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Gut Health=Mental Health.


Leiann made a comment after I did this discussion. She liked the whole thing except that she mentioned that a number of people from the class that she taught earlier that was about eating raw. In that class they highly discouraged the use of milk, would get a good laugh from it. As many might know, we sometimes see things differently. So, I say, thank you for supporting my theories. Here goes; Her and I come from extremely different backgrounds when it comes to nutrition. For example, I come from a background where we used milk, cheese, butter, etc. She did not. Her genetic/DNA programming construct was developed by not using milk, cheese, butter. So, the two of us have a whole different DNA construct as to how we extract nutrients and how it is done based on our general food intake. Therefore, our experience is different, IE: we should see things differently. Here is a situation where we both grew up very poor. My family had milk and fresh cheese. I had a range of short season root...

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Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Today we are going to talk about an overwhelming popular essential oil and that is Tea Tree.
In reality Tea Tree Essential Oil is likely one of the best known and used essential oil of all
essential oils. In most Essential Oil companies, if they offer Tea Tree EO, it will likely be one
of their best selling oils. There is a good reason for that, here is why. Tea Tree is all about
the skin and hair care for the most part and some uses that are even indirectly associated
with skin and hair care.
Tea Tree is really effective when dealing with acne. What is acne? It is a condition of clogged
skin pores and usually has some bacteria associated with it. Normally, the root cause of
acne is a deficiency of Iodine. When younger people go through puberty, the Thyroid will
have a sudden need for Iodine and a lot of Iodine at that. When this event takes place, the
skin and hair sufferers as the Thyroid gets priority for the Idone. It usually ends up being a
long term need. But the Iodine sanitizes it from...

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Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil..

This Eucalyptus Essential Oil, is considered to be one of the safest of the whole Eucalyptus oils for people to use.This oil is from a medical perspective, the only one that is safe to use internally. Although we don't teach internal use for a number of reasons, it does sometimes happen. When it does this is the only one that is considered safe to use internal applications. To be fair, some people will claim it is not a good oil, but hey, this is aromatherapy, where you can find someone taking opposition to anything that they can do so with, right?
Some good points is this, this oil is sourced from an evergreen tree and as with all evergreens, they support a Homeostatic balance for the human body. This is very important to the whole, overall positive, essential oil experience.  This oil has not had any photo toxic effects known to be reported.  
Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil is very effective when used against the various strains of Streptococcus. It has been...
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Practical Gardening Series; Chapter 3, More on Medium and Styles.

With this chapter we will focus on the main styles and the main mediums that most people
would be able to best work with in most situations.
The main one here is when you look at actual food production, the whole idea of the
sprouting of seeds and using the seeds is one of the best methods for year-round food
production, no matter the environment you are living in. The pay back, IE; the money
invested when paired with the return, this is likely the best route to go with.About the only
real investment that you will have is some seeds, which based on the amount of food those
seeds will produce, makes for a low cost food source. Plus, one must not forget that the
seeds are highly nutritious. A seed has all the nutrition that it needs to go from the very
beginning point of its life cycle, to a point to where it has grown enough to take root and
begin the process of obtaining its food from an outside source. I am sure that everyone is
aware of the egg, most of us are familiar with a chicken egg....

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What is the Best Table Salt to Use?

The other day I was asked what my opinion was about the different types of salts. Of course the reason for the question stemmed from an emotional peeing match between several people as to their preferences of salt. One side was arguing that their Celtic Salt was better as compared to the salt another person preferred, which was Redmond Salt, with Lead being the contentious point.

Salt is usually analyzed like most any other product. When you look at the analysis of salt reports, selected randomly, and use a number of them with a running average over all the reports, with the Redmond salt you will see about a .00002% level with their salt for lead. With the Celtic salt, using the same number of analysis reports, running average with randomly selected, you will find about a .00004% amount of lead. So You will always find an outlier in any set of samples analyzed, in any and everything. Normally, the outlier is always kicked out. In research they always use the concentration of the...

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End of Year Review and Perspectives on Generalities.


I wanted to clear up a point about unstable people in some retail companies and especially in MLM situations. I love Ted Talks, here is one  that clears up what I am talking about.

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Practical Gardening Series; Chapter 2, Planting Medium and Styles

In our last discussion we talked about seed selection. By now you have likely selected some seeds. So what do we do with them? Well, we plant them, right? OK,  but in what and how? What does this look like when we say, Planting seeds? Well we are going to look at some ideas. This discussion is really where we start to see some actions where we end up getting soil on our hands, well, in most cases anyway. When I was in college, in the psychology stuff, the beginning class we were always dealing with the technical stuff. We asked the instructor when we were going to start walking Pavlov's dogs. The Pavlov guy is one of the big discovers of Classical Conditioning in the behavior science field. Our instructor would always say that we had to get some of the technical stuff out of the way. The classical Conditioning stuff is basically pairing a stimulus (the technical stuff here) with a response ( the walking of the dogs). So here I try to cover the technical stuff, yet have fun...

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Practical Gardening Series; Chapter 1, Seed Selection.

In this segment, chapter 1, of this series we will look at seed selection.

This is likely going to be an emotional based selection after you look at the various catalogs. That is OK, as long as you keep it balanced. Most seed catalogs will do a pretty good job in describing the various plants. Many times they will have pictures with them and whether we are coming out of winter time or even going into winter time, the whole idea of planting a garden will be very exciting.
Since we have been introduced to some ideas from the overview segment, let’s dig in, so to speak, to the one very important part of the process, the beginning. Beginning is important, right? You will see a list of various types of seeds as to certain terms used in letting you know the type of plant the seed has come from. In this sense I am talking about Open Pollinated, Hybrids and GMO. We are not going to discuss the GMO ones, for several reasons. Normally seeds in this grouping are targeted and developed...

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Practical Gardening Series; Overview.

In this, the first of many discussions that we are going to have concerning gardening and doing it on a practical level.

As we begin this series I feel like we need to focus on the one area that I talked about in a recent essay and video that I did for application in an aromatherapy school class. What I presented there is really a core basic that applies equally in this series as well. Please keep in mind that the material presented here applies to herb production and of course the production of plants that are donor plants for essential oil production are right here in the thick of this stuff. Since we really can’t do much due to it being winter and at this point the selection process of seeds is an area where we really need to be focusing our planning. So here goes;

One of the first things that we need to look at is the selection of the seeds we plan to plant. One area to consider is this; What do I like to eat? Tomatoes are one of the most widely selected plants. The vast...

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Mint Condition.

I would like to review an article that I noticed in a farm-related magazine. It is a very fitting article for this group of people. The article is titled, "Mint Condition" goal of PNW plant researchers. It is found in the April 2018 issue of Western Farmer-Stockman magazine, in the crop management section. The author of the article is Melissa Hemken, a contributing writer for the magazine.  I might add that she did an excellent job and covered a number of important aspects. I would like to convey some of that material to you.
The United States is considered to be the top country producer of Peppermint and Spearmint oil in the world. Last year there were 22,300 acres of mint producing 5,778 pounds of oil. So you have a figure of just a little bit over 4 ounces of mint oil produced per acre. So let that sink in, basically 4 ounces per acre. So it takes many acres to provide for the oils needs for an essential oil company. Then since we know Peppermint and Spearmint oil...
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