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Working with the Brain; Article #2. Identifying Assaults and Solutions.

Dec 26, 2021
With this discussion I wanted to go directly to the Hypothalamus. However, in preparing this article/discussion, I realized that I was going to have to add a bunch of material that would have made it a much longer article than I felt was proper. So by looking at some of the typical assaults that the Brain gets whacked by as a normal course of life, we can really keep it much more simple. In this discussion we will look at some of those assaults, the solutions and in general come up with a more clear understanding of the simple stuff that most people have trouble connecting the dots with.
One of the main thrusts of these discussions that I work with is to try to avoid the "Treatment course of addressing the effects". Rather, we look at the "Solutions to the issue". I hope that shed light on the thrust of our discussions. Let's  look at some of the issues that many people appear to end up getting, which is one or more of the myriad of issues out there. Lets look at some of those and look over the fence into what causes those before we actually discuss the Hippocampus connection.
Today, as of this writing, I read an article about how a group of researchers in a Western Europe country are seriously looking at the Brain connection to Diabetes. Over the past month of so I have seen a number of articles touching upon this subject, but this article goes into much more detail. In this they are going into the Hormone connection, in the Brain and its association with Diabetes. Of course we know that the whole Diabetes thing is simply a trace mineral deficiency, right? Wrong as wrong can be. Yes, those various trace minerals are part of the whole deal, but Diabetes, at it's core, is clearly a Hormone issue. In these scientific/medical types of research facilities and the teams doing the research are learning more of the Brain aspect to Diabetes. In this particular article, they don't go into the solution, other than mentioning that there are Hormones or rather the lack thereof, in the Brain that runs the Diabetes in the rest of the body.
So how do we deal with this? When it comes to essential oils, we have a number of them that really works wonders in getting past the "Treatment of the Effects" and focuses on actually addressing the core of the issue. Remember in the Introduction part of this series I made mention about the part of the Brain that basically runs the day to day application of the Hormones... The Hypothalamus, right?  At this point you are suppose to nod your head in agreement and smile, as you know a secret that a lot of psychopaths that have all the answers to your health issues, haven't a clue on.
Along these lines, we have a number of other aspects that we can mention. One of those is Cobalt. Cobalt is the connection or rather the element that bridges the canyon between metallic and non-metallic minerals. Cobalt mixes, so to speak, those 2 elements of the minerals in a manner that allows the body to utilize the full spectrum of minerals. This works much in the same way as does Carbon with it's relationship to Organic and Inorganic.To recap this concept; An inorganic mineral becomes Organic when it is applied to the soil, the plant takes it in and connects a Carbon molecule to it. It then becomes Organic. So when Cobalt bridges that canyon, it is essentially bringing the metallic together with the non-metallic, so they can be used by the human.  
Without this mineral, Cobalt, which is a hard one to get, as a general rule, because even thought it is present in the earth's crust, it is usually locked up or not there to be taken up by the plant, due to a long list of reasons. Also, it is found in abundance in the ocean waters, (water washes everything down hill/down stream), but the key to us utilizing it from that source is that it is found in the liquid crystallized effect of ocean water. As you go about your business in the clinical level of the school and even out there running your own makeshift clinic, you must keep this in mind. Many of these health issues are found on this point, the Cobalt point. When the Cerebral Spinal Fluid is properly balanced, you have a saline solution with enough similarity to the ocean water and that allows the similarity/connection to work much like ocean water, in general terms, in its produced effects. So if that saline solution is not balanced in the ratios, at least close enough to mimic ocean water, it becomes very difficult to move beyond being stuck at the "treatment of the effects", stage. Essential oils works very effectively in getting to the point of balancing the ratios in this solution. What makes Cobalt such an important element is that it is also right there at the critical point of connecting the metallic and non metallic minerals with regard to the the energy aspect. As a general rule, minerals above the electrical charge level of Cobalt, have such a high level of electrical charge, that we usually don't work with those at the level. As long as we get things right at the first 4 levels, which are the levels that we are working with, the ones above the forth level will pretty much take care of themselves.
In the spirit of the previous paragraph lets loosely keep on the subject. When it comes to the energy aspect of all of this, we need to keep in mind 2 main things, radioactive and non-radioactive radiation. For purposed of this discussion and within general terms, radiation is energy. Then within the two before mentioned radiations, we have Ionizing radiation,  Non-ionizing radiation, and Cosmic radiation. These 3 types produce some interesting effects on the Brain.
I know a lot of you have heard about Alzheimer's and Aluminum, right? And how bad this is, right? We have to have Aluminum in our Brain to protect us from these 3 before mentioned radiations. But the difference here is the type of Aluminum. The "Industrial" type does appear to lead to causing Alzheimer's. The "Nutritional" type is the type we need and no, it does not produce this disease. Well, that statement is partially true. If there is no Cobalt present and or working, then it can solidify, which is effectively the leading cause of Alzheimer's.  How do we keep these minerals in a liquid form, usually it is Magnesium and/or Iodine and the pairing list can go on and on. For example, Magnesium is one of the easiest metallic minerals used to liquefy other minerals, but it makes it's job hard if no Cobalt is present, especially within the Brain. Some of the other minerals won't liquefy if the Cobalt isn't there or isn't working. Now if other minerals are present and in the right ratios, a much better outcome is produced. So, question; What essential oils do we have that that will cover all three of these mentioned minerals? Juniper Berry and/or Coriander will figure in on these as well.
The Type 2 Diabetes crowd will like this, many people will claim that that Type 2 is caused by a Chromium deficiency. Some will claim it is also a Vanadium deficiency as well. I say that it is centered around Cobalt. Chromium and Vanadium are both metallic minerals and won't really work without Cobalt bridging the line between metallic and non-metallic minerals, So the big question; What oil covers all 3 of these minerals? Juniper Berry, which is a key oil, but it works better if you have the whole Juniper tree oil IE; Berry, Leaf and Wood.  Works for all 3, Cobalt, Chromium and Vanadium.  What is the most simple food for all 3? Beans, in all forms. Pine Needles figure in here as well. Usually any of the Pine needles are best utilized when made into a Herbal Tea. But in the essential oil form will work remarkably well.
There are 3 primary types of radiation that most of you are familiar with, those being Alpha, Beta and Gamma. A piece of paper will absorb or deflect the Alpha type. The Beta type is a bit more difficult, as it requires a bit more "solid" type stuff, and here Aluminum works great. The Gamma is more difficult as this is where you get the lead coming into effect. We also have to have Lead, the Nutritional form I might add. Lead is what deflects/absorbs the Gamma stuff. What happens when it is deflected,  it usually does so in a 90 degree angle. This 90 degree angle is the quickest way to get is out of the body in a direct route. If it is absorbed, then it is contained and essentially neutralized by the use of Boron, then removed from the body. So think about it, if the mineral is liquid, then it doesn't matter at what angle it hits the body, it will be deflected in a quick and direct route from the body. The bottom line here with these few types of radiation mentioned, if we didn't have certain minerals to protect us, we would not live long enough to even know we were a life form. Essential oils are an effective tool to protect us with regards to these types of radiations. It protects from the radioactive effects by removing the stuff from us or by neutralizing them as to seriously effecting us.  Aside from the radioactive aspect to the radiation of the Ionizing types, we have the non-Ionizing types. This is where we have the whole deal with the natural protections, such as various receptors to accept this type is stimuli. Microwaves come into play here. This is where I come to the parting of the ways with many people. Have you heard about the Microwave ovens and causing cancer stuff? Most people have done so. Then you have people that will go to all lengths possible to defend the use of a microwave oven. Here is the problem with the non-ionizing types of radiation. The cancer is possible, but in the long term and long after the person is likely to make the association when they realize they are on the C-Ride. That is how this type of stuff affects us and that is in the direct effects of DNA damage and thermal damage. Usually the body can deal with this thermal aspect, but many times the "Thermal" effect is too great and some serious physical damage is done and the body can't recover. With the DNA aspect, it is like a waltz around the dance floor and the association is not very clearly recognized, if at all, ever.  This is why when I get into a discussion about the microwave ovens, and it doesn't matter if the people are arguing the point of them causing cancer or not causing cancer, and that is the only aspect of knowledge, I walk away. Why? Because how can you rationally have a discussion on this subject, due of the lack of understanding of the core aspect, energy. Energy and it's effect, plain and simple.
Most of the solutions are the similar. However, the best solutions are avoidance. Sometimes this method is possible.  We have Boron as an effective treatment to protect us. One essential oil stands out in this area, is Rosemary 1,8  Cineole type. Then to put the good form of Aluminum into our Brain we need Thyme oil. Most Thyme oil types will work. For the Lead we can use Red Cedar oil. When it comes to common foods, for the Boron we can eat Plums, Peaches, Cabbage, Tomatoes and well a long list. For Aluminum, we can eat eat Cucumbers, Carrots, Asparagus, Beets and Dulse. For the proper Lead we can eat Kelp, Grapefruit, Cabbage, Lettuce, Asparagus and the list goes on from there.
From the last few paragraphs we talked about a certain sector of assaults to the Brain and some practical solutions. These are somewhat natural assaults. But now we are going to go into some examples of man made assaults. Here we will be looking at Insecticide/Pesticides and Herbicides.  While most Insecticides and Pesticides are on the same side of the road, it is a different side of the road with Herbicides. For purposes of this discussion we will try to keep it simple and look at it in that light but also, keep in mind that the reality isn't that simple even when we make it simple.
Insecticides; As a general rule, an Insecticide will have a direct on the Brain as the primary focus. They will then have a secondary effect on the body. Overall, most Pesticides will mostly affect the Brain but can affect the body at the same time. Herbicides will mostly have a direct effect on the body with secondary effects to the Brain. To properly cover this area, we really need to have a separate discussion on this topic alone. But to get an idea here, we need to go to the next two paragraphs.
One of the big things that you will hear, at least in some circles and that is ideas about crossing the Blood/Brain Barrier. This is really a huge thing. Most of these people will lead you to come away with the idea that not many things cross over or through the Blood/Brain Barrier. As you might remember, I would hope you would, is that I talked about that in the introduction part of this series. The primary purpose of this barrier is to allow for metabolism within the brain to remain separate from the metabolism with in the body. In the body, via the digestive tract, we take in all kinds of fibrous material, all sorts of liquids and other materials. Nutrients are extracted and processed by various organs and then certain products/nutrients are sent onto the Spinal Ganglia and up the spinal cord to be moved into the Cerebral Spinal Fluid and then in to the various parts of the Brain. By this time the fluid is basically clear but contains all sorts of dissolved nutrients. This fluid is completely changed over/cycled through, around 3 times per day. So when people talk about the few things that will cross the Blood/Brain Barrier, they are not seeing the whole picture. When looking at the list of what will pass the barrier vrs. what doesn't cross that barrier, one would find that the list of what DOES cross that barrier is considerably longer than the list of what DOES NOT cross that barrier. Everything that crosses over that barrier will affect or have some kind of an effect on Brain function. This is why the CSF has to have a proper balance in order for proper brain function. This is one factor that has to be considered and is vitally important for those of you doing clinical work, so you get it right. You can't afford to not be close to right or in fact right because this clinical stuff gets real, real fast and people's lives hang in the balance.
One aspect to the "crossing of the barrier" to me is that some of these "..cides" do not cross the barrier. Many artificial materials don't make the trip. Whereas most natural materials do cross the barrier. Most of the activities that those of us are working with, at the levels we are, are more or less doing it fairly safe. But as you work more with people you will find niches that you can handle real well and other areas where it is a challenge. So we study and practice. When prepping for a law suit one time,  I once asked my Attorney why they call it "Practicing Law"? He said that we just keep playing around and maybe someday we might get it right, but until then, we are just practicing at it with the hope that we get it right someday. I thought ,wow, that is comforting, I have a lot riding on this "practicing thing" and paying him 200 bucks an hour to "practice"? Pretty much the same thing happens with regards to our health care. I guess practice paid off here because he/we won the case.
We can also obtain a lot of good information from the Pharma world that helps us in our selection of Oils and Herbs. For example, the Diabetic drug Metformin is based on the Lilac Bush's flower. The cancer drug Taxol, (Paclitaxel) is based on the Patchouli plant. Ivermectin is based on the Sage Brush plant. How this aspect helps us is that we can study their studies and this allows us to leap frog our way to learning new material to apply to what we do. As a side note, this is where the quality thing that people talks about in relationship to essential oils comes into play here. The whole GC/MS quality thing is really secondary to the main concern and that is the Chemo Type. Chemo Type, has everything to do with which oil will typically work best or even will work on certain issues. Chemo Type is also important with the Herbs. Adulteration, (within reason) always takes a second seat to Chemo Type when determining quality and the pairing with quality. Just food for thought here.
Lastly, the one point that I want to point out is that there are some focal points to keep in mind. first off; When working with people you really are at the "practicing" level,, unless you have some concept of the Cobalt issue with regards to our health. Cobalt has everything to do with all issues with Mental Health within the Brain. Another mineral that I haven't mentioned here, (I would like to, but length of this discussion makes it too long to keep people's attention), and that mineral is Nitrogen. Nitrogen has everything to do with the physical body, outside of the Brain. However, we do see Cobalt being used in the physical body and the Nitrogen being used in the Brain. The Cobalt containing foods and even the donor plants for essential oils and herbs have a tendency to be found in root crops, with a notable mention of deep root crops. The Nitrogen containing foods, and even the donor plants for essential oils and herbs will be from the above ground foliage. Many fruits will contain both. However, this aspect has a leaning towards Cobalt, as Cobalt is drawn up from the root tips, through the Meristem of the plant, (the Meristem to the plant is some what like the Spinal Cord is to a human), out to the ends of the plant as part of the Photosynthesis process. Both minerals have everything to do with the transfer of energy to potential action to any and all functions of the body. I would say that this paragraph is the most important part of this whole discussion. The secret to your success to working with people when applying the use of Natural Products, is this Cobalt and Nitrogen deal. We will have a discussion on this later on, down the road. 
However, a curve ball here is that we have/need/use Nitrogen at a much higher level that we do Cobalt. Remember the old zero sum game??? When the available Nitrogen is not there and the Cobalt is there and available, then a lot of other mineral elements are drawn up/into the plant as well. Usually we find Potassium and Calcium as being the two most likely ones that come to the front and center. Since Potassium and Calcium are usually positively charged and Nitrogen is usually negatively charged, it creates an interesting approach to the development of a protocol for treatment purposes.  As a side note here, Nitrogen consists of about 3% of our body weight. Potassium about 1% and Calcium about 1 to 2% of our body weight. There is about 1 mg of Cobalt at any given time in the body. What is interesting though is that some of the leafy green veggies that are high in Nitrogen are also good providers Cobalt.  So you can see that Compared to some of the other nutrients, Cobalt is an very extreme trace mineral, but it does pack a great deal of influence. Then of The air we breathe consists of about 78% Nitrogen and 18% Oxygen. So that leaves about 4% room for all other gasses.  Also, Cobalt requires an acidic setting to be activated. A high pH will neutralize Cobalt. Maybe that is why it works great with the green veggies. But the curve ball here is that it works great with Basil, Methyl chavicol type but not so good with Basil, Linalool type. This is consistent with other green leafy plants when it comes to pH ranged pairings. Potassium and Calcium are among the higher pH ranged pairings.
In closing out this discussion, I chose to insert this discussion before the discussion of the Hippocampus. If we went directly to the Hippocampus, then I would have to keep going back and around in circles to qualify a point or to explain some relationship to something and then we would end up with a half dozen discussions. So this helps to shorten it some and we will use a few points generated here will be a topic of discussion later one. So for now, if you have any questions feel free to get with me so we can address what ever it is that you need to know so that you end up with a clear picture.  Thank you for your interest and trusting me to provide you with usable information.
End of Discussion. KK

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