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Neroli Distillate Water

Feb 17, 2020


Leiann asked me to do a write-up for all of you with this particular item that you received.

   Neroli water, as we will call it from here on out, is one of the more widely used distillate waters of all of the ones that are used. Neroli water is used in a number of different food products as an aromatizer. For the most part, it is used in a number of North African cuisines as well as a few Middle eastern areas for an ingredient in their cuisines.  It is also used in Mexican Wedding Cakes and some specialized foods in the US. Since I am not much of a cook, I can't give you any real unique ways and amounts to use in your cooking. But I am sure that most of you are very good at making creative dishes, so I think you can cover that aspect. It is also used as a freshener for people's hands before dining at some high-end facilities in some countries. But that practice is sort of going by the wayside.

   Neroli water is also used as a medicine in some stomach ache formulas for some adults as well as children. In North Africa, I guess the water is not very tasteful, so they use Neroli water to mask the off taste of the high mineral content. In fact, I will reveal a little secret. In my new pH Balancing Formula, I use Neroli water as part of the formula for much the same reason. Oops, I am revealing some aspects of my formula. (Wink wink). There isn't very much, but it is still there and it works wonderfully.

   The Neroli water will give a nice refreshing kick to most foods as well as in drinking water and on to just having a mild aroma enhancing air freshener. Another tricky little deal is to use some Neroli water in the incense burners along with a wide range of essential oils. In most of these burners, you need a considerable amount of liquid and only a small amount of essential oil so that you can time the candle burning out at about the same time as the water/oil is "burned" away. Plain water doesn't do much for aromas, so this water will work to give that fresh appeal to what other essential oil that you might be using.

   It is usually a good idea to store the Neroli water in the refrigerator. You can leave it out for a while. It will be ok, but if you can keep it cool and in the dark, it won't deteriorate as quickly as opposed to leaving it in the heat and full sunlight. But in reality, you won't likely have it long enough for it to go bad.

   So there you have it, as it applies to Neroli water. I know there isn't much, but it does cover quite a bit. Most of these distillate waters will fall into this same category of not many listed uses but really effective in the applications where they are used.


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