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What is the Best Table Salt to Use?

Dec 28, 2023

The other day I was asked what my opinion was about the different types of salts. Of course the reason for the question stemmed from an emotional peeing match between several people as to their preferences of salt. One side was arguing that their Celtic Salt was better as compared to the salt another person preferred, which was Redmond Salt, with Lead being the contentious point.

Salt is usually analyzed like most any other product. When you look at the analysis of salt reports, selected randomly, and use a number of them with a running average over all the reports, with the Redmond salt you will see about a .00002% level with their salt for lead. With the Celtic salt, using the same number of analysis reports, running average with randomly selected, you will find about a .00004% amount of lead. So You will always find an outlier in any set of samples analyzed, in any and everything. Normally, the outlier is always kicked out. In research they always use the concentration of the clusters in these cases to come to an overall average. Then we need to look at the source.

The Celtic salt is from a beach in France. which is along the Atlantic Ocean. Celtic in French means grey. The Celtic salt is simply French Gray Salt. It is not some Viking Salt with mystical powers. They claim their Kosher style salt is salt water percolated upward into settling ponds, then evaporated. One of their claims to fame with this salt is that it has a higher moisture content than most other salts. In simple terms, it is just regular ocean water, pooled into evaporating ponds then from there it is packaged and shipped to points known and unknown.

Redmond Salt comes from an underground mine just north of a town of the same name. This area was one time, maybe 250+ million years ago, was basically a Jurassic Park environment. The pools of water were covered over by volcanic ash, The water eventually percolated out and the salt has been protected by the volcanic ash for all of these years. It is presently, in real time, mined and packaged.

The Himalayan Salt comes from Pakistan. It is mined from an underground source. Himalayan salt is much the same as Redmond salt. Whereas the Celtic Salt is more like a surface type salt, essentially mined from salt water.

Other sources of salt like Morton Salt are much like Celtic Salt. Although it is generally a single ingredient salt, IE: Sodium. There are many derivatives of each type of salt for various purposes. The colors in the salts are due to the various micro or trace minerals. Usually these micro, trace minerals are attached to the clay within the salt deposits. Which in turn gives the colors that are not white or clear or off white, from the main Sodium elemental salt colors.

For me, I feel like I am being responsible in that I am doing my part to cut down on my Carbon footprint by using a decent source of mineral salt, obtained locally. Well, in my opinion, it is just as good as any of these other salts.Besides I am cheap, so why should I pay for the long distance shipping as an added cost? In my herbal blends, when I use this salt, I buy the food grade, already ground and packaged Redmond Salt. The last bag of salt that I bought has 110 ppm of Iodine, 60 ppm of Selenium, 50 ppm of Cobalt, among many other trace minerals. So, what does all of this tell me? A good healthy salt. As far as all these people going around trash talking about the various types of salt, as they are all good, really should not be talking about stuff they haven't a clue about. OH, BTW with the lead thing??? If you went lead free, you would die. You have to have Lead, Aluminum Boron and Cobalt or you would FRY, like an egg in a hot pan, from radiation, if you didn't have these elements for protection. However, it is the nutritional/natural versions that you need, not the industrial, isolated elemental types of these micro and macro elements.

To add more to this Lead and Salt thing. Most of the time Lead will collect on the outside, or the peel of most foods. Many foods contain lead. Lead is one of the many elements that work to remove harmful radiation from your body. Lead serves as one of the initial points of contact in the toxin removal. It is also one of the last places that Radiation is absorbed and the most internal point of the process of removal from the body. Who is hit the hardest by the lead thing in the real world? People consuming the peelings of fresh foods that are sourced from areas where a lot of industrial lead is present. This is due to the larger amounts of foods consumed with peelings and eating of raw foods. Lead will take care of itself, if the lead present is in its natural form, not the isolated element-industrial type. The 2nd group that gets hit hard with the radiation is 5G phone users. This class of phone systems gives off a large amount of a bad type of radiation and if the lead isn't there to absorb it, and aid in the removal, it just sits there and cooks away. The industrial lead does not offer this protection.

As a side note, many of the plants that contain things that protect against Radiation will have nutritional/natural lead in their element profile and at about the correct ratios form interaction with the other elements to serve this purpose.


Since we are basically a Salt Saline solution being, any salt is better than no salt. Salt is so important because of a deficiency in salt, and it doesn’t take much salt to create this deficiency, this is likely one of the most important deficiencies that we actually deal with, either directly or indirectly. Water is the #2 deficiency of importance that we have to deal with as well. So the bottom line is this, use the best salt that you feel good about using that is available to you. Don’t condemn another person and shame them for not being just like you when it comes to the Salt preferences that might be there.

Just remember, you need your salt and your water, as they go waltzing around the dance floor, together.



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