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What is the Deal with Silicone and Silica? Part 2, the D.E. and Nitrogen Aspect.

Aug 17, 2021

I thought I would be able to just leave this discussion with the one part and then move on. But as events appear on the horizon and then run you down, well, you have to clear up some points. Plus I can see that since this is such an important topic, we need to make sure we cover it well.
What is Diatomaceous Earth ? I did mention it in the last discussion as a source of Silica. When I discussed this topic with Leiann she made mention that some people asked some questions about D.E. as I use it in the Tooth Powders and in a new liquid Pet supplement that I am running through the test phases. As a side note, it works very well. Anyway, the concern was that some people had talked with this one person that is very popular within certain circles and has a Dr. in front of his name. He told them that D.E. is a bad thing because the shells are sharp and will make cuts in the walls of your digestive tract and will cause leaky gut and all kinds of stuff like that. I stayed awake the other night for hours trying to understand the lack of realistic understanding of something this important by someone that is suppose to be intelligent. I am still baffled.
I will give the situation some slack as the term used when describing this D.E. stuff is their shells. Technically, their so called "shells" is a misplaced word in the description and it should read; "Cell Wall". But I can see that people might use the word "shell" to describe a "cell wall". It does define something akin to each other, so, lets move on. But first; I want to cut these people with this line of thinking some slack. Here goes; They may very well have a legitimate grip. Lets walk through this. If they were using sand as their source of Silica, as some people think sand is Silica.. If the sand contained some shards of glass, rocks, after all sand is just tiny rocks, and other UN-digestible, UN-desolvable products, then the association between having their digestive tract tore up by "Diatomaceous Earth". Does that make sense?  Then further on for a second support in their favor; Since Diatomaceous Earth, IE; Silica for the most part, many people will associate a less than food grade product, D.E. that has other stuff in it, such as Calcium. Then couple that with time, as in back in time, it may have gotten mixed together. If this is were the case, then yes, it would have sharp edges to it. The Silica would have been dissolved away and only the Calcium would be there and it doesn't dissolve away like Silica would, thus leaving sharp edged substance that would behaving in a bad manner. But we aren't using a substandard product, so those 2 forms/aspects will not be applicable here. Am I being somewhat fair here?
D.E is a form of Phytoplankton. In this situation the D.E. is made up of Diatoms. The Diatoms are part of a major group of Algae, IE; Microalgae, which is simply, Phytoplankton. There are by most accounts around 20,000 species of these little buggers. One can only have your mind warped by trying to figure out how many there might be at any given time because they have been around for 50 million years or many be even more years than that. The D.E. that we use are from sources that have been covered for many years, so many years that it might date back to that 50 million year time frame.  Basically, they haven't been exposed to pollution and such toxins.

Now we hit the main point. Diatoms are usually single cell, and the Silica is what makes up the cell walls. The Silica forms their cell wall. Later on, in our era, the Silica is mined, then ground up to an extremely fine powdered form of Silica. This Silica dissolves in water. The Silica is not and does not stay in a hardened state like say, ground glass, fine metal particles, tiny bits of hard and soft plastic, and stuff like this that does not break down or dissolve. BTW, this stuff is found in processed food. The producers of the various processed foods are allowed to have certain levels of these things in their products. Now you should be concerned about these types of items when found in your food stuff. They cut the walls of the digestive tract, get embedded along the way and really wreck havoc. So the bottom line here is that Diatomaceous Earth, at least the kind that is for food grade purposes and used nutritionally is simply dehydrated Phytoplankton that carriers along with themselves a great deal of Silica that is safe and nutritious for certain purposes and is highly digestible.

Some other Gee Whiz facts about D.E. Well I should say the Phytoplankton of this type produces around by some accounts on the low end, 20% of our oxygen up to 50% of our oxygen every year on this planet. (I'm betting that very few of you knew that). Diatoms convert light energy to chemical energy. This is what is known as Photosynthesis. They also perform Nitrogen fixation. This means that they take atmospheric Nitrogen and convert it to chemical Nitrogen, which we can then use, usually through plants. Lastly of the ones I wanted to mention is that every year huge winds blow, by somewhat accurate figures, around 27 million tons of Diatom dust from the Sahara Desert over on to the entire Amazon Basin. This is how the Amazon Basin is fertilized, by nature I might add.

One of the things that just puzzles the day lights out of me is the lack of discussion of the importance of Nitrogen, nutritional Nitrogen specifically. The air we breathe is something like around 78% Nitrogen and like about 18% Oxygen. Our body, by weight, consists of about 3% Nitrogen. Yet all of these trace minerals that we make such a big deal about only consists of maybe 1% by weight, when all is added up and clumped together in one box.  I am not saying that each one of those trace minerals are anything but vital in every sense of the word, but some of these other things are also important as well. So in the first part I went into introducing the ideas of the Nitrogen connection, the whole Photosynthesis and as we know the B-Vitamin deal is all about these things and Vitamin D is at the center of it, and on and on in this viscous circle of these very vital nutrients. Then we pull in the whole deal of how all of these work together. When I make mention of how important this one mineral, Silicone/Silica in the nutritional form is, it becomes very clear that this one nutrient, Silica is like the distribution hub of things from the sky and from the earth and just how it plays a defining role in life.

In fact I see this deal as being so important that if this whole complex web is not balanced then everything else you do is essentially a joke. It is like putting a band aid over a Melanoma cancer growth and declaring the cancer is cured. Sometimes other deficiencies of various minerals will cause a Silica deficiency, but that won't happen if you are not close to the point of or past the point of being Silica deficient. In fact I would go so far as to say that once you hit a certain point of being Silica deficient, and I am not sure where that is, but there are observable signs that manifest themselves and should indicate to you that the line has been crossed., When you cross some line, your death warrant is signed and sealed. It is only a matter of time until the grim reaper will show up. But that appointment with the grim reaper can be pushed off, if you get proactive with restoring and maintaining a proper Silica balance. There are front line support nutrients that works with Silica, such as Magnesium, Selenium, Boron, Zinc, and Iodine. Many other minerals are on this list as well, and I will cover them in the part 3 when we discuss Silica and Food. Those have to be worked with as well. Because of the Nitrogen connection and the charge level of Silica, it makes sense that this has energy written all over it.

I hope you find this of interest and I hope you can appreciate my respect of Silica and of it's importance. Oh, yeah, signs that you might observe? Well, the ridges in the finger nails. Many mental illnesses that appear to be rational thought. In Game Theory,a relative new discipline in Psychology one concept there is a real struggle to deal with and that is this; Why do people not act in their own best interests? I would summit, and this is my personal opinion, is that these people that do not act in their own best interest, such as present politics, these people that basically craps in their own nest and those who sabotages their own efforts, would be found to be Silica deficient. Suicide is another area. It takes a pretty rational person to commit suicide. Think of the natural instinct to survive that they have to over come. And other natural instincts that they have to overcome. But when you factor in the disruptions brought on by Silica deficiencies, and the associated Amino Acids and such, and the Brain parts affected by it, well, it makes perfect sense to me anyway.

But since I mentioned about the Brain, lets go there. As we know many nutrients are found in the brain, The fluid that our brain contains gets replaced about every 8 hours on the average person. So a lot of action is going on there and the brain will consume close to 1/3 of the energy used by the human body on an average day. A lot of stuff is going on there. So with that I want to give up another example of the role that Silica plays in the brain.

When we start out as a fetus, the brain eventually begins to develop. Once we are born a lot of action starts to take hold. Our brain operates on a massive web of connections to other connections. Our memories are not simple pigeon holed memories. They are connections to other memories. One of the last parts of our brain to develop before a form of decline begins is the Frontal Cortex, well more technically the Pre-Frontal Cortex. This is the part of our brain that essentially moves us past being only concerned with ourselves and we begin to encompass others and a concern for them. It also plays a part in self preservation and that includes preservation of others. So picture if you will, a web that grows outward from you, it grows and grows and weaves a web of connections to things like memories and reasoning. Generally the accepted idea of full development of this part of the brain reaches full development at the 25 to 28 year old age group. At that point it kind of stops expanding and begins to fill in between the already established connections. What Silica does in this application, is to strengthen and keep the connections between the webs in working order.

From this point on we see either a fully functioning web system or we see a deterioration of the web. When you have a Silica deficiency playing out, you see a gradual deterioration of that web from the furthermost points, moving inward,  toward the beginning. Of course it never reaches the beginning point, at least normally, as the person usually dies before it makes it to that beginning, which is the end, so to speak. This is just one aspect to the myriad of possible brain functions that are affected with a Silica deficiency. I bring this point up because of the eerie mirror effect, so to speak, to a particular drug that is widely used in today's world. That is Meth. When Meth is taken, it essentially stops the web development at the point of where a DNA replication was taken place at the time when the Meth hit the brain. Of course there are many webs evolving at any point in time. But at that point of crossing, the progression of the web is arrested. Then the deterioration begins it usual course.  What I am saying here is that you see the same type of mode of action taking place with regards to the Frontal Cortex with Silica deficiency and you do with Meth use. You end up with a very, very similar psychosis taking place as this develops, over time.  So the question goes begging, did the Silica deficiency come first in these cases or did the Meth use cause the Silica deficiency? In either case, you end up with the same psychosis, eventually leading to the same end. However, the sure thing here is that Silica its self and /or its function is blocked by Meth. 

Part of this same psychosis type manifestation that really doesn't have to do with Meth, but has everything to do with Kleptomania. The whole kleptomania thing is rooted in a Silica malfunction of a sort. It has it's connections with "not acting within the subject's best interest". You need to keep in mind that kleptomania is not about common thievery. Thievery has  its action in taking something belonging to someone else and selling it or trading it for something. In this arena, the thief is actually working in his own best interest. Whereas the person suffering with Kleptomania is not acting in his own best interest. He does that by stealing or obtaining by hook or crook something that belongs to someone else and moves to simply deny the owner from being able to use it. The Klepto will often hunker down and so anything necessary  necessary to keep the owner from benefiting from the item the owner no longer has in his possession. See the Klepto isn't working in his own best interest as he goes to great expense to himself to keep it in his possession. He does not benefit, but essentially gets even by denial. That is his satisfaction. This is essentially caused by malefaction of the Frontal Cortex which is primarily driven by a Silica deficiency. However, many times this is partially influenced by a traumatic event in the Kelpto's life. So as with this and the Meth idea, both are rooted in a Silica deficiency, but influenced by external events. As you can see that this Silica thing can be really devastating and far reaching, both the before and after events.    

I hope you enjoyed this discussion. The next one will be much more light and airy in the material presented.We will discuss the food connection, essential oil connection in much more detail and a few other fun aspects.

End of Discussion. KK


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