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Weeds...Masters of Survival

Nov 17, 2016


My name is Kent King. You guessed it...I'm Leiann's other half, her husband. And I want to share with you and have you ponder, as I have, about weeds.

As we go along this path of looking at healthy foods, etc., and working with herbs and oils, we find a lot of interesting information.  Since I have lived in the same general area pretty much my whole life, I see a lot of trends.

For example, when I was younger, there seemed to be a wide spectrum of crops been grown and animals raised.  Now it is more specialized so the observations are more limited to a smaller grouping.  As a young child I remember certain weeds that were growing like wild fire, and many of those weeds were and still are used in herbal solutions for various health challenges. What I observe in the "Wild Crafting" arena and in looking at the weeds and knowing a lot of the health problems in the area at the time, then looking at those weeds and their uses, I am amazed at the solutions that nature has provided for us.

Did I make my case yet in a way that it can be understood?  IE: God gave us weeds to heal us. Is that simple enough?

But today so many refuse to use these solutions.  At one of the local Ag. supply stores they have several posters hanging showing weeds and which chemicals to use to kill them. I was looking at them recently and saying to myself, "Hey, I just bought quite a few of those weeds in the form of herbs or in some cases oils." Interesting huh?  Most of those weeds are very high quality herbs, in what they are used for in herbal health.

An interesting aspect is this:

People get sicker...they become stubborn to the solution...the weeds once used to "fix" them become harder to "kill" via chemicals.

When I say sicker, I mean serious sick, not just some minor problem like a stubbed toe. Then we pray to God to help us and if he doesn't, then we use the chemicals (man-made solutions) but not nature sourced weeds.


Lets not split hairs here, much the same. Maybe He sent those solutions in the form of weeds, but we didn't like the solution. I think some of you can make some further connections here. I am just wondering out loud here, pondering if there is some connection here?

Never the less in doing the oils, we work with these "weeds" more and more over time and use that knowledge in deciding which oils to use and how to use them. In turn we understand something Albert Einstein said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."


Written by Kent King.


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