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Corona Virus Related.

Mar 18, 2020
I would like to take a moment to discuss with everyone an important part of this aromatherapy thing as it applies to the Corona Virus issue.
It is important to remember to NOT make claims of curing or healing with regards to essential oils or aromatherapy modalities. In order to make these types of claims, whatever item being referenced has to have gone through extensive test trials over a long period of time under precise protocols and controls.
Since this virus is somewhat new, it has not had enough time to have tests done on it and in relationship to ANY type of cure or data to carry the claim of healing. For example, I have seen claims that Vitamin C will "cure" it. Then I see people claim that a claim of Vitamin C being able to cure it is false. One is just as false as the other as no study has been done to support or deny those claims. For one thing, not enough time has elapsed to make a study of this new specific type of pathogen.
Based on previously known protocols that at least appears to have a curing type effect on a virus, one would think that perhaps a similar type of protocol might just work on this virus. There is a high probability that a person with this type of thinking might very well be shown to be more right than wrong once more information is known about it.
Many of these protocols of past which appear to have been successful in working with viruses in general have included natural products such as Vitamins, Minerals, Foods and yes, even Essential Oils. With this particular virus there appears to be a need to pay particular attention to the individual's emotional well being in addition to their physical well being because of the hysteria surrounding this issue. Perhaps this is driven because of the unknown to the general population, factors involved with this virus.
So one must make sure whatever you choose to use to support your own well being is based on your own education, as well as trusting advice only from those who have earned your trust in past situations and with proven track records. This challenge will eventually pass. Most everyone will be OK and if you take care of yourself, you likely won't face any ill effects. Most of all, don't make claims of "Healing" and "Curing" but rather use terms like "Support" and "Encourage". Support both your emotional well being as well as your physical well being.

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