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Weight Loss and Related Material. Part 1.

Jun 27, 2021

Today we want to look at a serious issue that a lot of people have an issue with, the effects are widespread and is not just a simple situation to deal with. So what is this issue that I refer to? Weight gain and weight loss. Obesity is rampant in our society today. A lot of people know full well that they have the answer to this and can solve the deal if they would just listen to their ideas. At least they have bragging rights as to how much weight they "Once" lost. The people being told the story are wondering if this blimp is really the actual person that lost the weight. Pretty much most of these ideas are simply a "Selective Starvation" type of model. This model is essentially a removal of certain nutritional elements, which results in weight loss. Once the people leave this diet, they gain their weight back and with vengeance. Great program, right? So the question goes begging, was this really a weight loss program or simply a starvation period of time with an introduced nutritional deficiency? I would say, yes, that is all it is. For the vast majority of people out there the issue is much deeper. When this is suspected, the so called "Thin" people just tells the "Fat" people that they are weak minded and if they just have more character strength like they have, then they wouldn't be over weight. What these "Thin" people don't know is that they really don't understand. Their ideas are about as far from a factual grasp on the issue as wrong is from right. In our discussion today we will learn of some of these deep aspects and it will bring a better perspective to your understanding. So lets jump in.

How many of you have ever heard of the "Dutch Hunger Winter" event and related studies? Some of the better terms to describe this event is also known as the Dutch Famine of 1944-1945. To give a brief over view. The Nazi leaders didn't like how the Dutch people were behaving, so they decided that maybe if they got them to be hungry as winter set in, then maybe they would be a little bit more humble. So they blockaded in every way possible the movement and distribution of food in the Netherlands during this time period. Eventually, in the spring, after extended negotiations between the Nazi people in power and the Canadians, British and eventually the American's, the Nazi machine allowed the before mentioned parties to bring food in to those people. But at the center of this whole deal, was the horrific damage that was done to the unborn babies during this time period. The food that was available was not "no food", but a severely limited amount of food available overall. Most of the people during this induced winter famine were lucky to get 1,000 calories per day. Because of the cold weather stress, the lack of any kind of a balanced diet and the overall needs of individuals in this situation, a calorie count would need to be well over 2,000 and maybe even 2,500 calories per day to maintain a reasonably healthy situation. Basically they didn't starve to death, but it was not far away. Of course many of these people recovered over time when they were able to get food. But the real issue wasn't discovered until much later. When certain types of issues began to show up in people, many researchers became concerned. As with many issues, we see researchers digging to understand what is actually going on. The discoveries let these researchers to trace the issues being researched back to a common situation. The sources all pointed back to an ancestor that was a fetus during this time period, living under the Nazi rule in the Netherlands. The issues being researched were certain metabolic issues. The people that actually experienced the event wasn't presenting, the 1st generation after those were not presenting, but the next generation were, if they met a certain criteria and that was, as I recall, being a fetus in the 2nd. trimester. So to make this simple, the lack of food to the grandmother, if she was pregnant and during the the 2nd. trimester,had no issues with her baby, but the grand child of this lady that was exposed to severe hunger ended up with metabolic issues. An issue like this is created because of the influence of external forces to the DNA expression in successive generations. People like this are not "Weak Willed" or "Lack Discipline". Essentially there are many, many factors on the DNA level that can't be fixed by attitude or shaming those that are working with the any number of selective starvation diets or mental shaming or by attending Fat Farms or Fat Retreats.

There is a term that I am sure many have heard something about, and usually it is not portrayed accurately, but the concept is usually centered around the term; Trans-Generational Stress Inheritance. This usually affects the axis of the hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal relationship and related functioning. It is not limited to only the specific individual at the event experience level, but projects forward through multi generations. What it affects is endocrine function, gene expression, and metabolism and this is basically directly related to the HPA deal as before mentioned. This research has lead to numerous other studies that are directly related to this whole concept. A lot of very insightful learning has resulted. But that the core of this is Stress, Brain Functioning, Metabolism and overall DNA expression. Needless to say this is a very complicated issue and simple platitudes do not solve the problems of may causes of obesity and even a simple over weight problem. I don't know if you can call it an emotional problem, but at the same time, having a lack of food and going to bed hungry can cause some serious emotional issues. However, it has been demonstrated that going to bed hungry can affect the Brain Functioning patterns and it does affect the DNA on a generational basis. As a side note, the Brain consumes about 25% to 35% of the energy consumed by the body as obtained from a 2,000 to 2,500 calorie diet, then it doesn't take much thinking to see that if a person is running on a 1,000 calorie diet, the brain is not going to get the energy that it needs to function properly. But since the brain has a priority over everything for anything it needs, then something has to give somewhere. The key place that it happens is at sites like on the HPA axis and with DNA replication.

So what might the solution be? Well first off if you are one that doesn't have a clue about this stuff, then back off on getting obese people to go on a selective starvation diet. Don't shame them into playing your ego trip game. They likely have issues that are centered around the various brain functioning activities that are generational that you don't have a concept about. However, because I am one of those with these types of background issues, I think I do have a concept about what is going on. So as part of this, I developed the Brain Balancing Program that I am pushing for people to consider using. Based on a lot of research and studying the works of a lot of smart people on this subject. I am not going to go into detail about each aspect of this program in this setting. I will say that I have starting to drop weight in a good way by using this approach. In fact I have a hard time moving past the first oil blend because it makes me feel so good and well... it just works. The way I see things here is that if we want to fix some of these issues we have to fix the brain first. We fix the brain chemically, in a good way, using what the brain needs on a electrical charge level and a polarity level so that the physical level stuff can work. So what does the 1st. blend consist of? Sodium, Chloride, IE; Salt and Pepper and we use Coriander and Black Pepper oils to do that. Then for the Potassium and Iodine, we use Orange and Dill. A simple balance of the 4 elements. Just those at that level, electrical polarity in the correct ratios, does amazing things.

The side bar on this working on the brain thing, also involves working with the whole body. One part does not function without the other part(s). So what is the simple solution? Base stuff. That is about the only thing that we have that will actually fix the Transgenerational Stress factors that is impossible for anyone to really know enough about in order to correct the issues. So we revert back to the basics. It works well.

So the moral to this long story is that when it comes to weight loss, many factors are involved, some of which as all but impossible to know of that affects the ability or in ability to lose weight in the traditional ways or by doing traditional methods. Other factors that come into play are the lesser known deficie3ncies. Some of these are Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium and Boron, just to name a few. In many studies it has been shown that it is impossible to lose weight if you have an Iodine deficiency. Since the generally accepted figure of up to 90% of the population are Iodine deficient, then one wonders why many people are moving toward obesity. Of course if you are Magnesium deficient then many things simply won't work. If you are Boron deficient, then in simple terms, the base building nutrients are left leaderless. IE; you have a whole bunch of warriors with no Chief to guide those warriors. Then on top of that many well meaning people are too simplistic in their cause and effect thinking. Many times the actual problem is not caused by the obvious. Many aliments that are associated with a Calcium deficiency and as such the person ends up taking more calcium. That is usually the worst thing to do. The real problem is a lack of or an imbalance of the Calcium/Magnesium Balance and/or ratio. When this issue is involved with weight gain and weight loss, these nutrients are critical. Another factor is the whole Testosterone/Estrogen relationship. All of these people that feel like the answer to perking up the male side of the sex ordeal is to pump him full of Testosterone. The real problem is a lack of Estrogen. An imbalance of this Test/Estrog. relationship is usually with an excess of Testosterone, which when it is involved in the out of balance relationship is it leads to weight gain and a lot of weight gain. Which makes the male performance even more out of whack. Out of whack as in no working tool. Which if the person is lacking in Estrogen, they will find it impossible to lose weight. Oh, women? Same thing there too. Many "fat" women simply have a lack of Estrogen. Testosterone is the best way to treat frigidity, but a proper balance of the Estrogen and Testosterone is the key to both genders losing weight and having an active intimate life. So do you see the picture I am painting? The difficulties with weight gain and weight loss have many various and complex threads that are woven together that is not really answered with in a simple selective starvation diet.

I wanted to go into some solutions to this weight thing, but this discussion is getting too long so we will revisit the deal in a forth coming post. Basically the solutions is the the same wording as the last sentence in the last paragraph but with only one word change, Substitute "difficulties" with "Solutions" and the same thing applies. Thank you for your interest in my discussions. I do hope it helps you some. Until next time, take care.

End of Discussion.


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