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Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Jan 07, 2024

Today we are going to talk about an overwhelming popular essential oil and that is Tea Tree.
In reality Tea Tree Essential Oil is likely one of the best known and used essential oil of all
essential oils. In most Essential Oil companies, if they offer Tea Tree EO, it will likely be one
of their best selling oils. There is a good reason for that, here is why. Tea Tree is all about
the skin and hair care for the most part and some uses that are even indirectly associated
with skin and hair care.
Tea Tree is really effective when dealing with acne. What is acne? It is a condition of clogged
skin pores and usually has some bacteria associated with it. Normally, the root cause of
acne is a deficiency of Iodine. When younger people go through puberty, the Thyroid will
have a sudden need for Iodine and a lot of Iodine at that. When this event takes place, the
skin and hair sufferers as the Thyroid gets priority for the Idone. It usually ends up being a
long term need. But the Iodine sanitizes it from within and keeps the pores clear. So once
this happens, one must clean and sanitize the skin, to clear up the acne. This is where Tea
Tree EO will really shine. From that point on we see Tea Tree being effective against issues
like Staphylococcus and E-Coli pathogens associated with skin and hair.
In one study, which was really a large study involving a lot of people, researchers looked at a
number of essential oils, all of which proved effective against the Demodex Mite, which is a
condition associated with Rosacea. They figured out that Tea Tree was more effective than
Ivermectin or Metronidazole, both effective go to drugs, in dealing with these Demodex
mites. But do you know one of the most effective effects of Tea Tree EO? It works wonders
in helping to reduce inflammation. Most people will use this on their limbs, IE: legs, arms,
etc., for the inflammation reduction effects.
Prior to the big pandemic, Tea Tree wasn’t the lowest cost oil on the market, it was moderate
to lower moderate in price. Post pandemic, it is still about the same price as it was
previously. But many other oils have appreciated greatly in price during this time frame. So
we are lucky to have a really good quality oil that is widely effective and safe to use that is
still affordable.
Tea Tree EO is sometimes used in a blend with other oils, such as Eucalyptus Globulus and
Cajeput, which is just another Melaleuca oil, but a different variety. More on that one in
another discussion on it specifically. You might say that Tea Tree and Eucalyptus (Glob), are
really companion type oils. What one doesn’t get, the other will. Such as With Tea Tree
really causing Staphylococcus bacteria a lot of grief and then the Eucalyptus (Glob), will
cause the Streptococcus bacteria a lot of grief. These two are sometimes hard to distinguish
the difference for the average person on the street. So a shotgun approach you might say
and it is effective.
As a general rule, Tea Tree EO will normally originate from Australia. But as more wide scale
use of Tea Tree EO is evolving, a number of other countries are producing Tea Tree EO and
for the most part, they are all of high quality.
So here we have an effective essential oil for many issues that many people are faced with
on a daily basis. We have a decent priced oil, well a very low cost oil in the sense of what it
will do at a low cost per dose. The aroma and even the taste of Tea Tree EO is much like
some medicines, so one should feel right at home, right? However, when the Tea Tree Oil is
used rationally and properly, some real magic can happen. I hope you will look forward to
using Tea Tree Essential Oil and experience the joy of using it.


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