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Gut Health=Mental Health.

Jan 24, 2024

Leiann made a comment after I did this discussion. She liked the whole thing except that she mentioned that a number of people from the class that she taught earlier that was about eating raw. In that class they highly discouraged the use of milk, would get a good laugh from it. As many might know, we sometimes see things differently. So, I say, thank you for supporting my theories. Here goes; Her and I come from extremely different backgrounds when it comes to nutrition. For example, I come from a background where we used milk, cheese, butter, etc. She did not. Her genetic/DNA programming construct was developed by not using milk, cheese, butter. So, the two of us have a whole different DNA construct as to how we extract nutrients and how it is done based on our general food intake. Therefore, our experience is different, IE: we should see things differently. Here is a situation where we both grew up very poor. My family had milk and fresh cheese. I had a range of short season root crops and fresh deer meat and trout. She grew up with eating lots of veggies. Very little meat, and no milk. I understand that they used soda pop on their cereal. Even after her mother married her stepdad, even though their diet improved greatly, but it was still weighted heavily towards veggies, and did include some fruit, but still not really any meat and milk. So the summary, here you have 2 different constructs coming together. We perform differently to the same diet, based on our DNA programming. Therefore, we should see things differently, for the most part. However, she does respond good to the fermented versions of milk and related food stuff. Fermentation tends to bridge the gaps in these situations.



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