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What is the deal with Silicone and Silica? PArt 1 of 3. A little more on the Nude Beach Deal .

Aug 15, 2021

I have been struggling on how to finish up with the last discussion. We kind of left off talking about the Vitamin B deal and how it tied in with Photosynthesis because Photosynthesis and Vitamin D, which we really should call Hormone D, but everyone calls it a Vitamin, so we shall go along to get along. As I am working through how to say it and how to properly word the wrap up of the deal, it occurs to me that we have been dancing along the side of another factor that we have only brushed by in passing and that is Silicone or also know as Silica. We are not talking about the industrial type, or for that matter any other version of it than the biological usable form and how it affects the human body.

So for the drive by crew that likes it simple and to the point, here goes; If you are Silicone deficient and you are not working on it, to restore sufficient levels based on the body's needs, then anything else you are doing is a total waste of time. Let that sink in. Another way to put it, no Silicone-nothing else works as it should or as it is designed to work. In this discussion we will work on the understanding and some solutions.

Most of our learning is done by association, association with something else. I would like to start off with comparing a few of these minerals, Vitamins and Hormones with the Star Trek series of TV shows. You might say that Carbon is akin to Star Fleet Command. Captain Kirk is akin to Silicone. Dr. Spock is akin to Photosynthesis. Bones is akin to Selenium. Chekov would be akin to Iodine and anyway it goes on from there. But I think the fans of Star Trek can relate to the importance of every person in that characterization of various roles. Or on a more broader scale, I guess you could see Captain Kirk as the Hormone factor, Dr. Spock as the Vitamin factor and Star Fleet Command as the Mineral factor. Does that help to give perspective to the picture of our discussion. To confirm my bias here, while I do find some of the stuff elementary, overall the whole deal is really fascinating. I am pro space travel. Did we actually go to the moon? I want to believe that they did. Although they did film a flick at the Atomic Labs in Idaho of the landing. I saw that in a documentary on the subject. Anyway, it was in case something went wrong, they could keep the film running so as to decide how to deal with it without panicking the general population. Lets move on.

Silicone is like many minerals, as minerals are the base element for formulation of everything else. When you think about it, in our English language we have 10 symbols that represents numbers. We have 26 other symbols that represents our written and spoken language. So 36 symbols represents out whole English language. Think of all the books, all of the various forms of communication that we have, is all based on how 36 symbols are arranged. We look at minerals, we now have upwards of around 110, based on the last count that I have heard of concerning known minerals. People that studies these elements know of many others but have not identified them yet, but they know they exist because they see signs of unknown elements functioning in our world that fits into this category. When we look seriously at the human/animal body I don't know if we can image just how vast the numbers of combinations that these base elements could make up. That is really not even taking into account Photosynthesis aspect. We as people use the best knowledge we have in order to properly run this body that we are housed in.

So as we look at Silicone, we will many times hear of people advising others to eat sand so we can get our supply of Silicone. First off, I am not sure that it would work for me. Second off, there isn't enough Silicone in the amount that you could eat everyday to give you your RDA of Silicone. Since we don't have gizzards like poultry have, our need for actual sand is very minimal. Anyway, lets not use any of graphics that we would use to drive home the point when it comes to waste disposal and a high amount of sand passing through that channel. Since the earth's crust contains about 26% Silicone, one would think that all plants would take up a huge amount of Silicone, but that just isn't so. We will look into this more later on.

At this point I want to introduce you to a new term, that I am sure some of you haven't heard of, and that is Bio-Mineralization. This is a process of where life forms produce minerals. How many of you have heard of Diatomaceous Earth? The Diatomaceous earth is created by life forms and the result is a very high quality of a Silicone product. A good quality D.E. will usually run around 80 to 90% Silica. This is the form of Silicone that is highly absorbent by life forms such as humans and animals. It works equally well on soil applications. Usually all a person needs to take is about 1/8 of a teaspoon of Silica and dissolve that in a cup of water and drink it. You would have to eat a lot more than 1/8 of a teaspoon of sand to get that much Silica for your RDA. LOL> So from a nutritional deficiency perspective, this is usually the first go to for your Silica needs. If you aren't deficient, then maybe you can get enough from your food sources. But likely not. Why? Some of the antagonists of Silicone/Silica is an over load of Calcium. While Silica is heavily involved in Calcium regulation, calcium can displace Silica when certain levels are reached. Since it is involved in Calcium regulation; What is hardening of the arteries? Elements like Calcium clogging the arteries, especially with brain and the heart function. So what happens when your arteries get clogged up? They give you a Florine based drug to loosen up the plague build up and dissolve it. It really just makes it worse. So what happens over on the natural side? When this happens you have people that have been schooled in reading the symptoms and calling it a Calcium Deficiency. So they take even more Calcium to add to the already out of control situation that is really a Silicone/Silica deficiency. Of all of the mineral deficiencies, the Silicone/Silica is one of the simplest ones to correct. Yet if it is not corrected, then it becomes one of the most devastating of all deficiencies.

Have you ever heard much about Silica and the need for it? Likely you have heard mention of it, usually in passing. Why is that? If I were to place a bet on it, I would say that it is because the psychopaths out there can't make much money off of it. The second reason is that those psychopaths really haven't a clue about Silicon/Silica. I am talking to you about it because of the importance of it. Yes, I will have a high quality D.E. for purchase in the place where I am going to be marketing our oils. But, I have told you the best source for it and you can buy various quality levels of the stuff out there and maybe even from the same sources as I do. But with me, I am not going to bend you over, like the typical psychopath does.

Anyway, lets talk about Silicon/Silica a little bit more. Silicone/Silica has an interesting relationship with water. As such you are not going to find a whole lot of it in an essential oil, in fact you will find next to none, in a good quality distillation of an essential oil. You will find it in carrier oils, you will find it in plants and of course animal life forms, even these little critters that were around 50 million years ago that we find them in the D.E. This source is found all over the world, even in what we now know as deserts. In these desert places the D.E. is sometimes yards or if you prefer meters, deep. When certain activities took place over 20 to 50 million years, well, a lot of critters could accumulate in one spot, if that one spot had water.

Silicone is a lot like Selenium in that it is closely associated with water in that water moves it around. But with Selenium, it basically floats on the water and will accumulate in places where the water will pool. As the water drains away, the Selenium will work its way down through the cracks in the soil, down worm holes, well, you get the picture. But in doing so it accumulates and then is taken up by plants, where we can then obtain the nutrient from them. Many essential oils do have from high levels to low levels of Selenium within their molecules.

Now when we look at Silicone we see a similar picture but yet a different action taking place. Silicone will be moved by water but it tends to absorb into the water molecule and stay in the molecule. So when you steam distill a plant that contains a decent amount of Silicone, the nutrient will stay in the water molecule, it doesn't separate from the water molecule and so the chemicals in the essential oil usually does not contain Silicone. But the distillate water from the steam distillation will contain the Silicone, if any Silicone was present in the plant material. Now when you get a different extraction method of the essential oil, such as SCO2 or chemical based extraction method or even expelled/expressed type of methods, you will find Silicone present in those types of essential oils. But the amount of Silicone for your RDA will not be sufficient because a large amount is needed for your RDA. So for Silicone, we have to resort to whole herbs and sources like the D.E. Anyway, lets get back to a point I have failed to mention. The way Silicone is separated from the water is by dehydration, IE; evaporation. The Silicone molecule doesn't follow water vapor very well, so it accumulates where the water it was attached to, was. Or in the little critters that did the Bio-Mineralzation thing ended up and well, dehydrated to a hardened mineral accumulation. However, with the steam distilled essential oils, since they are absent any measurable amount of Silicone/Silica, by their nature of being steam distilled, as in distilled water, will be somewhat hungry for minerals, and as such will pickup silicone as it passes through the muscle systems and the organ systems of the body and will pull that Silicone/Silica into the cell as the essential oil moves into the cell. Of course this method is highly dependent on the proper Calcium/Magnesium balance so as to allow movement through the cell wall. So here we have 2 different methods of moving Silicon/Silica from an outside source into the cell in order to perform it's function.

Now this brings us to another aspect. Many plants do carry a respectable amount of Silicone. But many of these plants are in the high cellulose category and we can't really deal with cellulose, IE; digest cellulose, so we have to obtain the nutrient from them by, well, transferring it to water. What we are talking about is making herbal tea. Believe it or not, but if you drink one cup of herbal tea made from plant material that is high in Silicone, you are going to be coming close to getting enough to meet your needs. It would need to be somewhat of a strong brew nature, so that it would be of a sufficient concentration to carry enough Silicone to serve your needs. Now this is where it becomes tricky. The water needs to be of a decent quality. I am in awe of the people that beats the snot out of each other over essential oil quality, yet drinks really low quality water. You know the filtered/purified water, many sources use that is simply recycled city water, in this case I am referring to recycled sewer water. This type likely will contain many elements that will neutralize many beneficial nutrients. Essentially filtered/purified water from many sources is just sewer water that has been filtered to separate the paper and turds out and some chlorine added to cut down on the bad bacteria. Yes, this type of water is better than no water, but for therapeutic purposes this type of water needs to be avoided. Good quality water is really needed for many of these things to work. In reality distilled water works excellent for Silicone/Silica movement into the cells.

Anyway, I am so sorry, but you won't find a whole lot of nutritional Silicone/Silica in sand. So eating it won't serve a lot of beneficial purposes. Well, unless you are of the of Aves species of life form, IE: Avian, or in simple terms, a bird. Birds use small rocks, such as sand, to grind their food in their gizzard, as we use teeth to grind our food. Just remember this, nutritional Silicone/Silica attaches to or moves into the water molecule. Yes, other forms of Silicone/Silica is found in the earth's crust, but they haven't been processed into a form that we can use, and that is having a Carbon molecule attached to the Silicone molecule. Once that happens then we can use it.

It would be nice to list all of the sources of Silicone/Silica but that list is too long, but it is short when compared to the parts of the human life form that Silicone/Silica touches and the involvement that Silicone/Silica has influence over. Back when I was a teen age jock and chased girls I noticed that a lot of girls had these lines in their finger nails. I really wasn't into checking out body parts of my male homies, so I don't really know if the guy homies had those lines or not. But for various reasons I do remember noticing those lines on many girl's finger nails. I though it was cool, hey it looked cool. I just though it was a girl thing. Anyway as I walked down the path to being chronically age challenged, I came to understand what those lines really meant. It is not good, it means Silicone/Silica deficient, as seriously deficient. Then when I looked back and reflected on this situation I was shocked to know that many of these girls have died of cancer, including my one sister. From my observation, women with this deficiency tend to take the big C ride. Men tend to stoke out, and have serious heart issues, up to and including hardening of the arteries. I can't help but to wonder if high blood pressure is involved, at least in part to Silicone/Silica deficiencies. It says it is so in many sources of the propaganda out there on the subject, but what else can you say?

Now we have walked around the neighborhood of Silicone/Silica and we need to go home before long, but before we do we have to tie this back into the origins of this discussion and that is with the B Vitamins. Although we might say that Silicone is one of the most important minerals and the most destructive if we don't have it, we still have to see it for what it is. From the top down we have Photosynthesis. This where we have many potential actions taking place. IE; we can't live without Photosynthesis, period! From the bottom up we have Silicone. The action or nutrient that ties the bottom to the top is Carbon. The higher charged nutrients, IE; minerals provide for the energy factors for many functions, this is where the B Vitamins come into play, especially B-12. The lower charged minerals provide for the stabilization potential action for many functions. Pretty much most any nutrient that has any action has a connection to Silicone. In fact I would go so far as to say that Silicone is the God Father of all of the minerals except Carbon. Carbon is that one God Father of all of the God Fathers. I am borrowing from a favorite movie series called the God Father. So that is the source of my referencing. Nothing happens in the body without Silicone having a piece of the action or it's hand in the action. Other minerals that are found everywhere and used everywhere, such as Iodine, are but second tier actors, all be it vitally important, without question. From there it forks down to a progressively less action potential, yet all are pretty much necessary and important. In fact maybe a better description of this deal would be to use the rear wheel system on a bicycle. So in looking at a bicycle wheel. First you have the rubber wheel, that is the end use nutrient, which contains the enzymes, EFA's, yadda yadda. Then you have the metal rim part. That is the inner distribution system of nutrients. Then you have the spokes. This is how the nutrients are distributed. Then you have the hub system, that really is the Silicone/Silica system, everything goes through that. Then the chain is Carbon and the driver sprocket is Photosynthesis. Does that help in giving a picture? Hey, I am trying here, give me a break. lol. 

I hope you have found this discussion eye opening. So in all of this helping people with health issues and helping to make life better, if the Silicone/Silica connection is not addressed then everything else that we do is a joke. It ends up being a battle that can't be won. Fix the Silicone/Silica issue then progress will be observed. Until next time have a good day.

End of Discussion. KK


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