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This is a Q and A concerning a product that was observed being sold by another company out there. It contained CBD oil, Essential Oils, and Extracts. There was also a screenshot of the contents of that formula

Oct 19, 2019
  I just saw a discussion about a new product being advertised as having certain essential oils as nutritional drivers for a CBD product. I did a quick search and couldn't find information on a nutritional driver. Would Clary Sage helping the body absorb calcium be considered a nutritional driver?
  Let's set a foundation. A Driver, as it applies to this type of discussion is the primary functioning component. The Nutritional part is just a qualification of the type of purpose the driver is serving. So as to the above idea. CBD is the Driver and the Nutritional part is telling of its purpose and where the product is going. Everything else in there is just support staff if you will, and support for the driver. In these types of blends, they usually use a lot of extracts, in addition to the essential oils. This serves as a stabilizing effect to the whole. Plus it helps in a more broad spread effect. Overall, they have used a driving product and to reach the end goal they used a variety of different products, ie; essential oils and extracts. In theory, it may be a good product. I haven't used it, don't know the purpose and target of it, and thus can't honestly give an opinion beyond what I have done.
    When I developed the Y-23 EO blend, I was given a list that reads somewhat like this list. First I had to translate it from a foreign language. Some of the extracts used in it were not available here in the US. I went with an EO based blend. I had to cross over the values of the extracts to the various oils. In the end, I think I had something like 28 versions and variations. After letting people in some foreign countries sample it and after making sure it met compliance in Russia and Israel, the target areas for this blend, we ended up using the 23rd. version, thus naming it Y-23 (Youngevity and the 23rd. version). Then I went further and tested it, using the Y-23 as the control and the other 2, the flagship oil from 2 other companies, same in purpose oil blends and there is no comparison. Y-23 is by far more effective. If it is the Cinnamon flavor that you would like, then just add some Cinnamon to the Y-23 and you are setting just fine. So this example is to show you that like this above mentioned CBD blend, you can do other stuff, with different products.
    So to answer the question asked, related to the Clary Sage. In the sense, if you were to compare it to the CBD in this formula, then not really. Here is why, the CBD formula is a nutritional purpose route product, as it is likely billed as oral ingestion. I guess you could go anal in the application for nutrition, but a little hot and way too tingly down under, so to speak. lol.  With the Clary Sage, you would apply it topically. Since it is already an acid of sorts, it doesn't need to go through the digestive process and get converted in order to be used. Also, it is not providing a nutritional product. It is encouraging, so to speak, the body to produce specific hormones that are necessary for Calcium absorption. Those certain estrogen hormones are necessary for the calcium to function as it should. So do you see the difference there?
    Here is another example along those lines. We use a High Aldehyde Orange Essential oil. Is this the best Orange oil out there? It depends on the end purpose. We use this EO because it is really good, of course, lol. But aside from that aspect, the High Aldehyde works really really good with.... and what does a lot of people do with their diets??? Keto comes to mind. It works wonders to help people that are on the Keto diet. It is just right there at the base to slightly acidic and helps to stabilize and hold the process better. It also provides a good emotional support as people wean off of certain comfort foods. Some other high aldehyde oils will work too, but I like Orange as it serves both emotional and physical needs. Plus it is the least costly of any oil out there.
    So will any Orange oil work for this purpose? NO, they won't. Anyone on a Keto diet should be using this Orange oil. It would make all the difference in the world for them. In fact, to further this idea of using EO's as nutritional support in one way or the other, we did have an EO listed with each HBP. Each one of those HB Packs had an oil listed next to them that would help provide the emotional support that would go a long way in helping to keep focused on that particular pack.
    But getting back to the whole idea as in this screenshot of a formula. This stuff has been actively going on for years and is widely used. Nothing new here folks, just another one, but hey, it might be good. It isn't what I need, so I likely wouldn't use it.


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