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What is the deal with the term, Organic? .

Mar 01, 2021
 I want to try to make a short discussion, so we will try this "short" shoe on today and see what happens. So what is our topic?  Organic, that is the name of the game. Everyone loves the term "Organic". But just what does that mean? Let's find out.
In very simple terms, the term from a scientific point of view when applied to growing plants is this; In-Organic means that there is not a Carbon molecule attached through a plant growing process. Organic means that an inorganic substance has been applied to the soil or or in other words, to the growing medium of the plant and then taken up by the plant, processed, arranged and organized by the plant by attaching a Carbon molecule to the mix. Simple speak; Organic means that it has a Carbon molecule attached to it. Inorganic means that no carbon molecule has been attached. That is the only real difference.
Of course "Organic" has been taken over and applied to so many applications and ideas that it becomes confusing. But in reality, in many of these concepts or ideas or whatever it may be, the truth may be told in the sense that a Carbon molecule has been attached, somewhere along the way. In cases like this then the term of "Organic" is truthful but applied in a very broad sense.
Play with that concept for a while and mull it around. See, I kept it short. See you next time.
End of Discussion.

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