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What is the deal with Lemongrass Essential Oils?

Aug 26, 2020

Lemongrass seems to be floating to the surface in a number of areas when it comes to human health. In the past, it has been largely ignored. But in today's world, based on a number of concerns and searches for solutions, it is being studied more and more. That studying has produced remarkable results. Today I will start with the newest one and then list a few other ones that have been mentioned in the past.

The latest discovery has been the use of Lemongrass to cut down on methane production. It doesn't really matter if you use the Lemongrass in its original form, like grass/herb, or if you use it as an essential oil, the results are about the same. We as humans have an extremely difficult time with the grass/herb form as it contains too much cellulose and we can't really digest it. Since we are talking about how it relates to Methane production, we are naturally talking about the digestive route. So we use the essential oil form. This allows us to benefit from the use of the grass/herb without having to digest it. we can actually use the essential oil form and bypass the basic route of digestion and go to the bloodstream, then use it in the digestive process through that route. Pretty slick how that works. By going this route we avoid the hydrochloric acid bath that it would have to pass through if taken orally and of course the possible changes that might happen to the Lemongrass essential oil before it is used in the digestive tract by being processed Liver. Use it topically, then it is used as intended before being broken down and processed by the Liver. Another really slick ide that isn't widely understood by most people. Maybe I will have to do a more in-depth discussion on this aspect.

One of the big things in the whole Lemongrass saga is that it has been somewhat limited use in its scope. But in the recent uptick in the use of essential oils, it has had second and third and even more looks at what it could be used for. The uses have been astonishing. aside from this most recent finding has been along the lines of nutrition. In the sense that I am discussing here has been in the cutting down of methane production in biological entities. Right now we are seeing all of the media attention focused on a political arena. But in the past and it will come back in the future and that is the whole climate change. Part of the climate change thing is methane gas production. Did you know that humans produce methane? Yeah, they do. On average a human will produce about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds of Methane per day. The studies that have been done as to using Lemongrass herb and/or Lemongrass essential oil for digestive issues have shown that it cuts Methane production by about 1/3 on a daily basis. Of course, this can vary as people such as Vegans and Vegetarians will likely produce more gas than carnivores might as the many of the foods the Vegetarians and Vegans eat, such as raw veggies, some fruits, and such are harder to digest and thus produces more methane. So in these cases, they might be producing an amount of Methane approaching the 2-pound level where are people eating more easily digested food will be producing down at or a little below the 1 1/2 pound level. So if you are on the spectrum of producing the larger amount of Methane, you may want to consider using Lemongrass essential oil on a daily basis so that you can do your thing, on a personal level, of doing your part to help cut down on climate change. So sing Lemongrass essential oil can have a huge impact on your footprint on combating climate change. Sure you can laugh, but hey, everything you do can have an impact. As a side note, and I don't mean to offend anyone, but on a direct note, it appears that those who scream the loudest about climate change are the ones contributing the most, on a personal controllable level, about methane production and its contribution to climate change.

Lemongrass has been studied and it appears to be a huge contributing factor in helping people that have Type 2 Diabetes and in dealing with their Diabetes situation. I first read about this concept about 2 years ago. So I started working with it just to see if it actually worked. So along the way, I developed an essential oil formula just for this purpose. In most essential oil formulas dealing with issues like diabetes, the approach is to go digestive directly with mixed results. So in this one, I went with one focusing on the Pancreas support. If I say so myself, it has been hugely and remarkably successful during the initial testing on people. I have the Lemongrass at the center of this formula. Also, in an older formula, the oil blend called Bounce Back has Lemongrass as a major contributor in that formula. When looked at in the light of helping in these areas, it appears to be a major contributing remedy in those blends. Lemongrass is also used in many Asian dishes and Tea formulas. Needless to say, from a nutritional point of view, Lemongrass is remarkable. In the past Lemongrass has been used primarily for ligament type issues and for aroma purposes.

Finally, in mentioning Lemongrass, this plant and its contribution to essential oil and aromatherapy are worth working into using this plant more in-depth. Right now a lot of essential oil plants are being moved to endangered status. The reason for this is due to the unsustainability of production issues. Many of those are being harvested at a rate that is outpacing new replacements of the same plants. So in essence it is an environmentally safe plant to use and decompose. So with Lemongrass, it is prolific and replaces itself on an annual basis with ease. Another good point with Lemongrass oil is that it is very friendly on the pocketbook. It isn't as low cost as say Orange oil, but it isn't a whole lot more than Orange oil either. It is also readily available from a number of countries around the world. The constituent properties will vary from country to country, but not as much as some other types of oils. Price is always important, right? Another factor that is great is that it is an extremely safe oil to use. As long as you don't violate the laws of nature in the use of Lemongrass essential oil and in general, the many forms of using Lemongrass, you will not have any negative effects from the use of this oil or help.

So for most people, at the present moment, if you haven't used Lemongrass, try using it in the single form of Lemongrass or in the blended form in the blend, Bounce Back. Enjoy your addiction to the new and upcoming oil, Lemongrass

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