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Turkeys and Humans. Some similarities. Part 1.

Jul 02, 2021
This is a written part of the discussion of a FB Live Video that I did on June 30th. I was invited to go on a ride along when some diagnostic work was done on some Turkeys that were showing signs of illness. This a discussion of the events and observations. You can watch the live video in my FB group, Aromatherapy and Nutritional Related Information. If you aren't a member, request to join, to watch the video, I will approve your request.
Yesterday's Live Video. (June 30, 21).
I started out this FB live video with a warning, that it contained some icky stuff. In this video I took the opportunity to take advantage of an opportunity. The opportunity was that I was on a ride along when some health related diagnostic work was done on some turkeys. The issue that was looked at was a suspected serious respiratory issue within a specific barn of turkeys. The suspicion was confirmed. Along with the issue I made note of several tag along issues along with the human connections and some possible solutions. Since theses are certified Organic birds, the solutions are limited. However, there are some approved solutions for these issues and those solution protocols were implemented post haste. I am sorry about the sound, I have a new phone and I though I had the settings where they needed to be, but obviously I did not. If you chose to watch it, just do the best you can.
I showed the lungs out of several birds. I showed what the lungs look like that are not infected and a set of lungs that were severely affected. This respiratory issue affecting these birds is not Covid. There are many respiratory viruses and infections that affect birds as well as animals, including humans. Some jump across species, some do not. This one here does not jump to humans. But the affect on the lungs are similar across the various species. The solution to fix the problem is done by fogging the birds for short intervals, on and off. With animals like this they usually call it "Fogging". With humans we call it "Diffusing". Diffusing is one of the more effective ways of treating respiratory issues. After 24 hours these birds are showing remarkable progress in their breathing issues.
A secondary issue that I made mention of was when looking at the joints in these affected birds. I though you could see it but because of time that allowed some drying to take place and the actual video quality, it did not show it, but it was a case of E-Coli infection. This sometimes shows up after the onset of the primary illness. Many times a person's joints will be affected when they are dealing with chronic issues, let alone acute illness. This one is very easy to work with, if the proper solutions are applied.
A third factor that is over riding with these birds in this barn was that they were already kind of weak because of issues from the hatchery. So when the over issue was applied, in this case Heat Stress, but stress in general will do this as well, then weaknesses too advantage of the situation.
So the overall, 4 issues. Already a weaken state from day one. Even though it was only a slight problem, it caused weakness issues down the road. The heat stress situation that we have been experiencing lead to a respiratory issue to raise it ugly head and then the secondary infection set in. The birds, hens, are half way through their life cycle. The heat stress was on them for a little less than a week. The respiratory and secondary infection development took place over 24 hours. At least any observable signs took place over 24 hours I should say. But remarkable signs of recover was observed within 24 hours after the beginning of treatment protocols.
I like this whole observational opportunity as it has direct cross overs to humans in all 4 of these areas. Although there is not much we can do about working with the unknown issues of our past, the 3 issues in the present can be worked with effectively. We have the respiratory issue. Here we use a diffusion method of working with it. There are several different respiratory use essential oils. I have one that I have never introduced and I cal it Crow. It deals with the virus side as well as the fungal nature of these respiratory issues. The next is the E-Coli and that is simple to deal with and I use the Defender EO blend, which I have never introduced either. You put that on location, such as a joint, and it works wonders. Contrary to most of the Psychopath's claims, bacterial infections seem to be the cause of joint issues as to pain and inflammation, which leads to joint breakdown. These bacterial pathogens for the most part, are opportunistic in nature. Lastly is stress and that is multi factored and it does take a major, overall approach to it. Oils help but mostly it is a nutritional solution for long term recovery.
I think this one is getting too long, as I also covered some other aspects of nutrition by showing the gizzards and explaining several aspects to this. So I will cover that in an additional post. Thank you for your interest and I hope it serves some rational purpose for you.
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End of this part of the Discussion.

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