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The Current State of Affairs, Health Wise, so to speak. Part 2 of 3 parts.

Sep 21, 2021

Well, we are here again to discuss this deal. As mentioned in Part 1, we would look at possible causes and possible solutions to this whole Covid deal.

In the social media live session that I did I mentioned what I thought could be what this is actually is. Now keep in mind that this is an opinion, I do base it on some logical and documented information. Also, as mentioned, most anyone out there with any kind of rational thought, after removing their emotional bias, generally see this as a form of a Biological Weapon. Again, just from what I have run across and an opinion. I say to those who see it differently, prove it. Prove that it isn't a Biological Weapon being used on us.

Generally, most of the treatment protocols that actually work, are centered around this being a serious Bacterial Infection. Yes, the Viral part is obviously a virus, IE; the virus is the vector. But what is carried on that virus is a Bacteria. Along with this Bacteria, we have the usual parasite entourage that follows this type of an infection. So if you do something serious about getting the parasite load and the bacterial infection under control, then the rest is largely a cake walk. Of course it appears that it will attack any weak part of the body. Since we have a serious pollution problem in most cities, it stands to reason that the respiratory system is going to be hit very hard. For example, the one major, read; largest city in Utah, of which state that I reside in, tends to have some serious inversion issues as to weather related pollution. The EPA has stated that during these inversions, the particulate matter; read; pollutants, that are breathed in is equivalent to a person smoking 4 packs packs of smokes each day, when these events happens. These days are closer to more days per year of this problem than not. So if you have a person that is "sickish", do you not think that 4 packs of smokes almost everyday day, for around at least 4 months per year would not create the potential for serious respiratory problems?  Think of a little kid smoking 4 packs per day, yeah, a very sick kid, even without an assault of any kind other than the pollution levels. BTW, I live 150 miles south of that crap hole. We just get blown in pollution from California. LOL> But at least it isn't that bad, which is good right? Maybe????? Actually this one single factor is a huge influence on people's health that most people giving "Health Advice" seem to ignore. But let us move on and get back to the subject.

From this point on you need to be either humming or softly playing the theme music to the Twlight Zone TV show, as you read on. So quickly get that music going. LOL>

In the area where I spent the first 19 years of my life, it was an area where the primary occupation was that of being a farmer with a beef cattle operation and a few milk cows. My Grandpa and Dad were the largest ones with my Grandpa having around 200 beef cows and my Dad around 50 beef cows. They also had about 15 milk cows.  Plus on the top of that, they also raised Potatoes. Which is where I began my love affair with potatoes. Up until this time frame of 1969 to 1970, everyone in the valley tended to have a dwarf calf or two every year. I always wanted my Grandpa to let me have a dwarf calf, that never happened, but back in the mid 60's he did get me a horse. From that point on it was me and my horse, actually several different horses over the years. Anyway, I feel like the cause of the dwarf calves had a lot to do with the "Down Winders" situation that we were "privileged" to be a part of, at least looking back on the setting. The "down wind"  was from Fallout from the Nevada test sites with Nuclear Weapons testing. IAll that radioactive dust would blow right on over us and deposited the radioactive fallout in it's path. That is why a lot of us glow in the dark, still to this day. At least that was what I figured out a long time after the fact and after a lot of education and training in the Army, A major part of my duties was being involved with Biological Weapons. As part of this was coming to understand about Cobalt. All of this dwarfism in cattle always comes back to a Cobalt issue. Normally, Cobalt is on the higher energy end of the spectrum. Goose the Cobalt with a little extra energy from a Nuke and turn it Radioactive, and all kinds of weird stuff appears.

Anyway, during the Vietnam War time frame of 69 to 70 ish time frame, in the spring, we had these F-4's come over, they were so low that I could see the rivets in the wings, also could see the pilots, if only for a very short time frame, as those birds were in full throttle mode and boy were they loud. They were here and gone in no time, IE; getting with the program. Then after a while, along about the fall-winter-spring time frame, the Agriculture people from the Government came around with orders to bleed the cows. That means to take a blood sample from them. All cattle over a certain age had to be bled. The "younger cattle", which was the age equivalent of human age was about 12 years old.... Those that supposedly tested positive, were ordered to be sold. They were branded with a "B" on their jaw. They could only go for slaughter... hamburger... That is another story in and of it's self. Even to this day, a vaccination certificate is required if the animal is moved over a state line.

Anyway, after the F-4 came over, there wasn't any dwarf calves anymore in the valley. Dwarfism in cattle is a normal thing, well, not very normal, always has been with us from who knows when. But after the F-4's, no more dwarf calves in the valley, period. Cancer rates went up at a higher rate than normal. A lot of people died of cancer after that. The older people tended to die of blood related cancers. The younger people died of nutrient ratios being messed with.

Now you need to keep in mind that all of the research that I have done, back ground work coupled with education, is when I got older and could go back and review the data with first hand perspectives. There are a number of factors that appear to rise above all the other factors. One is that these issues are centered around Cobalt. Another aspect from the resulting/residual effects is Silica, Manganese and Copper related issues. Of course others are part of it all as many of these are interrelated in the main nutrient matrix configuration. But it seems to trace back to these main ones. The Cobalt and Silica are what could be considered drinking buddies. Also, Copper and Manganese are drinking buddies as well. Most Herbicides tend to affect these 4 nutrients the most. From the physical side they tend to mess with the Manganese-Copper balance. They also mess with the light energy/chemical nature of the Cobalt and Silica balance which is essentially saying that the Photosynthesis is essentially shut down. It doesn't necessarily "short" these elements as much as it messes with the proper ratio/balance of these and their entourage of nutrients. Now we are going to leave this part of the discussion for a moment, then we will come back to it later on.

Now we will go back and pickup from an earlier paragraph. Back when they started bleeding the cows, they were checking for Brucellosis. This is a very serious pathogen. They used to call it a virus, but now they are calling it a bacterial infection. It is largely a mammalian disease. Back in the early 50's the military was looking for a good, easy to use a pathogen that they could weaponize. They worked with the Anthrax pathogen but it just would not work good. It was too unstable and the "kill" factor was too unpredictable. At about the same time, they got thinking that killing wasn't the most effective way of dealing with population control. Then they also changed their doctrine when they run across the Brucellosis pathogen. The new doctrine became "Incapacitate" other than "kill". It worked fantastically well. From that point on it was a full court press in development of this Bio-Weapon based on the Brucellosis pathogen. Since then a number of various garden varieties of pathogens have been developed. But the Brucellosis one tends to be the one of choice for most applications. Besides, it is so common that it is easy to hide the source. Interestingly, in 2017, in Lanzhou, China, this very pathogen was discovered in two different species of Bats. The God of the Covid deal is credited with saying, in 2017, that the POTUS would be faced with a serious "pandemic" before long. In short, when this Covid thing came to light, it had this Brucellosis deal written allover it. If it isn't based on this pathogen then it could be based on one of the many similar types of pathogens out there that are normally used for such purposes. You know the old saying of, "If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck and some other stuff like a duck, then it must be a duck". Well this Covid thing has all the duck attributes but it looks like a Bat. lol. With the GMO stuff, it could be a Bat looking Duck, really!  Actually in Sept 2020 in a city of Lanzou China, a Brucellosis pathogen was released, of course accidentally, and it eventually affected, officially, 6,000 people.

I want to share a story with you, a true story. Back in the 40's a Dr. William Albrecht, a soil scientist out of the University of Missouri ran a series of tests on two dairy herds. One in Missouri and one in Minnesota. Both herds were infected with the Brucellosis pathogen in this case the B. abortus variety, otherwise known as Bangs Disease. In the study they ran for 4 years. In the end of the 4 year study program, they cured the one herd in Missouri of Bangs and the herd in Minnesota did not get cured. They worked with it from a nutritional stand point. The herd in Minnesota was fed the nutritional cure directly and the herd in Missouri was fed feed that had first had the nutritional cure applied to the soil , taken up by the plants then those plants were fed to the cows. Of course, the idea here that I don't know if they fully realized then, what we have come to understand now, was that the plant attached a Carbon molecule to the plants that were consumed by the cows. The direct fed nutrients did not have the Carbon molecule attached. When the Carbon molecule is attached it then becomes Organic, no Carbon molecule, then it is considered Inorganic. The Organic will bio-degrade, IE; digest. The Inorganic molecule does not bio-degrade, IE; digest, at least very effectively. The people with the study was elated with glee as they proved that a Virus could be cured, as the Bangs disease was considered a Virus at the time. Now the Brucellosis is considered to be a Bacterial Infection, at least in much of the literature, in some literature is it still a Virus. But in reality it is a Virus that causes a particular disease, usually a Bacterial based disease. This is the same thing and same way the Covid thing is viewed. So we treat the effects of the disease, in reality. The Virus will run it's course and that is the long and short of it and the disease will die a natural death.

An interesting concept is that if this is the Brucellosis based deal, as it could be, or one of any number of similar acting in deed or purpose pathogen, then we need to look at some other stuff. With the Brucellosis pathogen, it is a world wide problem. Back in the '72 time frame Nixon ordered all stuff related to the Brucellosis testing and studying to be destroyed. From all appearances it was destroyed. But moving forward to about '79 it made it's reappearance. From then on it was an active deal, a done deal, as the program from then on became alive and well.

Interestingly, this Brucellosis thing is a huge issue in a number of countries. China has a huge problem with it. In the US, it is a small thing, well, until now, if I am anywhere being correct. Other places it is huge as well. Places Uganda, Sudan, and the place where it is the most wide spread is Syria. Countries around Syria does not have the problem with any seriousness, according to the reports. You do your won thinking there. Trouble spots.. war.... The vaccination rate for Covid 19 in Afghanistan is at about 2% of the population. The Brucellosis rate is running/infecting about 15% of the human population. Because of events that have happened over the past month or so, I am interested in watching what comes down. Bottom line here is is that things are not always as they appear to be. OK, OK, I will say it, is the Taliban about to get hit with a massive Bio-Weapon situation???

As we look more closely at this thing, we do see some fundamental differences. The shape of the pathogen is the main one. But that could be accounted for if you consider the concept of GMO here. It obviously has some elements of a being manipulated in a lab setting. But what is weird is that way back in the 80's and even into the 2000 time frame, we routinely vaccinated cattle with a Covid type vaccine. So the whole concept of the Covid thing being a novel thing, a new thing, is out of the question. But it being manipulated is not out of the question.

Speaking of vaccines. This whole new concept of a mRNA based vaccine is scary. In real simple terms, it appears to me at least, the whole deal is a classic example of NLP being played out on the cellular level. NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, In this concept a person is basically manipulating the Brain or Cell in this case, to respond a certain outcome. It has it's roots in a lie that is being told to the recipient, either the Brain or the Cell, in this situation. The Brain and Nature have very close links and as such you can't really actually lie to either and get away with it. In this process as applied to the cell, the lie is received, a vetting process is carried out, as this is something new and the memory programming to the Brain or Cell does not exist for this learning process, as presently presented by the mRNA route. So eventually the Brain or Cell rejects it on that basis. But to carry out the designs of the vaccine makers, you have to get a booster shot every so often. So as to remind the Brain or the Cell of how it is suppose to respond. I guess this is a classic example of, tell a lie enough times, it may start to be believed. Do you see the picture here? So the way I see it, the whole thing is based on a lie and taking advantage of some known technologies, such as the process of many of the Herbicides as well as Psychological Manipulation. In the end, Nature will always win out. But there are other types of vaccines. As far as vaccines go, several of them work from the perspective of how a typical vaccine should or could work, for the most part. Only time will tell what the out come will actually be. The biggest problem out there is the fact that most people don't trust the officials that are suppose to know about this and it is obvious why. Plus the factor of the unknown. It is impossible to know what the long term effects are going to be as this is a new thing. Well supposedly it is new and nothing long term is known. But in reality, who really knows? Right?

Another way to look at this is that this is a new religion. It is the religion of the Left, called Leftism. Their main belief is that you have to act and believe as they do. This isn't a new religion, it has been growing for years. Problem is that they are rabid in their beliefs and anything they choose to use, to justify their beliefs, is OK. If a lie is used to justify the end, that is OK. So these people pushing vaccines, or what ever, are not likely to respond to sincere questions or any kind of push back, well, I think someone else might can help us all, as it is above my pay grade to work with that belief system. But I do think that we can be just fine if we get out ahead of these people and be as wise as a snake and not engage these people and just do what we belief will protect us from them. The scriptures (Old Testament for the most part) are full of examples, in principle, of what we are facing today. We can see examples of how it was worked with in the past, and in theory it should work today. In the end the Leftism and it's followers will lose this round, as it appears that they have already done so. So don't give up.

As I am looking over this discussion, I can see that we need to have a part 3. In that part 3, I will go over the possible solutions and address how to deal with the issue of correcting this from a nutritional point of view, as this really has it's roots in several combinations of nutritional deficiencies.

End of Discussion. KK


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