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What does going to a Nude Beach have to do with High Cholesterol? Part 1.

Jul 21, 2021

Well this is an interesting question. Normally I try to add some humor into these discussions, well, they really are essays. So I really should refer to them as such, so if I don't forget maybe I will start doing just that. Aside from the humor aspect to the title, it is a real deal, the nude beach and high cholesterol do have a point of meeting, along with another factor and that is Vitamin D. So stay with me here. I am not just spewing out some junk ideas here, this is a real deal. For those that don't like reading a lot of details, I will just give you the bottom line, that being this; If your Cholesterol is high that is a clear sign of a Vitamin D deficiency. So the clear cure to high cholesterol is the pathway to restoring your Vitamin D deficiency.

Now for those who like to see the whole picture, here goes. Cholesterol is the precursor to the process of Vitamin D production and utilization. You might be very close to being spot on the money when you say that cholesterol is the base product of Vitamin D. There are a few other minor things going on here but really, they will be taken care of during the normal process of Vitamin D production. I have posted here as well as others about Vitamin D, but we are going to reverse engineer the deal to understand the deal. Kind of one of those things when we take a look back in history to understand how we are to proceed going forward.

The Vitamin D production process begins with Cholesterol production. Of course Cholesterol is used in many of the body processes. However, here we are looking a the role it plays in Vitamin D production. When the body receives a signal of a Vitamin D shortage, it ramps up Cholesterol production to balance out that shortage. As a general rule animals, including humans, can't synthesize Vitamins. But there is one exception that they can synthesize Vitamin D. But this is also qualified by another idea and that is Vitamin D really isn't a Vitamin but a Hormone. In the past when it was discovered and named, it appeared to act and look like a Vitamin, so they called it a Vitamin. Later on down the road, as more research and discovery was made, well, the label just stuck, but most people sees it as a Hormone. So we still call it a Vitamin D. Now we will start the walk on the path. When ultraviolet light, IE; sunlight, hits the skin, a reaction is triggered, this reaction takes Cholesterol and converts it into "Cholecalciferol" which is a Vitamin D precursor. The blood then carries it to the liver and kidneys where other conversion processes take place and the active form of Vitamin D called 1, 25-dihydroxycholecaliferol is the result.

I explained a shortened version of the process in the last paragraph. In this paragraph I will go into more technical detail. The Vitamin D that you buy from the store for use as a supplement will be in 1 or 2 forms. The Vitamin D3 is usually the animal sourced and the primary source of this is an extract from the Lanolin oil from sheep's wool. The Vitamin D3 is called Cholecalciferol. The Vitamin D2 is generally plant sourced. With this source the ultraviolet light converts the D2 to Ergocalciferol.

In the animal application, the D3 material interacts with the ultraviolet light in/on the skin called 7-dehydrocholesterol. With this one it is transported to the Liver. In plants the D2 material is converted to Ergocalciferol, absorbed through the gut wall and sent to the Liver. In both cases the liver adds enzymes and forms either form into 25-Hydroxycholecaliferol, AKA; 25D. From this point the 25D is sent to the kidneys and the kidneys form the 25D into 1 ,25-dihydrozycholerol, AKA; 1 ,25D. The 1 ,25D is the active from of the Vitamin D deal. The main function of 1 25D is to act as an on/off switch for cells through out the body and it also plays a major role in the Calcium absorption through the gut wall and bone formation and, and and on and on. Are you seeing the same picture I am seeing here? Lets move on to the next paragraph.

The bottom line is that Vitamin D is basically manufactured in the skin then transported through a number of processes then distributed throughout the body to regulate cell action. This really is the bottom one liner for those who don't want details. Although we like to associate the Vitamin D thing to Calcium, there are many other actions that Vitamin D actually functions with. Vitamin D is known to exert regulatory control in well over 1,000 genes. Only a few of these genes are involved with Calcium. Current research is pointing towards a long list of inflammatory related responders. Other interesting related items is it is now speculated with some convincing evidence that Vitamin D is involved with making a huge contribution to reducing the risk of many cancers, and a long list of autoimmune diseases. It is speculated that the idea of people moving to places like Arizona to help deal with TB is actually attributed to the longer and more intense sunlight, which effectively produces more Vitamin D. It wasn't very many years ago that the belief was that the main contribution of Vitamin D was to prevent Rickets. Now the researchers are looking at the whole inflammatory bowl disease deal as being directly related to Vitamin D deficiency. That means that we might just be seeing proven that the whole Gluten intolerance thing is based around Vitamin D deficiency. Chew on that baby for a while. I am also betting that type 2 diabetes will be shown to be based around the Vitamin D deficiency issue. From what I have studied about Type 2 Diabetes, yeah, I am positive that Vitamin D plays a big role in this deal, without question. While some diseases will call on Vitamin D as the basic cure, others will use other inputs to lead up to the utilization of Vitamin D to support the the basic cures to many diseases.

So no, I haven't forgotten the Nude Beach thing that is mentioned in the title. So what have we learned about Vitamin D and Cholesterol? Well, it is all based on Ultraviolet light, IE; Sunlight. Every time we turn around we see that miracle or miracles playing a part in our lives that miracle is Photosynthesis. We usually associate Photosynthesis with plants, but we need it just as much as plants do. In order for this Photosynthesis to take place we have to expose our skin to sunlight. As a general rule people get very little sunlight exposure. People like me, as a person that is out side of a building for most of the day do not get enough exposure. Usually my arms and head is the only skin parts that are exposed to sun light. The bottom line is that you need at least 1/2 of an hour of whole body sunlight exposure, everyday to make the whole Vitamin D thing work organically within your body. Receptors in the skin, can only absorb a given amount of ultraviolet rays per square inch per expose time. For me by arms and really part of my head, because I always wear a hat, just are not exposed to enough sunlight/receptors to serve me as I need to be served. I know a lot of people that in reality gets such a small amount of sunlight per day, and many cases, they get zero exposure. Most of these people are sick, and on happy pills. Plus those who take the fluoride based Cholesterol lowering drugs, one can't help but to wonders why they just keep going down hill, health wise.

Oh yes, the nude beach deal. The best solution is to visit a nude beach for a half hour each day. Of course that involves you being the nude one. This half hour per day with a full body exposure to the ultraviolet light of the sun is about how much you need to get your body to organically produce enough Vitamin D to serve your need. Of course you can accumulate Vitamin D to a certain degree, so you can skip a day to go to church or what ever, but you would need to make up that time within a day or so. I am trying to inject some humor here, but in reality this is a serious issue that most people haven't the slightest clue about. I doubt that my wife would approve of me going to a nude beach. Given the option of going to a nude beach or kicking the bucket, I think I would soon be kicking the bucket, not by my choice, LOL> Besides by me going nude in public,I am sure it would be the cause of a lot of people having to take anti-trauma happy pills. So maybe if a person made a 4 sided privacy cubicle outside your back door, with exposure to the Sunlight, it might just be "good medicine" for you. But for those of us that are chronologically challenged, we could resort to the leisure sport of the 70's, "streaking", although it will be in slow motion. It might just take us that whole 1/2 hour to go out and pickup the newspaper and get back to the house.  BTW, If you suffer from high cholesterol, going to a nude beach will likely lower your cholesterol in more than just the way I suggested earlier, or give you a heart attack.

I hope you have enjoyed this essay, or discussion. I hope it gives you hope that you can go a long way in improving your health at a very low cost. You will enjoy the next discussion, or the one after a different one, it is kind of related, but ties into Omega 7. Until next time, take care.

End of Discussion. KK


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