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What is the Deal with Cobalt? How does Vitamin B-12, Juniper Berry, Thyme, Peppermint, and Ginger EO associate with Colbalt?

Dec 02, 2020

When I do these discussions on these topics and tie them into nutritional related discussions, I try to avoid the technical writing and wording that would appear to a specific group or discipline. So I try to speak to the general crowd that isn't current to the specifics of a given discipline. So in doing so I keep trying to figure out some example of sorts that everyone could understand from a common perspective. When we talk about this mineral or that nutrient as being all-important or the most important, well, it just does not really paint a picture that does justice to the idea or properly couches it as it really is. So I came up with a line of description that I would like to run with and see how it works out, So let's have some fun here, OK?

Our focus is Cobalt. Cobalt is one of those trace minerals, used everywhere in the body, but only in a small amount. The small amount makes a huge difference in the overall outcome. There are other minerals that are just as important, such as Boron and the two that are a team, Iodine and Selenium, and so on. These and others are core minerals. To fully grasp the gravity of this one must think of an inverted pyramid, the kind where the point is in the downward position rather than the top. Then as you go upward the lines branch out and they interconnect with the other mineral inverted pyramids. The picture that you soon see is a lot of dependency between lines, lots of shared uses of individuals.

The new way to describe these interconnecting lines, yet of equal importance is to think of it in terms of a Mafia organization. In this case, Cobalt is a God Father so to speak. A real calm in a storm type person. Boron is another God Father, Iodine and Selenium are God Father/Brothers of a crime family, as in the brothers from LA are in town. One mineral is the Grand Poo Paw of them all, the Grand God Father and that is Carbon. While some Mafia families are very public and outgoing, the head of the Cobalt family, as we will call Cobalt is very mellow, easy-going, it's influence is far and wide, IE; everywhere. Cobalt goes about its work quietly but making sure everything in its influence works like a well-oiled machine. Cobalt also has Nickle and Copper, as it's personal bodyguards. In this sense, Cobalt is never found alone. It is always with either Copper or Nickle. I will explain what I mean by this idea later on in another discussion. But the first part of its influence is far and wide and business is carried out in a quiet manner. Yet, on the other side, when it gets involved in a drama fest, look out, it is deadly and the carnage goes on for a long time.

Cobalt is used in every cell in the body to open and close the gateways of minerals going in and going out of a cell. It carries out a normalizing of the cells. Basically balances them out. It is involved in the extraction of energy from Fats and Proteins. Cobalt is involved in the production of Red Blood Cells and control of the Nervous System. When working here is highly involved in the creation and maintenance of the Myelin Sheath structures. The one important aspect of Cobalt is its role a the center of the Vitamin B-12. Now stay with me on this next move. Since Cobalt is at the center and is whole heartily involved in B-12 in all things related to energy, digestion, etc., an interesting aspect of the B-12 is Pernicious Anemia. This is an autoimmune disease that leads to Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency, an issue that is involving the Pancreas, which makes digestion very difficult. Since that proper digestion doesn't happen as it should, people will sometimes gain weight to the point of being obese. They have Bariatric Surgery, which many times just leads to further a B-12 Deficiency. Also, a lot of messing with the DNA is involved along the way and a number of other various diseases that happen along the way, but all related to either the Immune System to simple Digestion. Also Cobalt, through B-12 is involved directly in the fixation of Nitrogen so that enzymes can be activated. Some of the other extended family members of this "crime" family are Antimony with its understudy/son of Arsenic. Antimony is involved with Maintaining those Nitrogen levels as well as muscle function. Then we have Zinc involved as another enforcer in the sense that Zinc in this case is one out there that balances out the insulin molecule and it uses Chromium to stick the Zinc onto that insulin molecule. Also, Chromium is a direct influence on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. You might say that Zinc is the overweight low-level boss that walks in and tells the offender what is going to happen and then Zinc turns to Chromium and tells him to take care of business. I am sure that by now your head is swimming and you are wondering where I am going with this. OK> here goes, it appears that Cobalt is at the center of Type 2 Diabetes. Of course, it is at the center of other activities, but for now, we are talking about Type 2 Diabetes. I know that many people claim that a Chromium deficiency is the cause of Type 2. Yes, it is involved in the Type 2 family line and if a lack thereof will give the appearance of the cause, but many more members are involved.

For the time being let's look at another aspect that you don't hear much about in nutritional lectures and that is a vitally important part, which is the polarity of the specific minerals. Yes, they do have polarity and this is related to the energy/electrical aspect. In working with the core aspects of deficiencies and how to correct them and even an overabundance of a specific mineral, one must look at this aspect or a correcting solution won't happen. In simple terms, if you need to combine minerals to do a job then one must consider the task at hand. One must ask the question of do I need these to produce an attracting action or a repelling action? Furthermore, some minerals are, well.. non-polar, meaning they can conduct the electrical charge in either direction. In the case of the above mentioned, Cobalt carries a multi-level of charges, ie; +2, +3, +4. Chromium is at +3, Zinc is at +2. Copper is non-polar, which makes for a perfect enforcer, you could picture Copper as being expressionless, as, in nothing personal, it is just business. Then on the other way, we see Nitrogen at -3, and Antimony at -3 s well. The translation is this, all of these minerals think on the same wavelength as Cobalt. Cobalt is able to work with the 2 or 3 or 4 groups. That is why it is at the center of the Vitamin B-12 deal.

In the first part of this discussion I mentioned that Cobalt is the cool, quiet God Father that is mellow and keeps a low profile, but when things are not according to Cobalt's ideal way of doing business, as in getting involved in a drama fest, look out, it is deadly and the carnage goes on for a long time. Here is what I mean by that. Cobalt is involved in one of the deadliest forms of warfare. With Nuclear weapons or anything Nuclear in our day and age, you have 3 basic forms of radioactive radiation, namely, Alfa, Beta, and Gamma. Alfa is a long wave of energy. It can be deflected by something as simple as a piece of paper. Not too dangerous. Beta is a medium length. You need a better layer of protection. Packed earth, of at least maybe 1 foot will absorb or deflect. The X-rays that you get are Beta waves. You can accumulate a moderate amount of those before damage occurs. That is why the X-ray technicians step behind a lead plate or such, they would accumulate too much in too short of a time. Whereas you getting the X-ray, are not exposed to enough in a few X-rays to do any damage. But Gamma rays are very short waves. The new 5-G phone systems use a short wave Gamma wave. Those waves will go right through stuff out on the street like a hot knife in butter. Now I have heard that they are now bringing out 6-G phones. Do you see the direction this s going? As a specialist that worked with this stuff in the Army, we used to say that f you get Gamma'ed, you better hope that you have enough notice to bend over and kiss your "arse" goodbye before those rays hit you, as that is how fast those rays will kill you; if the rays hit you, you are toast. With Alfa and Beta, you have time, to have a last meal, so to speak, before you die. Unless you get sucked up in the backblast, then it would be that wild ride that would kill you. Anyway, in certain types of these weapons, they can use Cobalt to really make for a bad hair day. They use a Cobalt blanket around the actual bomb. The Cobalt absorbs the radiation and then it emits it in a delayed action of sorts as it settles onto the ground. When the radiation is captured in the Cobalt, it then makes the Cobalt radioactive and the radiated Cobalt has a much slower half-life decay than with other types of bombs. This makes for a longer-term decay and it makes it take a long time before the area is able to support "normal" life. So this is what I refer to as the drama fest and when Cobalt is involved in that fest. Other than that, Cobalt is a safe and without question an essential trace mineral, IE; you can't live without it.

The scary thing about a Cobalt is that in humans, you have a life span being such that you don't notice a Cobalt deficiency as soon as you do in many animals. With humans we may not really notice a deficiency of a specific or a series of nutrients for maybe 25 years, however, many will manifest sooner than that. With a Chicken, for example, a deficiency of the same nutrient may manifest in as few as a few days. With them, you can correct it within a few days, but with humans, it may not take 25 years but much sooner. The general idea with humans is that for every year that you have had the problem, ie; deficiency, then it takes that many months to correct the deficiency. So just figure on the ratio of for every year of the problem, it will take at least one month to correct the deficiency.

So when it comes to using essential oil to contribute to the correction of the deficiency one would first find the best results by using these oils, in this descending order. Juniper Berry, Thyme, Peppermint, and Ginger. The very best herb for working with Cobalt deficiency is Alfalfa. You would do best to use this in an herbal tea rote. I have toyed with the idea of making an EO blend of Juniper Berry, Thyme, and Ginger to address the Cobalt facilitation aspect. I would use these as it would tie in the need for the Cobalt support party of Nitrogen, Chromium, and Zinc. In fact, as I sit here writing this I have decided that I will do that, so I will have to work out the ratios first. But I think I will end up seeing this as already being covered in the T-2 blend. The T-2 blend covers a wider base than just this aspect, so this Juniper Berry, Thyme, and Ginger blend might be a more simple and direct key for some people. The bottom line however is that if you have a base Cobalt deficiency, you will have Type 2 Diabetes.

Here is a bit of trivia. those of you that have raised pigs, and if your spouse has done so and you haven't, ask them this; Have you ever noticed how pigs love a patch of Quack Grass? Her is why and it is within the Cobalt cone structure of support nutrients, and that being with Pigs, require Chromium as humans require Selenium. Animals tend to be pretty astute when it comes to nutrition for themselves and if, given the opportunity to balance their own needs in a ration of sorts, they will always choose wisely. Quack Grass provides for Chromium, Selenium, Nitrogen. The roots are similar to Ginger in Zinc, Nitrogen, Selenium, and of course Cobalt. So those of you that are farmers and have a patch of Quack Grass that is giving you a hard time, get some pigs on that patch and get them to grub it down. You will get rid of the Quack Grass and have some very healthy pigs. I think I smell some highly nutritious bacon cooking in the future. Also, another factor in this is to feed Alfalfa in the pig rations as well. If you were to use grain in your diet, then the use of Oats also plays into this as well. As a side note where I grew up as a kid, it was high in elevation, at about the 6,700-foot elevation. The only grain that you could grow there was Oats. Alfalfa would only make for 2 crops on normal years. For perspective, where I presently live, at the mile-high elevation, 4 crops of Alfalfa is the norm. Anyway, my Grandpa and Dad raised a number of pigs, they were fed Alfalfa and Oats with the occasional bucket of coal. Coal as you know is the poor man's PDM, (Plant Derived Mineral), and it works very well for that purpose. On that diet, those pigs did very well.

I mentioned in an earlier paragraph about the relationship between Cobalt and its relationship to Biological Weapons. An interesting item that has been of interest to me over the years is Dwarfism in beef cows. When I was a little kid, there was a pattern of everyone in the area having one to a few calves born every year that expressed dwarfism. I always thought it was weird and asked what was going on. The answer I always got was, "it just happens sometimes". No one knew why. So, well, dumb old me, I have to find out why. Fast forward 50 years, I am still working on it in light of new information. Keep in mind that we were in the "downwind zone" of the testing. So now I feel like I have the answer. Keep in mind that this isn't the only cause of dwarfism in cattle, but in this case, the "normal" factors of dwarfism were not typical in these herds of cattle in this valley at the time. But in looking back and applying present-day research along with the timelines of research, I am convinced that there is a direct tie in with the Nuclear testing that was done during the same time frame. Cobalt is really sensitive to Nuclear radiation. When doing overlays, you see a pattern develop. The testing was done at a certain time, then later the calves were born and the DNA/RNA expression of that gene tied in with the testing dates. If they did not do testing during the fetal development of the calf, then they had no dwarfs born in the calf crop as would happen with testing dates and fetal development on years with dwarfism being. expressed. Simply put, if testing was done during a certain time period of fetal development, then the likelihood of dwarfism being expressed was very high.

Since I am on a roll, during a time period later on, by a few years, the government came in and was testing cattle against the Brucellosis bacterium. In humans, it is known as Undulant Fever. This is a widely used vector that is used in Biological weapons. While on the surface this is a legitimate disease, as its initial symptoms include profuse sweating and joint and muscle pain. Also, Brucellosis suppresses White and Red Blood cell production. It is estimated by reliable sources that everyone in the US and in many parts of the world have been exposed to the weaponized form of this Brucellosis bacterium. Without going into extensive details, I see close coordination between the whole Brucellosis deal back in the '60s and the Covid-19 thing of today. It is, for the most part, the same script being used in both situations. The only real difference is the Brucellosis was focused on animals and this Covid-19 is focused on humans. The bottom line here is that the present-day issue is clearly a Biological Warfare Operation. It will get more ugly as time goes on. How to protect against it? A common theme is Immune System support. That is without question. But the next basis level? It boils down to if you have a Cobalt Deficiency as a core issue, and/or its related groupings of minerals, you are likely to get nailed by this Virus.

Anyway, with that as a happy ending note, we will move on to dealing with reality and work with what we know for sure and that is Cobalt is a vital nutrient that touches on every cell action in the body. It does this by being the doorkeeper to the entrance and exit of anything moving in and out of the cell. Cobalt decides when the door will get opened and when it will be closed. Cobalt also works with a long list of other nutrients to regulate function on a cellular level. Cobalt is also at the very center of the Vitamin B12 molecule. Among the many functions of this Vitamin, the most important thing about it is Energy. Cobalt is associated with all things Energy as a primary function. That is the basic aspect that you must remember about Cobalt.

With that, let's end this with Cobalt. I have touched on a number of topics that are related to the discussion on Cobalt, but due to room here, they really need to be addressed in another discussion or two or even three discussions. I appreciate being able to discuss this stuff with all of you. I hope it helps you in your quest.

End of Discussion.


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