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Weight Loss and Related Material. Part 2.

Jul 08, 2021

Several weeks ago I did an article about weight loss and as it was evolving into an article that was getting too long, I figured that I should do it in 2 parts, at least, lol. So here goes the second part, as in the rest of the story.

One of the biggest struggles with losing weight is being consistent in what you are doing. This isn't only saying timing is that consistency, but all things that you do will contribute to the whole. This helps to over come the Trans-generational issue that we talked about in the first part of this series. Over a several year period of time I have looked into this idea and honestly, I have not found very many people that do not have ancestors that suffered from hunger that lead to starvation of a number of key nutrients that would fit into this concept. In some families it is not very wide spread but in some families it is applied almost to everyone in the family. The key here is "key nutrients". Most of these families usually had something to eat, but the whole caloric intake was lower than it should have been. The variety was also very limited, so that an overload of some nutrients took place and a shortage of others took place as well. This idea concerns me greatly because of the vast amount of people that are presently participating in or on these selective starvation diets. The very same concepts are being presented to the individuals as these that took place in the past that has lead to obesity with many people. I know, I have bought into this garbage hook line and sinker. But as we age, hopefully we learn the errors of our ways and change. I hope I am one of those.

When it comes to the consistent idea, this would be to eat at the same intervals and at approximately the time each day. I know some people advocate at specific times, but the same time is more important. However, I am not actually discounting those certain times that some people suggest. What is important is to figure out what times work best for you, as an individual. Then follow the ideas that work best for you. Here is why. Your body will anticipate when it needs to get ready to start the digestion process. In many cases this process starts up to a half hour before you actually eat. In many cases, the digestive juices needed for that meal begins the process of dumping into your stomach, so that when the food comes down from the pie hole, the operation is ready to do its thing. Part of this process is what comes down through the pie hole needs to be consistent as well with each meal time. You really need to eat a balanced meal plan. Here is the idea. It doesn't matter as much of what you eat but that it is consistent in its content. Here we are saying, fine eat all carbs for breakfast, (which is not the best idea) but for sake of discussion, stay with me. You would need to do this each day and at the same time. Then your body can detect a pattern and better prepare what needs to be produced to digest that meal. Then the same applies for a mid-day meal. Maybe here you might eat all fats. Fine, but at least you body knows what to prepare for. Same idea for a 3rd. meal of the day. But in reality it would be best if you worked out a meal schedule that would be a better balance of Proteins Carbohydrates, and Fats. In this situation, it would be that you might very well eat a variety of foods, but for the sake of discussion, lets say the meal would consist 1/3 Fats , 1/3 Proteins, and 1/3 Carbohydrates. What you plug into fats might be something different each day, but it would be a fat, period. Same with the others.

To take this to the next step you may want to consider where your ancestors , DNA wise, went with their diets. I will use myself to best explain this concept. Even though I grew upon a cattle Ranch, we ate very little beef. They really needed every single animal that they could raise to be able to sell. Money wasn't a luxury in our situation. But we ate a lot of meat. It was mostly Venison. The 24th of July is the celebration of statehood day where I live, (except for the 2 years in England and various places playing Army. I have lived within 90 miles of my place of birth my whole life, for the most part. My ancestors all have lived within this same area for maybe 8 generations, on both sides. There is a reason for my calling attention to this, as I will state later on). Anyway, the statehood day thing. My Dad always celebrated this day by going and poaching a deer because he said this was the first day of the year that the deer were good to eat. We ate deer meat from then on until we ran out of it in the early spring. Then we had fish. As in the spring the creeks would be damned off and the water turned into the ditches that irrigated the farm land. So we would walk the creek beds and pickup fish from the various small pools of water along those creek beds before the small pools of water dried up and the fish end up not being used for human food. But along the way we did have some variety, Dad also raised pigs and sheep, so we got a little pork and mutton once in a while. My maternal side was sheep farmers. So they ate a little bit of mutton and pork as well, but the Venison and Fish were still the staple of the meat portion of the diet on both sides. Breakfast was usually based around Oatmeal or Rice of some kind. In my world everyone had a milk cow and many had a small dairy. It may have only been 10 or 15 cows, but a dairy none the less. So our beverages consisted of Milk, Water, and Kool Aid. Maybe an occasional something else, like Orange juice, and Hot Chocolate, but those things were few and far between. Most of the adults also had some adult beverages on a very regular schedule and most of the men drank their fair share of Coffee. We had very few vegetables, but when we did it was seasonal carrots and peas. We did have fruit some years and that was generally peaches or apricots and maybe some years a few apples. But the main staple was potatoes. We raised a lot of those and so we ate a lot of those. Even to this day, I can't function without having a serving of potatoes several times every week. Eggs were also in there but not always regularly. Things like salads as we know them with meals today was unknown to us back then. It wasn't until I lived in England that I actually learned of all of these things that we could eat that were good for us. Part of this deal was that we lived at a high elevation so we had limited options on what we could grow. Everyone had about the same diet.

So getting back to the basic thought here, with me I do really good with Potatoes. I do good with Carrot and Peas. My body responds very well to fish, but when deer meat is available, I do real well with it as well. Even though I can eat about anything, many other foods just don't work quite as well. I also can't live without milk. My point in discussing this with you is in hopes that you can see the concept and then look back in your own DNA history and see what foods were available to your ancestors and what they ate. Rather you like it or not, you are programmed, DNA wise, to obtain your nutrients from certain types of foods. This is why this aspect of weight management and diets is so important. Basically if it is a food that you are not programmed to deal with, you body says, hey, what is this? Well, I guess that I need to store it until I get some instruction on how to deal with it.

Another aspect is this; People, I should say some of these psychopaths, actually they are called sociopaths, sociopaths is the respectful name to label them with and psychopaths is the disrespectful label for them. I use the disrespectful label. Anyway, they come up with all kinds of weird, not consistent with nature ideas on what we should eat and not eat. One of the stupidest ones is the salt idea. We have to have salt, there is no question there. We do much better if we have salt that is the proper version with out additives such as aluminum added to it. Most of the time these ideas they have are based on erroneous conclusions. For example, if you are Iodine deficient, which they add to salt to help with that issue, and you take a high dose of Iodine, it will make you sick. So you approach that issue with a small amount and work your way up to where you need the dose to be, over time. So as many of these freaks observe a person with Iodine deficiency, take a huge amount of Iodine, they get sick, then they conclude that if you take Iodine, it will make you sick. So do you see the picture? Yes, you may need it, but start out small and work your way up. Also, obviously the quality of the product make a lot of difference.

The reason I talk about my own personal background with diet, is that I want you to see an example of an individual's background so that you can assess your own situation. This is simply a model so that you can have a pattern to gain a concept of what you need to do for your self. see this personal assessment as being a vital part of your diet program for both to be nutrified and to lose weight, if that is a problem. Some people don't need to lose weight, but this type of an assessment can be of great value for these individuals as well. Then of course we have a small majority of people that actually need to gain weight. These people need to assess themselves so that they can gradually come up to weight and stop the gain at the proper time. Another factor that needs to be mentioned is this; My son-in-law is a Doctor. He has helped a lot of people lose weight. One aspect that he suggests is this, and by the way he has helped a lot of people lose weight by just doing this one thing and that is not to eat a meal after a certain time in the evening. As i recall it is like 6:00. When I have followed his suggestion I lose weight, but for me it is very hard to follow that schedule. But I am on a person crusade to take back my life and by doing so I find that the opportunity to eat an evening meal before 6 is starting to present it's self. Sometimes I think maybe this "Take back my life" crusade is going to be a huge deal for me, it might be for some of you as well.

Fad dieting usually results in disastrous results over time. So this stuff needs to be avoided at all costs. Most of the time these diets will include a vital part that most people think is just fine and that is these various artificial sweeteners. They play a huge part on messing with the brain and for the most part. This contributes heavily to the various neurological issues later on in life. They are also credited with providing a huge contribution to people hooking up with the big C ride down the road, The C ride is cancer. When all is said and done a basic balance of Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins obtained from the best quality of foods that you can find is the best course for most everyone, unless they are dealing with a unique set of issues. But those people are clearly the minority. These people are best served by a person at a high pay grade that is current on nutrition.

Lastly, one must keep in mind that each one of us are individuals and we all have unique packages and one size does not fit all people. But there are some solid time tested practices that have been proven out over time.Perhaps one of the biggest mantras out there is the idea that our food is so lacking in nutrition that it isn't even funny. Yes, most of our food sources where food is grown has been over mined of nutrients that people must be careful to be more selective in their choices. But there is still nutrition in most food. The actual real problem is a dis-function of nutrients and most of the time this is caused by not having a proper balance of the big three, namely, Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins. This is where we really should be concerning our selves. Do you want to know the key to some of these weight loss programs out there, that actually works? It is in the balance of these big 3 areas. While I have presented a number of ideas here, I don't think it is possible or even rational for a person to do all of these ideas. Most people could implement a few of these ideas and obtain remarkable results by doing so. I have been working with some essential oil formulations that helps with all of this and I have discussed some of them and will discuss more in the future. The EO angle is just an angle to help some of the processes work better.

I want to bring this part 2 to an end. I will be doing some exciting posts in the near future but those will be looking at some specific situations and gee whizzes. Until then, I hope you enjoy this article.

End of Discussion.


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