with signs of aging and will help with the appearance of wounds and scars. If looking for something to help with inflammation, a couple drops mixed with 1/4 cup of Dead Sea Salt in your bath will do...

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August and the Lazy, Crazy, Days of Peppermint

It’s nearly August and … ahhhh … the lazy days of summer! An excellent essential oil for this lovely month is Peppermint.

During these lazy days it’s easy to reach for that last piece of I-shouldn’t-have-eaten-that. If your tummy feels like it’s taken one turn too many on a county fair ride, turn to Peppermint. It’s first aid for your digestive system – that upset stomach, bloating, re flux … and those things your kids are really amused by … gas and flatulence … relax, this is the month they go back to school.

I was very sore last week from a big project. Many hours at the computer added up to a tight neck, back, shoulders and a mouse injury. No, I wasn’t attacked by a wild rodent. All that mousing around at the computer with my right hand made the muscles around my elbow very painful. I put a couple of drops of Peppermint in some grape seed carrier oil, then put it on the affected areas (with a little help...

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If that cheer takes you back to high school, then you may be – or feel like – a senior! And I’m not talking about someone who will graduate in 2016. I was in pep club, not a cheerleader, though I’m often asked if I was. *

If you grunt and hobble out of bed first thing in the morning, you may be a senior … or just feel like it. If so, Marjoram, Sweet might just be the essential oil for you. Of course, this oil can help people of any age.

I’ve found that pronouncing it can be tricky. When I say it correctly, MAR-jor-rum (last syllable like rum, the drink), I often have to repeat myself because others ask, “margarine?” When I say MAR-jor-ram (incorrect – last syllable like ram, an animal), I’m corrected. I can’t win saying it but ol’ whats-its-face seems to help a lot of people.

However you say it, remember the M. Marjoram is for muscles and the things in your body connected to them – joints and bones....

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Sweat It Don't Smell It

Hi Everyone,

Summer is here and the weather is warm! You know what that means? Sweat. With fun in the sun, yard work, or just feeling the heat, we get sweaty. Sweating is a super important function of your body. It helps to regulate body temperature, rid the body of toxins, and cleanse pores, just to name a few. Working up a sweat is good for us, but sometimes the smell that comes with it not so desirable. Standard antiperspirants rob our bodies of the health benefits of sweating, not to mention all the potentially harmful ingredients that are used to suppress your body's natural sweat response. Commercially made deodorants may let you sweat, but they also contain yucky stuff that could be hazardous to your health.

So, you want to sweat, but don’t want to smell? Here is an easy and inexpensive way to stop the smell. You probably already have what you need right in your cupboards.

Easy Essential Oil Deodorant


  • ½ cup baking soda
  • ½ cup coconut oil (this oil...
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Moms On The Go

As any parent knows, drive time with kids can be less than delightful. With the “She is touching me!”, “I’m hungry!”, or any other request, demand, or even the happy singing, it can get loud and tense in no time at all. On long trips little ones can get woozy. The in-and-out at stops along the road is a sure way to pick up unwanted germs.

Kick that crazy to the curb with these simple car companion oils. 

  • Lavender is known for calming tension. Use it to set a peaceful tone to your driving tunes.
  • Spearmint is known to ease travel sickness, and to lower blood pressure. Spearmint works much like peppermint, but is a safer choice for children, especially to soothe and prevent tummy troubles.
  • Lemon is known to be anti-just-about-anything yucky. It is also stimulating and refreshing. Stay alert while driving, and banish those unwanted germs with this versatile oil.

Suggested Uses:

  • Clothespin car diffuser: Simply drip a few drops on a clothespin, and...
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Vacation Time With Aroma Share

It’s July and the Aroma Share Club theme is vacation time! Our oils this month include one of the eight blends that was introduced in fall 2014, Comfort Touch TM, as well as the singles Cedar wood and Spearmint.

What do these oils have in common? They will help keep your July and every summer from being a “Cruel, Cruel Summer.” (By the way, something you never knew about Liz Leopardi – because, hey, this is my first blog post here – is that I think in songs and lyrics. You’re welcome or I’m sorry, depending on how the songs hit you.)

Summer vacation sometimes packs in unwelcome guests. Some fly in for a visit: ants, moths, flies, mosquitoes* and other bugs. Active little and big people get boo-boos and owies. A wrong turn can add miles, irritation and maybe a headache or four. Few vacation memories are complete without Terrible Tales of Tummy Trouble. A vacation can even include one of those summer bummer colds. (I met my husband when I had...

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Marjoram & Gifting Your Touch

Woman truly do get a bad rap for all our unruly emotions and hormones, but the truth is ... men have them too. Did you know that according to science, 5-10 percent of women have PMS and that once a month men go through a cycle of their own?
There are realistic and simple answers that can help you in today's mythical emotional land. Actually there is nothing mythical about emotions and hormones! Emotions are real! If they weren't we'd all be brain-dead zombies beating our head into a wall trying to wake up! Wake up, people!

If you see your husband, brother, wife or sister or any friend, or even yourself, battling through something emotional or hormonally charged – lend a compassionate hand, literally, and drop 3 drops of Marjoram, Sweet essential oil into 1 tablespoon of carrier oil, and massage their hands and feet. This is so beneficial for you and the person you have gifted your touch to. Free your mind and theirs of troubles and find the joy and happiness of elevating a...

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Better than the Fruit of the Month Club

Can you imagine not loving citrus? Well, I can imagine one person. Marie, the mother of Raymond in the TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, was not a big fruit fan. You either love, don’t love or don’t know this show.

One aspect of the title character is that Ray tried to give gifts – he really tried. However, his parents were not the best at receiving them. The tone for this shtick was set in the pilot. If you’re interested in what could actually stop Marie from talking, check the clip! But I digress. That’s what I do.

Among my favorite scents are citrus. Even the colors are happy. Orange oranges, yellow lemons, various shades of grapefruit are the first that come to mind. As they are known by their Latin names, the Genus and species … Citrus sinensis, Citrus limon, Citrus paradisii, Citrus nobilis … Wait, what’s that last one? Red Mandarin. Not a citrus that comes to mind immediately.

a fruit, it’s also known as a mandarin...

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Say What? How Do You Say Ylang Ylang?

Does this ever happen to you – you hear or see something and BAM! It brings back a memory? Not a déjà vu – when you feel like you’ve seen or experienced something you’ve seen or experienced before. No, it’s more like a “click” – like a puzzle piece fitting together.

I had this experience with Ylang Ylang essential oil, as in, “how do you pronounce this?” Just looking at it, you know it couldn’t be as easy as “WHY-lang” or “why-LANG.”

I have heard Leiann say “uh-LANG uh-LANG ” is an option, but she seems to prefer “eh-LONG eh-LONG.” She mentioned the pronunciation depends on your native language.

For fun, if you really give it some thought, take “e-LONG e-LONG” and put the emphasis on the first syllable. You can make this oil name sound like a donkey. Try it yourself. Out loud. I double-dog dare you.

No matter how you (amuse yourself by)...

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