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What is the Deal with Orange Oil Essential Oil?

Sep 08, 2020

This is our topic for the essential oil that is almost a magical oil in its own right. When looking at Orange Essential oil, one must first define which Orange essential oil that you might be talking about. A number of different essential oils are obtained from the humble Orange tree. Some oils come from the Orange peel, some from the fruit, some from the flowers or blossoms, some from the leaves, so the Orange tree contributes very heavily into the whole of the Orange Essential Oil production and uses pictures. Each one of these types of Orange-based essential oils has its own names and varieties to their identities. There are many types of Orange oil from various countries. Most of these are really good oils. The key to the quality of many of the Orange oils is the purpose in which they are used. One variety will do a really good job in one area whereas another will work OK, but not great for the same purpose. But overall most Orange Essential Oil will have a wide range of equally common attributes. However, within this discussion, we are focusing on one typical family and that is the Orange Essential Oil referred to as Sweet Orange with the Latin name of Citrus sinensis.

Let us look at some of the most important attributes common to everyone. My preferred type of Orange Essential Oil is one out of Portugal. I have reasons on a practical level for this type, so stay with me. This particular one is referred to as a High Aldehyde. The amount of Aldehyde in it is not enough to produce any negative side effect but the amount in it tips the scales in a positive manner for those that are doing the Keto Diet. Without going into a long drawn out discussion about the hows and whys it works, just work with me here and trust me. In simple terms, if you are doing the Keto Diet and not using this particular Orange Essential Oil, then you are selling yourself short in getting all you can get out of the whole Keto Diet program. If you question me on this, then go ahead and prove me wrong. Within a week, you won't be bad mouthing this oil as you will be seeing an exponential rise in progress in your Keto Diet program not experienced by those not using Orange Essential oil on a regular basis.

The next reason to use Orange Essential Oil is that it has been reported by many people in a number of areas that it helps your blood flow. It appears to relax the pipelines in the body that carries the blood so your whole cardiovascular system will function with much more ease. A number of men have reported that by using Orange Essential Oil, they have not had to rely on the little blue pill, either as much or even at all. That is how much they have felt that the oil has helped them. One of the areas where one might find men to be hesitant about using any essential oil is the aroma that accompanies the use of Essential Oils. The use of Orange Essential Oil should allow men to feel more comfortable with using Orange Oil as the aroma will only make them smell, faintly, like they have been eating Oranges. Anyway, by Orange Oil helping to relieve stress in both men and women, then the whole libido thing improves as well as helping with sleep issues. Generally, it appears to help with bacterial and viral issues as many users have reported. From a medical point of view, it is used to help with allergies and to help in removing toxins from the body. This oil is also used for anti-aging applications to the skin. Most of the time it is used in lotions or creams. About the only drawback to using Orange Essential Oil is that it is somewhat phototoxic. So using it on the skin where that skin might be exposed to the sun is discouraged. Many people will use it on aching joints and sore muscles as it appears to help with the pain and stiffness of the joints and muscle spasms. I have been working on a new therapy of sorts using Orange Essential Oil along with other materials for joint pain. I really feel like it works but I will have to make that a separate discussion.

Now for some gee whizz stuff about Orange Essential Oil. Orange Essential Oil is the most popular EO in the US. It even beats out Lavender, which is a surprise. Now keep in mind that this figure does not include the various essential oils that come from Orange trees, it is just the Orange Oil it's self. As far back as 2015, Orange oil generated 480 Million in sales and the growth of all essential oil use in the US is growing at about 7.5% annually. However, these figures were generated in 2018, and with the C-19 deal, I would not be surprised to see that figure jump up to maybe even as high as 25% growth for 2020 once those figures are generated.

In wrapping this up, I need to mention the reason why I feel this particular Orange Oil is one of the better ones to use. I will be doing a discussion on natural fertilizing and how nature carries it out. Since this oil is sourced from Portugal, we have the natural mineralizing of the Orange trees from the Ocean. This type is transforming the minerals into a crystalizing form which is highly usable and naturally balanced. The colloidal forms are not very well balanced based on nature's standards, so more attention has to be paid attention to the care of the trees. Again, this takes on a whole different mindset and that will be covered in a future discussion.

So there you have it, the low down on Orange Essential Oil. I have shown you a number of good, solid reasons to use this oil. This is by all means not all of the positive uses for this oil, I am only touching on the surface. It is among the lowest cost of all of the essential oils on the market. That is good, isn't it? More will come later on the benefits of Orange Essential Oil.

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