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Mar 07, 2020
I would like to take a moment to discuss this whole idea of this virus and share some various perspectives. Here goes.
The current generation of people living has had a life of very little resistance to being given a life that generations of the past could only dream of if they could even comprehend a life without the resistance of the everyday, common challenges that they had to work with every day of their life. Their easiest day was much more difficult than our very worst day. In many parts of the world, everyday life is very difficult. Fortunately, anyone that is reading this does not experience the life of struggles that many people in various countries deal with daily. Many people in our world are living a life that has no cognitive comprehension of reality in this world.
The reality of this world is that we are subject to the law of nature. Some people out there claim a belief in a supreme being. There are as many different versions of this supreme being as there are people. Many times I feel that a large portion of these people has a serious disconnect with this Supreme Being and the Laws of Nature. Anytime the Law of Nature comes up they associate this with a lack of belief in that Supreme Being and as a result, refuse to make any connection with the two. While on the other side we see many people that if they do believe or recognize the Law of Nature. They feel that there is no Supreme Being so, therefore, there is no connection. To further complicate matters, they do not feel there is any connection between them and the Law of Nature. Both parties end up with the same basic connection, that they, personally, are not subject to the laws of nature and can go about doing as they wish without any consequences. But if there is anything that can be ascribed to consequences, then they are not being treated fairly by either that Supreme Being or Nature. So when something undesirable comes their way, they demand an instant solution.
So as we go about our life, we see things like this Coronavirus making the rounds, calling on anyone who will give it a place to reside. The first question that is raised is this; What makes you think we have given it a place to reside? After all, anyone in their right mind would not give a disease a place to reside, correct? Well, not so correct. Actually we have collectively as a group of people have opened the doors wide open and hung out a flashing neon light that says, Welcome, to any and all diseases. How is that? And why are these diseases here? The very first thing to consider is this; Anytime a diseased tissue is detected, Nature sends in a cleanup crew to break down and return to an element or collection of elements, that diseased tissue. It happens in both plant and animal life. There are no exceptions as a plant or animal is not immune to this process, under no circumstances. As one of my favorite sayings is; "You cannot violate the laws of nature and get away with it".
So what are we doing to violate the laws of nature? The list is so long that we cannot even begin to touch on the subject. So we will only focus on one little of how our nutrition is affected. Well, lets just cut to the bottom line. We have all of these foodstuffs that we eat. Up until a few decades ago, we relied on nutrition in the form that Nature provided. But man, in all of his glory figured that he could outsmart Nature and so they messing with the very core of the life of the plants that provide the Nutrition by altering the whole DNA and other parts. So, in the end, we created a whole different life form than what was within the programming of the very genes.  Even medicine was altered. Everything was altered in some way. It doe snot have to be altered very much to be unstable as Nature had initially intended. So since the plant or animal is not programmed to utilize this altered form, it can't be used as intended and of course, the cleanup crew is called in to break down this tissue that is deemed diseased.  We then take altered "medicines" to "fix" the cleanup crew. But what we are actually doing is blocking the cleanup crew from doing its job. We continually return to this process, almost on a daily basis. We have abandoned many of the policies that were developed by generations upon generations of lessons from the past. We abandon those discoveries in the name of we know better. I say, why can't we just keep those that worked and were good and all to the areas where more discoveries would make for a better life for both plant and animal life.  The biggest danger we created in the name of making new discoveries is the creation of a new monster. The present danger is the war between the Law of Nature and this newly created monster that man has created. This is a war that man cannot or will not win.
So what is this new monster than man has created? First off, man has applied a toxic solution to his food sources. Then he consumes this toxic solution and claims it poses no danger to life form. The man then claims that he has to do it in order to provide a stable food source. There has always been a stable source of food. The problem with many people suffering from starvation is the man himself, in the name of politics. Well, and man's ignorance of the laws of nature in the form of refusing to recognize those laws by refusing or outright ignoring those laws. Then when a specific law of nature requires attention, we take a toxic solution to solve the calling card from collecting. When all we are doing is shooting the messenger and thinking the law has withdrawn its penalty for the violation. What happens in actuality is the violation was referred to a higher court. Eventually, a referral to that higher court will be issued. In the meantime, we go about our merry way, thinking all is well.
So what do we do about this specific virus and the so-called disease that appears to the cause of a great deal of havoc?  First off recognize it for what it is, a reaction to our violation of the law of nature. So how do we deal with it? We have all sorts of people out there claiming they have the solution. I have even weighed in with natural solutions. But even these are only a short term tool to use as we turn our life from one of living a life of violating the laws of nature to one that is complying with more of those laws than we are violating. These types of solutions do buy us time and do give us hope. Many, many people out there have super great solutions that will work to this end. This is a result of many, many people out there recognizing the need to comply with the laws of nature and avoiding the toxic soup that we are encouraged to consume. But one must choose, pursue, and implement one or more of these ideas in order to avoid the diseases and referral to the court of the law of nature. Why have I not mentioned the Supreme Being in these later paragraphs? Simply it is my belief that the Laws of Nature are simply the Supreme Being's (God in my book) operational manual for life on this planet. You mention one, you are including the other.
I am so convinced that this is the only solution that I spend every waking hour of my life doing everything I can do to educate anyone that will listen. Yes, we do teach best that which we most need to learn. So for that, I am grateful and appreciative. I don't know if I can do much to change the direction of the damage that has been done to my physical body that has been done over the years, but I do think some hope is there for me. But the most important thing is that I can try to help my kids and by extension my grandkids. Plus in the process, maybe I can help others do the same. Otherwise, all hope is lost. For me, it isn't over with, yet!
So in summing up, what can we do? Since we are hell-bent on consuming a toxic soup in and on our food, I don't know if there is hope for those. For those that want to change the direction, quit consuming the toxic soup. Do what you have to do to bring this about. Get your hands in the soil. Learn about plants. Work with animals. If you can, move from the cities, if not then do the best you can. There are a lot of things you can do that will produce remarkable results, even to the point of leaving the city, being beside the point and not necessary.  We as people cannot continue to violate the laws of nature an not expect to nature to not extract a price for those violations. In scripture, the principle is taught of how one is taken and one is left. We mistakenly think that only refers to a rapture of sorts to another world. The mirror image of that principle can mean, not being taken in death. While death is not the end of the world, so to speak, it does mean the end of possibilities of serving the purpose of which we exist in the world. This virus scare will come and go. Many people will die as a direct result of or an indirect result of it. Yes, it is obvious that it is a man-made disease, which makes it an issue of survival against the corruption of man issues rather than a law of nature thing. But the laws of nature do apply in the resistance to this and we do need all the help we can muster up. We will continue to see these virus issues come around as they have been doing so for the last 20 years on about a 2-year rotational basis. They will continue to do so and it is through nutrition that we have to resist succumbing to them.  And that my friends, is the bottom line, nutrition through a plant or by extension animal (you don't have to kill the animal, eggs, milk, etc.), This is how you find solutions to these diseases. Or continue with the toxic soup solution. It is your choice, an individual choice. It is not a matter of either/or, it is a matter of degrees the better you do, the better you will end up. 
So the bottom line with this "issue" is this. In this world, we live life, we will eventually will all visit our Waterloo.  Sometimes life gets cut short for whatever reason. When we have things like this virus come along, it will claim some lives. Many will not fall victim. But one thing for sure, if we practice good hygiene, do the best we can about taking care of our physical and emotional well being, we increase our chances of having the boogie man pass us by. That is about all we can do. If you believe in God then praying will help.  If you don't then do what you have to do. Anything in a positive direction will be a good insurance policy to engage with. 
As a side note, what drives stuff like this? Money. Think of the money made in the last 10 days or so in the financial markets. Over 2 trillion lost. But also, over 2 trillion made and more to be made, by a few people. Let that sink in. Got to love it!
End of Discussion.

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