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Tooth Powder, R&D Program.

Apr 15, 2020

If things go as planned, subscribers to the R&D Program should be receiving a tooth powder sample in the upcoming monthly sample kit. I have 5 pounds of the stuff made up, but I have to get it packaged and labeled, so hopefully, it will get done before the shipping deadline.

Over the years I have messed around with various tooth powders for the purpose of brushing the good old food grinders. Because of Prop 65 regulations, the powder that I preferred could not be sold in California because of the Lead and Arsenic levels. The actual amount is so minimal that it is almost not registering on the scale. It is only when you extend the decimal out there quite a few spaces that both actually end up showing their face. But when you deal with simple stimulus/response types of people that really know nothing, then we end up with stupid actions. The reality of it is that we actually need both of these items within our systems to function as designed. It is when you get these nutrients in excess and of the wrong version of them, that any damage is factored in on the whole. So in an effort to cover my tushie, Please be advised that this product may contain elements that are known to the state of California to cause cancer. There you have been warned.

Next; Our teeth are one part of our body that is often neglected until it becomes a disaster. These disasters can be very costly, even if you have insurance. I was discussing this with my Dentist one day, he said that when dental care was first added in on insurance plans, they set it at $1,000.00 in a yearly package. After all of these years, it is still at $1,000.00 and everything else has had increases in benefits. So each year, it still becomes more costly, even if you have insurance. I did make the tooth drops in a blend called Big Smile. This works extremely well. Problem is that most people are conditioned to have the need to feel something at least somewhat solid on the tooth brush. So for many, it has been a struggle to accept and get their head around a liquid to serve as a medium for cleaning their teeth. It really does a good job of cleaning the teeth and by extension, the gums and mouth area. But still more needs to be done. after all most people, at least in theory, will clean their teeth at least one time per day. But rather a person cleans their teeth only on occasion, or once per day or even multiple times per day, I say, how about trying something new once in a while? You can still keep doing what you are doing, but just add this stuff in at least on occasion. After all, cleaning your teeth can help to avoid a lot of negative or ill health issues.

I worked with this particular formulation and was able to solve some concerns that were voiced in previous formulations of the tooth powders. At the center of this is Clay. I wanted to use this particular type of clay because I feel like it is an excellent type and I can get it locally and at a very attractive price. One of the cool things about this formulation is that I was able to bring Tea Tree EO in without overpowering the taste of the powder. Leiann claims that she feels like I used too much Baking Soda in the mix. Which it does contain some baking soda. I feel like the slight taste that she is noticing is actually the Tee Tree. So this is why we need all of you to use it and give honest feed back. The formula can be changed to compensate for any issue if need be and on the spot with no issues. I also used Birch, Cinnamon Bark and Lemon EO's in the mix. Also, some natural inland mineral sea salt and volcanic ash sourced calcium are used to round out the final/finished formulation.

I actually look forward to brushing and using this tooth powder for brushing over all other forms and cleaning mediums for tooth care. At times when you don't rinse completely enough you will notice some fine-grit still in your mouth. If you do, then great1 If this is noticed, then use your tongue to push the stuff around for more cleaning action. This grit is actually the undissolved calcium. After a bit, you can again rinse and then you will notice the squeaky clean sensation of a clean mouth. What is great is that I have noticed that food particles tend to not stick to the teeth as usually happens with other cleaning mediums. Also, I do love the idea of using clay. The clay particles are usually negatively charged and most any pathogen, bacteria or other critters in the mouth are usually positively charged. When this condition exists, then the positively charged stuff is attracted to the negatively charged stuff and then when you rinse out the mouth after brushing, the critters are then expelled from the mouth and by and large from the body. If you were to accidentally swallow some of this tooth powder, you will likely not experience any negative reaction. I know the ideas behind the ingestion of EO's, but in this case, you aren't going to ingest enough to make a notice. The rest of the stuff really is in the strictest sense, normally does not cause any undesirable action on or to the body.

So how do you use it? Wet your brush, sprinkle some tooth powder on it, rinse your mouth with water, then brush, brush as you would normally. Then remove the brush, spit out the material, rinse your mouth a couple of times, clean up your brush, etc., then go on your merry way. Pretty simple procedure I might say. As previously mentioned, if you notice some grit, consider it a bonus, work it around, then rinse your mouth out again. The go on your merry way with a fresh, squeaky clean set of food grinders and a nice clean mouth.

Try this sample of tooth powder, give some feedback and we can go from there.

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