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What does Diabeties, Weight Loss and Your Navel Have in Common?

Jul 10, 2020
Today's discussion is centered around a topic that has been discussed of late. Here is the question. Does rubbing essential oil on the navel work?
I will answer this with concrete proof. But to support my position, I will discuss some heavy and important stuff. So here goes.
Does rubbing essential oil around or on the navel work? Yes, it does, without question. Because of how I have brought about an answer on this is proven by the way I am testing a new essential oil blend.  The new essential oil blend is centered around support for type 2 Diabetics. This blend appears to be working very effectively for weight loss as well. My motivation for this is blend is dealing with the disease that is growing, yet no being directly addressed. It appears that all of the mainstream medical is centered around managing the symptoms. The natural side appears to be trying to work with it from a digestive aspect. However, the overall knowledge appears to be very limited at best. There are all kinds of ideas that are touted to deal with it and for the most part, most people are full of bull shiz because of the end result of the treatment protocols. Keep in mind that no matter what treatment protocol is presented, you will find a small percentage of the population will respond favorably to that treatment protocol. So yes, any treatment protocol out there is a good protocol for a small percentage of the population. My guess is that maybe that percentage number would likely be at about the half-way mark of a single-digit number range. From what I have been told is that with the pharmaceutical medicines, if they get a 50% success rate with the population, they feel pretty good about things. I am not sure where most aromatherapists target at, but for me, I try to ht the 90% range and feel good if things come in solid at the 80% mark when I work up various formulations for specific issues. No matter the source, it is almost impossible to hit the 100% mark when you are dealing with issues, no matter the "style" of treatment protocol being used.
With this blend, I am doing more than just working with the symptoms. In this, we are looking at approaching this from a different angle than just digestion. This formula appears to be working exceptionally well. In the first group of people that I am testing it on, the following has been reported. It makes you pee and pee and pee. Basically one might feel like they are peeing their brains out. This is where an interesting animal is observed.  Usually, you will find any time a few of the oils used in this blend, you will see a different reaction in each gender. I wondered if it might show it's self and sure enough, it did. In this case, it makes males pee often and with increased vigor. In females it makes them pee sure enough but it isn't making them pee often, just that they go normally, but they have to allot more time for the job to get done. In both genders, they urinate considerably more volume than normal. This is good for secondary support. High Blood pressure is of secondary support. HB pressure is generally treated at first by getting rid of water
The next thing is that it appears to be doing is really working on weight loss. One of the goals of weight loss should be to first get rid of the fat around the internal organs. It really does no good to get rid of the fat on the outside of the body cavity if you don't clean the house on the inside. This appears to be working because of the dissolved fat being removed through the unitary system. I don't want to go into how this is observed, but trust me, it is observed. Just checking here, but you do realize that weight loss is accomplished through a complicated metabolic process that involves converting the fat to carbon dioxide and by conversion of fat to a water-soluble fat, if you will, and downloaded through the kidneys.  This is how we know that it is working in this respect.
So in wrapping this up, we go back to the first part of this discussion. How do we know that applying, topically, essential oils around the belly button or even on the belly button works? We know that must work because of this essential oil blend. People report that after they apply this oil in this manner, within a few hours, some of these people report that they start peeing their brains out. If someone wants to refute this observation, then I am all ears. Give it your best shot.
A few people have reported that they see a downward trend in the blood sugar levels, Some have reported that after using this oil for a bit of time and going in on a regular scheduled A1C check, it has dropped a touch or has quit climbing. So a little longer time span of the oil needs to be used and several A1C checks need to be compared to say with certainty that it works for the type 2 crowd.  For weight loss, no question, it works. For me personally, I have lost over 25 pounds now, a feel better, I can walk a whole lot better, So I guess the proof is in the eye of the beholder. However, I do believe that some herbs will need to be used to do a more complete job on weight loss and type 2.  This blend also uses Lemongrass quite heavily. A while back I asked people to try using Lemongrass on people that they might know that has type 2. I am sure people thought I was crazy, as no one took me up on the deal and reported back. But some of the studies out there dealing with Type 2, have used Lemongrass successfully to work with Type 2.
So there you go, several ideas presented in one whack.
End of Report.

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