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What is the deal with Earth Scent and Heaven Scent EO Blends?

Nov 16, 2020
Sometimes I sort of end up in a discussion about essential oils and here is a post discussing a couple of blends and their purpose. I am posting this because all the time I get people asking about what oil they can take for brain fog/brain chatter, etc. This discussion might give some of you some perspective. Part of the social media discussion is woven into this discussion.  The social media part is from several years ago. Anyway, in light of the world today, I think we should be selling Earth Scent by the gallon and rubbing people down every day with it.  Enjoy...
Early today there was some discussion about Earth Scent. Mostly related to the smell of it. So I thought about it and I want to give a rational perspective on that oil and its role. So here goes;
In order to understand the purpose of this oil blend one needs to understand the basis of why it is the way it is and the purpose. So I will explain in somewhat simple terms and sort of in story form. We are looking for some basic brain-related ideas. There are many areas of the brain and all of these work in concert, but for now, we will focus on 3 parts. #1- The Hippocampus, usually has to do with short term memory, some basic decision making, and usually this part is the first to go with Alzheimer's. #2- The Amygdala, This is where long term memory consolation takes place and is heavily involved with emotions. and #3- The Cortex. this has a lot to do with control of a number of ways of thinking, decision making, etc. The Cortex in this discussion is somewhat of a wild card, can act like a real joker, many times will act irrational, and is somewhat very insecure when the other 2 are not getting along or are out of balance with each other. So when Hippocampus and Amygdala are getting along good, balanced within reason and such, then the Cortex usually becomes secure and will go along with the other two.
In this discussion, we will refer to the Hippocampus as Hippo. We will refer to the Amygdala as Amy and the Cortex as Cort. Maybe I shouldn't say it but it kind of reminds me of a somewhat dysfunctional family. Hippo is a typical male, only working in the field of short term stuff. He is just trying to cope with the present. Then Amy, the female, who is working with long term stuff, like long term memory.. making sure the stuff that happened a lifetime ago is still in the present but having no differential between the past and present. She is trying to cope, using the material she has to work with. Then we have the child of these two, the Cortex, or the kid named Cort. A kid like this does as I mentioned with the role of the Cortex. Without the parents being stable and functioning, this out of control kid really runs the show as everything is about him and what he wants and needs.  Think of Cort as being a high strung, highly excitable, emotionally dependent, and unstable person with Bipolar tendencies. I hope this describes this whole deal accurately. I think it does.
So what we are trying to do with Earth Scent is to help balance Hippo. and Amy, and get Cort to calm down and chill out. With Cort calmed down and chilled out, the family unit gets along and functions pretty well. Anyway, for the most part, this EO blend performs in the range of the 90 percentile range, IE; it works in 90 out of 100 test subjects, (which by the way. statistically is very a good rate). Cort is where all the chatter is going on. But the chatter is there because Hippo and Amy are out of balance and Cort is responding by having a spaz attack/temper-tantrum and acting out because of the resulting insecurity. (In this setting, the term, spaz attack, is used to describe an emotional temper-tantrum).  Then when Cort is "spazzing" out, balance all over the board results, and this ends up causing many other basic body systems to get caught up in the drama, and then they have these start having emotional breakdowns, in a manner of speaking. So with Earth Scent, we are trying to balance the Hippo and Amy and calm down Cort.
Now when we come to the Heaven Scent EO Blend, we are looking at a mirroring purpose in some of the areas. Here we are still trying to balance out Hippo and Amy but instead of calming down Cort, we are trying to excite him, because at this point he is setting in the corner drueling all over himself, and bring him to life in a positive and rational process, all the while keeping Hippo and Amy in balance. Both blends will work equally well in their purpose and most of the time they are used in an alternating sequence, ie; one at night and the other in the morning.
Now when you develop a correct and predictable protocol, then use the oil blend(s) consistently, after a while you end up reprogramming the cooperation of the three and pretty soon all 3 parts start working in concert. Unless of course nothing else is done to improve the reason why they got out of balance in the first place, then of course it reverts back to where it was when the stimulus is removed. Hopefully, that gives a picture that makes some sense. Also, there are some other interesting perspectives when it comes to why people might not like the smell/aroma. (But that is for another discussion, read- dissertation).
But the bottom line with these two blends is that for most people they will work, across the board, unless the person has some real serious issues or the diagnosis is faulty. The big variable with these two EO blends is that if you don't fix the situation that caused the imbalance in the first place, then as soon as you stop using the stimulus, ie; the EO blend(s), then it isn't long before you notice a step backward. So these oils work best in assisting with other protocols. These protocols are referring to protocols that are designed to fix and not just manage the situation. Although they do work wonders when used to just manage issues. I hope you have appreciated a humorous look at a very delicate issue.
End of Discussion.

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