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Understanding the Nature of the Problem- Biological Warfare.

May 13, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Well, here we are for another discussion. I feel like this is an important discussion, one that I am afraid that I will lose many of you. At this point, I am not sure what difference it really makes. People are very emotionally attached to whatever construct they have formed and it makes it very difficult to talk logic and rationally. Please understand that I am not condemning anyone or even bad-mouthing anyone. I actually feel quite the opposite. When you really think about it, it makes you want to just break down and cry for them as well as for yourself. It seems like everyone out there is about ready to go postal, or at least something like just as the scriptures says, "Their hearts just gave out". (Essentially, depending on what version you are reading from). In my lifetime I have never seen a period of time when there is so much hopelessness among such a large percentage of the population, across the board. You, the reader might be saying by now, man this punk is depressing! Please don't leave me here, OK? Since I am an avid fan of Einstein, I am all over anything Einstein. He is quoted as saying on one occasion the following, "Understanding the nature of the problem is halfway to its solution". So from here on out I won't depress you, but rather give some understanding to some of these problems and maybe give someone hope. With me, this gives me hope. I hope you find the same.

Every single day of my life I run across someone that is fighting some serious health issue. These are much more serious than even mine is. So with me I honestly and with a great deal of work try to figure out just what is going on and attempt to find a solution. But at the end of the day, it still circles around to some of the same old bull shitz, everyone is just mindlessly groping in the dark. But you know what, sometimes they are able to grab onto something floating around in the dark. That is often referred to as a solution. But it really isn't because what it amounts to is simple, "Managing the symptoms" of whatever issue. However, in reality, how can you fix a problem if you don't really understand the actual nature of it? So without any more qualifiers, let us move onto the next paragraph.

What I am talking about is the weaponizing of biologicals. Sometime after WW2, it was discovered that the Brucellosis bacteria could be weaponized very easily. Then in the 50s and 60s, they went full-on in developing these bacterias as biological warfare weapons. They have supposedly, as they claim, destroyed these biological weapons. Yeah, right. Translation; the technology went from government to private hands and the party went on. Keep in mind that a part of development involves testing them on the human population.

This bacteria has several varieties that will do certain things in each species. In my world, the term Brucellosis is associated with abortions in cattle. It is referred to as Bang's disease. In humans, it is called Undulant Fever. They blame it on the drinking of raw milk cows. Same thing with Goats, just a different name. But the one that is most easily used is Brucellosis suis, which is the one that is associated with pigs. Then you have the one that is called Brucellosis melitensiss, which comes from Goats. This particular one is the most widely used as a weaponized bacterium. By focusing on the similarities with Goats, Pigs, and Humans, one can see how much easier the bacteria could be adapted. The list is miles long in specific types of variations that are attached to the base bacteria and many of these were designed to be used to achieve some type of goal, whatever the goal might be for the situation. One must remember that these weapons that I am referring to were during the cold war. The Americans were more concerned with debilitating people without killing them while the Soviets were not as interested because they wanted weapons that were more lethal. It has been described that the flu from Brucellosis is like having the normal flu and times it by 10 fold. Of course, most people that are "within reason" considered healthy, most likely wish that they could die. I have had the flu-like that on more than one occasion. Of course, people without at least a fairly functioning immune system will usually die with a common type of flu, let alone the "Bruce Flu" or Undulant Fever as it is officially known as in humans. What makes this difficult to work with is that protocols for treatment can have a person on antibiotics for upwards to a year. Then that never really fixes the problem as the "virus or bacteria" (sometimes it is called one and then the other, and sometimes in the same sentence). This virus tends to get into a cell and hides there. So unless you can get a "curative" into the cell, all you are doing is managing the symptoms. Don't stress, we have that covered, later on in this discussion.

The most effective way of administrating this "Weaponized version" of this bacteria/virus is by an aerosol, making it really easy to disseminate over a wide population within a short period of time. What is even more attractive about this as a biological weapon is that you can make a hit on a group of people in the evening and by morning and type of vector of administration will be long gone by morning. Also, if used as a flu type of deal, no one would connect the dots because it would just appear as an outbreak of the flu, until later on when more extensive testing of the developed "Virus" was tested for. To further understand the nature of this beast, it created roving problems within the human being. Some of the typical symptoms are issues like sore joints and muscles, weight loss or gain, and garden varieties of other ailments that many people experience. The problem with this is that this "beast" takes on a mind of its own. It can change, mutate almost at will. It will team up with other issues like E-coli and Salmonella, basically using them to mask its appearance. It would work much like the Toxoplasma gondi parasite as found in cat feces. Just as a note for perspective this parasite crosses over into the brain and removes fear. Perhaps simply turning off the "Fight or Flight"  mechanism. In order for this parasite to reproduce it has to pass through the intestinal tract of a cat. So a mouse might get the parasite and then it moves to the brain, the mouse is no longer afraid of the cat, will go up to it and say, "Dine on me, at my expense".  So the cat dines on the mouse, the parasite goes through the digestive tract of the cat, and then it starts over again. My point here is that a parasite can control the brain of a host. A bacteria or a virus can also control important parts of its host's brain. You must get your head around that concept. How responsible are you for your actions if you have one of these "Parasites" running control?

When men present with this issue typical of men, especially as they become age challenged, we see some things appearing. Such as blood dribbling, on occasion, from the penis. when this happens they usually perform some operation that, well... one testicle swelling to be much larger than the other and other assorted male-related issues. Outside of males, both genders, are like depression, chronic fatigue, swelling of various internal organs, excessive sweating, endocarditis, just to name a few. Basically, in whatever area you might have a weakness, WHAMM, you are then dealing with an issue associated with that part of the body's weakness. I thought the following would be best explained by someone else, in this case here is a cut and paste from Med-scape;

Brucellae are aerobic gram-negative coccobacilli that possess a unique ability to invade both phagocytic and nonphagocytic cells and to survive in the intracellular environment by finding ways to avoid the immune system. This ability helps explain why brucellosis is a systemic disease and can involve almost every organ system.
Brucella can gain entry into the human body through breaks in the skin, mucous membranes, conjunctivae, and respiratory and gastrointestinal (GI) tracts. Sexual transmission has not been convincingly documented. In the United States, percutaneous needlestick exposure, conjunctival exposure through eye splash, and inhalation are the most common routes of entry.
Once within the bloodstream, the organisms quickly become intracellular pathogens contained within circulating polymorphonuclear cells (PMNs) and macrophages, making use of numerous mechanisms to avoid or suppress bactericidal responses. (End of quote).

So have we learned enough about Brucellosis to understand it's nature? I am only focusing on one sliver of this deal. Do you see the picture of how it can affect a human being and with a wide range of health issues? How often have you heard of the health people running a test for Brucellosis? Well, on the other hand maybe there is a reason why they don't. Most of the time it is hidden within the various cells. A lot of viruses do this as do many bacteria and parasites. But what makes Brucellosis so easy to work with is that it is also found in plants with the soil being the common vector going both ways.

My contention is this; At some point in time or even many points in time, we were used as test subjects for various weaponized pathogens over many years and likely still are Pretty much every person that alive and have hit puberty have been exposed to a weaponized biological and serve as a reservoir for the mutated form of a biological life form. You might say these are truly the ultimate GMO. The big challenge is to understand your inherent weaknesses and focus on strengthening those weaknesses. The contrails in the sky are child's play compared to stuff like these biological weapons. This particular bacteria/virus or whatever it is, ie; pathogen got a good hold on many of us. When you understand the picture of this situation with at least a bit of clarity, it gives you some insight. There is no rational way of expecting you to learn all about this topic just by reading this discussion. I have a concept because I have studied this stuff for years, talked with numerous people that are well versed in this topic, and on top of that I spent quite a few years of army training dealing with this crap. So maybe I have a concept of this construct. When we try to put our finger on an ailment that we might have, it then changes or goes away, then resurfaces again or in some other area. Yes, there are legitimate diseases out there. Many of them are truly nutritionally related. Those have their unique set of symptoms and solutions. But thew question then arises; How do you deal with something like this? If you were to divide up the pie, per se, that at least 1/3 of that pie, as it applies to human health is directly caused by an effect of weaponized biologicals.

Many times our ailments are consistent with a serious nutritional deficiency. So we change what we eat or something along those lines. Sometimes we get "Cured" or at least that is the way it appears. But with these weaponized versions of naturally occurring pathogens..... they are rogue and essentially totally out of control as they do what they want when they want and most generally very opportunistic in their approach. So how are you supposed to deal with that? Especially when it is controlling your brain? Think of weaponized pathogen as controlling the software. In computer talk, they call that a virus, well-named I would say.

I have left a lot of material out because of room and time to discuss this topic. I think that any of you should be able to see a picture that can be seen in this discussion. Do you see patterns here? OK< OK, I will get to the point. This whole CV-19 deal. Do you now see the patterns of a weaponized pathogen? Heck, it might be variant of the Brucellosis pathogen. At the very least, they are using a play out of the old playbook that works perfectly every time. Anyway, can you see why there are so many solutions and many of them work for many people, many do not work for other parts of the population? It is all over the board. Just like Brucellosis. When this is all said and done, I am halfway wondering if this is indeed a weaponized pathogen. You know what? I think it got out of control and from there, it went totally rogue. They were not ready for it to be released for actual population testing. But hey, since they can not let this go to waste, they are trying a number of trial runs on some theories. Now on this other part, which I have discussed privately with some selected friends, and that is this; This is all part of an ongoing ideological war between 2 parties. I think maybe the one side was developing it for use and the other side was able to turn it back on them. I am not going to go there right now with any of you here, but trust me when you place the players on the board, make a list and count it twice, lol, it makes perfect sense. This whole thing is a real-life war. Only this time they are not using guns, they are using bio-weapons. To settle questions, no the two parties of this war this does not involve interests within our country other than to being used as paws and useful idiots.

But alas, anyone reading this is not part of that war, at least directly. How do we deal with it? First off stay out of their way. But to deal with the fall out from this, how and what? I hope you can read between the lines here.

I know I said that I would present the solution later on in this discussion. But in light of it being long, so long I feel it best to do a part-2 for this as it is much more fresh and exciting. So stay tuned for part 2 as it will follow right after I post this one. I will present some very effective solutions and it is rather quite upbeat.

End of Discussion.


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