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The Management of People and Business Success.

Mar 25, 2020

Since everyone is cooped up in their house, or something like that, I thought it might be a good time to review a presentation that I did on a FB live about business building. I feel like it is very fitting in light of the situation that many people are faced with.

So how do you go about building a business? I have seen so many of these psychopaths get up and say, "If you don't do it like me and become me, you are a loser". Then when you find out how they "built" their business, you find out that their way is not for you or well, it isn't reality. So in our discussion, we will deal with reality. What I am going to help you to understand is how to build a business that is sustainable for both the short term and long term. I call it, well, the water principle, I guess. We will learn how to make water flow uphill. So maybe The water flowing uphill principle?

When you are faced with going out into the big world, you will meet all kinds of people, this is great, but as you go you will learn from all of these encounters and begin a process of finding what works for you. Our idea has 3 sections to it. So the first section we will call the Swimming Pool, the 2nd. is the Hot Tub and the 3rd. is the Bath Tub. Of course, these aren't literal, but figurative and are so named for illustrative purposes.

The Swimming Pool. Here we find ourselves in a swimming pool. Here you encounter many people, of which the vast majority you will never speak to or much less even have any kind of a personal encounter with. But how many of you have actually met people at the pool. Heck, I met my wife at the swimming pool, so you can meet people at the swimming pool as you end up having a life long interaction with. Also, while at the pool you will likely observe many different types of people, some of which you will say to yourself, "I hope that person stays on that side of the pool and me on this side and all will be well". Anyway, I think you can see the picture. You will be exposed, lol, to a lot of different people and they to you. You may end up over time developing a relationship or friendship with someone from here. But with these people, you will not have any type of business relationship with them at this time. Next, we will move to the Hot Tub.

Now we are in the Hot Tub. Here you may be setting across from someone that you noticed while you were at the swimming pool, or perhaps this is the first time you have crossed paths with them. In any case, we will tend to strike up a conversation of some kind. The opportunity will present its self as to what you do business-wise. Here you now have a warm body. But DO NOT attempt to sign them up. Maybe you can "sell" them one of your products. Maybe the opportunity will come up that they will say, yeah, call me, let's talk about your stuff, it sounds interesting. Once contact is made and developed, and you will likely take them on as a customer. But at this point, in your Hot Tub setting, you do not sign them up. You will determine if it is best to keep them as a customer or to move them on to the bathtub. You do not want to sign everyone you meet up. This is one of the first places that the failure of your business begins. Nothing will kill or destroy your business more than to sign up for everyone. The reason why we call the next step the Bathtub, is because it makes you ask yourself, would I want this person to be up close and personal with me, such as you would have if you were sharing a bath together. Keep in mind that we are not talking about perversions, we are talking figuratively. Working closely with them, such as on a customer level, is one thing, but closer than that, not so sure. For example, years ago my wife was casual friends with a lady that was big and I mean big in Jaffra, you know the women's makeup company. Anyway, at the post office one day, and I was there to witness it, Leiann invited her to come to an essential oil meeting. The lady told her, "Look Leiann I will not sign up in your company. I will buy some of your oils, which I already do, but I won't sign up". So Leiann asked her why just out of curiosity. She said that she likes to keep focused. In all of the training meetings that she has with her girls, her most difficult ones are those who sign up in several companies. She called them "Butterflies", because they flit around like a Butterfly. As you know they don't fly in a straight line and they just sort of "flit" all over the place. These people make for great customers but bad business "partners" or "business builders". They always end up dragging down you momentum. They have trouble focusing. So I think you get the picture here. So with these, yes, you want them as a customer, but no as a person to signup in your down line. But from here, yes, you will cross paths with those that you would like to work more closely with. When it comes to them, you will move them into the bathtub.

Now we are in the bathtub, this is when we get up close and personal. With these people, you will work closely with them and on a regular basis. When we have a person or person that we move up to this point, we will only work with them directly. You will not work with "Their" people directly. This is the place where you will find the second best thing that you can do to destroy your business. That is bypassing your personal signups and work directly with "Their" signup. This breeds disrespect and insecurity. When you are working directly with your signup you are training them to work with their people. You are showing them that you value them and respect them. This builds trust and confidence, in both directions. For example in most MLM businesses, you will have a comp plan that requires you to have 3 front line people. If you follow this principle, you will only have to work directly with 3 people. You can give them the personal attention and training that they need. From there they will do the same for their 3 people. Yes, on occasion you will work with some of your people's people. But when you do, it will always be working together with your leader that you are training.

When you are going through these processes, you will keep a list, write down who you feel best fits in each pool of water. Despite whatever someone tells you to the contrary if you write it down it creates an energy of sorts that will assist you in making it happen. Plus it reminds you of a thought you had at one time that you may have forgotten about. At first, as you are learning this idea, you will only work with 1 person per week from the swimming pool. Then as you move a person into your hot tub, you will be working with the person that you moved up, then you will identify a new one from your swimming pool. At first, you will only be working with the swimming pool crowd. Eventually, as you progress you will be working with 3 people in each of the 3, the Tub, the Tub, and the Pool. But you will have a priority list, the Bath Tub people come first, then the Hot Tub people and then if you have time you will visit the swimming pool. From this point on, as your front line people become leaders in their own right, it allows you the flexibility to work where your time is best spent. One thing that is paramount is that you want to create in your front line people an attitude that they don't really need you, they have it handled. It is hard on the ego, but it is the right thing to do.

There are a few things that will not happen, no matter what anyone tells you. They are as follows; You will not sign up a someone that is going to make you a million dollars the first month. You are not going to sign up someone that is better than your self. This happens by development, you develop yourself, and then you develop others. One thing that will happen and that is if you make the right selection of people, your business will develop into a million-dollar business, eventually, just not in the first month. Also along these lines, if you follow a trajectory of a rocket, you will come down like a rocket. It is best to follow a gentle upward path and build your operation on solid ground. Basically you have to learn to manage your people and the business structure. That takes some seat time. Another factor to consider is this and it works really well. It goes like this; if you single out the main mover and shaker within a demographic and since this person is the one that actually makes the decisions as to what everyone else is going to do and if that person thinks it is cool, to sign up with your operation, most of the others will follow the leader, so to speak.  Otherwise, you will only get those on the prereferral edges of the demographics.

I feel like I did a better job of explaining this idea in the FB live, so I hope that you can see the concepts and implement them. If you do, you will find success and finding success is based on the successful management of people. Perhaps that is the most important point of this discussion and that is the management of people. That is the most critical point of any business success. Just remember, management of people, If you fail at this point, you fail. If you succeed with the management of people you succeed. The product is secondary. Yes, it is always easier if you have certain types of products, but still ice cubes can be sold to Eskimos. People + Proper Management of those people = Success.

End of Discussion.


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