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Working With Our Personal Train Wreck.

Apr 27, 2020

Hi Everyone;

Today's topic is centered around some of the hows and whys of using nutritional products.

For the most part in our everyday lives, we go along like nothing could go wrong. People the world over will claim some miracle procedure or product will help you to live forever as a young person or even make you immortal. Then when something does not go as it should, we lose faith in the living forever, yet still hoping that we will somehow make it out of this world alive. I have only ever heard of one person coming back from the dead, but still, he had to "Not make it out alive" from this phase of our spiritual development. So in reality, since we will all hit that "brick wall" someday, we all really kind of want to put it off as long as possible. Am I right? I would bet good money that anyone reading this right now would be nodding the old nogging up and down in agreement. So let's look into this a little bit.

I seem to recall a phrase that I used other in all of these old western movies when they were planting someone. The scene would fade to the preacher just finishing up and him saying, "Unto dust you came, unto dust thou shalt return", then he would throw a hand full of dirt on the pine box and walk away. As a young person hearing those words I thought to myself, man that preacher doesn't really believe in what he is preaching. At that time in my life, I had not yet connected the dots of our physical body and our spiritual body., Well for that matter, not very many dots had any connection to another dot as it applied to me. Fast forward through a few decades, well more than a few decades and I found my self with a lot of the dots connected, and many of them from all appearances were connected correctly. I then found myself saying, man, those old preachers in those old western movies actually knew what they were talking about. In this discussion, I don't want us to get into a spiritual or theological discussion about the technical points of personal perspectives on spiritual matters. While I am told quite often that since I am not one of those hyperactive religious types, that I will be going to hell. So I just say, well, as long as you aren't there, I don't care where that is, I m sure I would be very happy without you around. But on the other hand, I consider myself to be deeply spiritual. I also respect other people's belief systems and ideas. Those ideas might not float my boat, but if they float your's then great! I am focused on trying to keep mine afloat.

As we look at this whole idea of coming from dust, we must remember that this idea is referring to our physical body, not anything to do with spiritual bodies. One might think that they aren't connected, but it sure appears that that idea is just not quite able to hold up to much truth. The truth is that our physical body and our spiritual body are directly dependent upon each other. We have to have this physical body to carry out our spiritual responsibilities. Our spiritual constructs guide our physical constructs as does out physical constructs will have a great influence on our spiritual life. In simple terms, a less than healthy person cannot live up to their full spiritual ability in serving themselves or their God. A person's God can be a person that lives up in the clouds or on earth, such as money. It is not that you are a bad person for not being able to live up to your potential, it is just that your attention or limitations are elsewhere and time and ability just won't all fit in the same time frame.

When a seed is placed in its growth medium and the process of growth is triggered by the conditions that are present and exerting influence on that seed. That sees has the nutrition and all else it needs to begin that growth process and to carry it to a point where it can start to draw from its surroundings the nutrition that it needs to grow and survive. That is if all is as it should be. But we end up with shortcomings commonly referred to as deficiencies. These deficiencies have the potential to really cause havoc on both the physical side and the spiritual side of life. From this point on it becomes a bigger concern as we race toward that brick wall.

First off when a so-called deficiency is observed, it is a good sign that the train wreck has already happened. Here is why. The body will go through a series of search missions to fill a void. Sometimes this could mean as many as 20 or even 200 or even more processes and procedures to combine various to make the item that is needed for a certain requirement that is at hand. I may happen quickly or it may take a while. But eventually, it comes crashing down. As human beings, we want simple answers. Usually, these are simple stimulus/response types of episodes. This means we want to say, oh, I have this issue. So, therefore, this is the solution. I wish it worked better than this, but it doesn't. Many times what we think is a simple answer to an issue, it really isn't the problem. Here is why, for example, from all appearances, you might think that you have an iron deficiency. All signs suggest that. would be the case. Maybe you do, but you may also have a copper deficiency. See you have to have copper for the iron to work and be absorbed. For some reason, your body just couldn't put together some odds and ends and cook up a solution. Now take that simple thing that could be going on and multiply it by a number that is followed by a long list of zeros. The solution would indicate that your body is trying to carry out that many "cooking" projects to serve that many needs. The sheer numbers can baffle the average person's mind. That is just on the physical side. The spiritual side has the potential of having just as many at the same time. Then each one of those things can lead to a series of dependent actions as it follows a chain reaction like process.

Now over on the spiritual/emotional side, we have much the same process going on. In my studies of the brain in chasing that behavior science degree, it became evident very early in that process that I became amazed that any of us are even functioning. The brain works on electrical impulses. Billions and billions of these impulses are going on all the time. no, they don't stop when you sleep, in fact, they sort of speed up when you sleep. A lot of activity takes place, in fact much more activity than when you are awake. In order for these activities to take place, we need a super-sensitive mixture of saline solution within the brain for these electrical impulses to properly function. Our brain is set up to allow only entrance to the brain through certain channels. We have built-in sensory preceptors. These are here to protect our brains. But with all of the radio waves, etc., we get our sensory preceptors bypassed. IE, we have no filter. So we are assaulted from an electrical standpoint. Then on the physical side, we have a very delicate saline solution that is made up mostly of minerals. IE; from the dust of the earth. Some of these minerals are very hard to get and some just are there, in the air, and at times from the sun, directly. But most have to pass through the good old gut for processing and blending and directed out to where they need to be, including the brain.

Once we get out there as in "Chronically challenged" the need for extra help in trying to make a salvage operation work out, we use various products in addition to food. Many times these work very well, sometimes not so well. From what I have observed, the key to a successful salvage operation is to identify just what needs to be done, but also, and perhaps more importantly is the order of the operation and to focus on the simplest of tasks within this operation. So in translating this idea, this is where I am going. You have to consider the law of the minimum at the very first step. It doesn't do you any good to raise the levels of what you are not deficient in at the same rate as you do the ones you are deficient in. You have to focus on those specific areas of the lowest levels and single them out and then raise them individually. Once you get a number of these brought up, then you begin to fall into the category of ratios. This is so important. Ratios are where it is at. Not all elements are at the same levels. So we look at the rations. Once you get the ratios somewhat in line, then you can raise the whole ship.

We have at our disposal a wide range of items to use. As humans, we benefit the best and the most when we obtain what we need through our food. Food, if the nutrient levels are where they should be, then we get upwards of a 90% efficiency level from them. When we use basic raw nutrients that haven't been first funneled through a plant, then the efficiency level is maybe 10% at best. But they sometimes take a while to work and for us to see an observable effect. We have essential oils that tend to give us quick, observable effects. They are elements from plants. Their makeup has been organized by a plant with the proper ratios. So we use them to fill in the gap of nothing to where the plant-sourced food product's contribution is observable. When we take in food into tour digestive process one of the actions that take place is that these nutrients are converted into a form of an acid. Once this happens the body can then utilize them. This is much the same as what takes place with essential oils. The process converts them to a form of acid. These can then be applied to the skin, absorbed through the skin, which is serving as a filter and a filtering system. Once this happens, then distribution can take place through the bloodstream. In the news recently, associated with this CV-19 deal, the POTUS is supposedly have suggested that we find a disinfectant to inject into the body to clear up this virus. The anti-people and press went bonkers. What those idiots don't' know and I don't know f the POTUS even knows this or not, is that we already have an excellent disinfectant that doesn't need to be injected into the body but can be simply absorbed. These are essential oils. We have different formulations as some plants offer and contribute to the whole of the fight against viruses. Some formulations are directed more toward say a bacteria. Some formulations are directed to cleansing the various body areas and especially the brain. We use essential oils to fill in the gap from when you begin the salvage operation to where you can get the train back on the tracks and chugging down the line.

So the bottom line with this "so-called disinfectant thing on the inside of the body"... we have that covered. At least it appears to do just that. But keep in mind that certain powers that be don't like you saying that it will "fix" any of these issues. In fact, today I heard on the news that the one huge as in big essential oil company got shall I say," Bitch slapped around town", along with two other supplement companies herein Utah by the health department and I am sure the FDA will be following up on it, for claiming their products will shall we say, "Cure" the CV-19 virus. So that is why I say, in theory, it appears to help in this struggle. maybe it will, maybe it won't'. For we shall never know because all and I say all studies are really just anecdotal at best. Why anecdotal? Because it is impossible to control as much as should be controlled, in a human being to make it a bonified study. So with that, good luck, I hope you get that train wreck of yours back on the tracks and get it chugging down the line.

End of Discussion.


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