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Understanding the Nature of the Problem. Naturally Occurring Elements.

May 27, 2020

Florine and Iodine.

In our discussion today we are going to take the nature of the problem discussion from weaponized elements to naturally occurring elements. These are elements that are not, for a lack of a better description, the GMO's of natural elements. These are just used straight or in their various forms of decomposition. With this discussion, we will turn our focus to Florine in its natural base form or as most people know of it as the Floride form, the most commonly known and used form of Florine. While I would love to go into an extensive discussion of Florine/Floride, it would make a paper into the long suspense, multi-volume paper, or book that many people claim my discussions turn into. So we will try to avoid that and just focus on the high lights, although briefly, about Florine and its application to our health on a base level.

Florine is considered to be a trace element that is absolutely necessary for health and body functioning. The keyword here is "Trace" in the whole scheme of things. The main function is for bone strength and bone integrity. Many of you are likely familiar with the idea of using Floride in drinking water and in toothpaste in the effort to strengthen teeth and to prevent cavities. While there are two sides to this issue, we are not making our focus on this drama, but rather on other effects.

In a previous discussion, we talked about certain pathogens that have been weaponized. While it can be argued that these have actually been used in a warfare setting, it is pretty much accepted and understood that they have been widely tested on the general population. It is the effect of this testing of these specific pathogens on the population that we are focusing on. As we try to deal with health issues, whether it be personal or in a person we are trying to help, the problem is that without taking this aspect into consideration, it makes for a difficult and in many cases an impossible job to effectively ana make the person whole. If a person is aware of this aspect, then the possibility of that effect can be evaluated and applied to the client, and then perhaps a more accurate diagnosis of the issue can be discovered. Without this aspect, then the person trying to help is essentially groping in the dark, so to speak. Perhaps this discussion is very close to the line of nutritional deficiencies than we might realize. But it is still clearly in the section of toxins and toxicity. When it comes to trace-minerals it means just that trace amounts of those minerals. In the trace minerals scheme of things, not enough is about the same as too much. Both produce toxic effects. Later on, we will talk about some of these or at least make mention of some of them.

In the great struggle of mineral balance, we find Florine in direct conflict with Iodine. So to clearly understand Florine we have to talk about Iodine as well. What happens here, as it does in so many other minerals and essentially acting as building blocks, Iodine tends to do the heavy lifting in several areas. Iodine serves as a major player in well over 300 different activities in the day to day body functionings. In fact, a well respected Dr. that I know published a paper dealing with Iodine, (It was like 15 years ago, I wish I could find the paper, maybe I can if I spent the effort to do so), but he listed a lot of the activities that if you were Iodine deficient, that those activities would be hampered or even would cease activity. One of the major ones was weight loss. His claim was that it is impossible to lose weight if your Iodine levels are not up to par. When I first applied his ideas with Iodine, I did lose weight as I was Iodine deficient. But then after years, I moved past the Iodine deficient deal and the real problem I have with weight is not just in that area. But I still apply Iodine on a basis of at least 2 times per month. In fact, I am so convinced of the role of Iodine in the selection of essential oils. I consider the Iodine values to be of utmost importance in essential oil quality that it plays a major role in the essential oil quality itself. Some suppliers will run Iodine tests and list them on the reports while other suppliers don't. It is a relatively new concept. So in time, I am sure others will list this as well. So don't go thinking I am blowing smoke on this aspect as many others are, well, I am in the same boat as they are. On the reports that don't list the Iodine values, you have to look to other indicators to make that assessment, which takes more time and effort.

So why do we look at Iodine values and how does it apply to this discussion? First off, Florine is much lighter than Iodine and carries fewer valances than does Iodine, so when the two comes into conflict or better stated, competition, the Florine will crowd out the Iodine molecule. It sounds simple, which it is simple, but what it means is far-reaching. Here we turn to balance and the importance of balance in relation to these two trace-minerals. Of course, this balance idea applies across the board to all, but here, today, we are focusing on these two. As we know foods are the best source for any of these minerals and foods that contain the Florine will usually never go above a single digit on a PPM basis on the high amount end, while foods with Iodine, withe exception of ones like Bladderwrack, will usually run in the 8 to 10 times as much on a PPM basis with similar foods. Iodine tends to store longer with the body than does Florine. As an interesting side note, studies have found that fasting increases the absorption rate and levels a great deal as compared to non-fasting. To me, this raises some interesting questions in regard to the internment fasting concepts. Opens a big can of new worms, all good by the way. Lets us get back on track. As the Florine crowds out Iodine, we end up with less and less Iodine being absorbed. Now in a test, it might very well show sufficient Iodine levels, but the problem is the absorption into the cells where it is needed. This is where the problem exists. The cells are trying to replicate without Iodine, not a good thing. For this one, you must keep in mind that a cell is a protein production facility and the quality and types of building materials found in the cells are what the protein is made up of. So indirectly Florine has a direct effect on cellular protein production and most specifically cellular protein quality production. Since this is an indirect effect, a roundabout way, t works like this, in very simple terms. Iodine is so critical that a dedicated discussion is called for in gaining an understanding, so trust me on this one for now. This does not discount the importance of other macronutrients and micronutrients having an action on cells and within cells as does Iodine and Florine.

Since Florine will crowd out Iodine every time in an overabundance of Florine in the Florine/Iodine relationship. We then will see the interference and/or a complete shutdown of the Iodine in at least 72 or maybe even more of the Iodine use pathways. Now keep in mind that Florine is necessary for bone structure and integrity, at the right levels. But when we get too much Florine we begin to see bones start dissolving, and drum roll... Thyroid issues, specifically, Hypothyroidism. That in and of its self produces all kinds of health problems and issues. Can you see the picture forming here? Simply put, you end up seeing people floating around that can't remember their name and their teeth are rotting out of their heads.

Some of the other effects that are contributed to Florine is the use of it in drugs. But in a combing with other minerals, we see Sodium Floride showing up. In the rear part on the brain, specifically, the rear occipital of the left lobe certain activities take place there. This mineral/drug is used to target this part of the brain, the part of the brain that is responsible for the individual's ability to resist domination. Perhaps this is a drug of choice for dumbing down people. However, on a more serious note, Floride is usually obtained in larger amounts through the water. In smaller dosages, it comes through the foods we eat. There are certain times in the growth cycles of people when you are more susceptible to the mutating effects of Florine/Floride. Most certainly, Florine will influence very heavily on the Seven-year cellular recycling process.

So up until now, we are having a picture being painted that shows us people that have either too much or not enough Florine within their systems, of brain dead, mouth full of rotten teeth, zombies milling around. So shall we call Florine, the Zombie drug? I think it says it best to do so. When looking at real-life situations, one wonders if the present-day political drama is not all just based on an overabundance/off balance of Florine with most of these people. It fits the criteria. I would love to go into details more but I think it best to just leave it there on that note.

So now we have an idea of people presenting a specific group of health issues that can be traced back to a totally natural micro-nutrient and the only real factor of weaponizing or abuse is the amount used or even not used, by whom and in conjunction with other mind manipulating activities. Many health professionals do not appear to factor these kinds of situations in their diagnosis process. So when you people are operating outside of the mainstream have people seeking you out for answers, you must understand this stuff and control for it or you will have no better luck in helping a person with the issues within this category than the mainstream does. I was going to list the foods and such that contain the proper amount of Florine and Iodine levels but suffice it to say that many essential oils contain this proper balance/ratio. but I think that a completely new discussion would be necessary to properly address this. But as a teaser, the good old Pistachio seed comes in with a perfect balance of the two. Basically a 2 in one deal here.

I hope this gives you something to chew on for a while. Until next time, hope all is well Thank you for your time.

End of report.


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