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The Current State of Affairs, Health Wise, so to speak. Part 1 of 3 Parts.

Sep 14, 2021

Today we are going to look at some important stuff. Last week I did several FB Live sessions to deal with this. Now I would like to put this in print form and try to make it short and sweet. Please keep in mind that the ideas presented here are solely my ideas, they do not represent the ideas or opinions of anyone out there. I am sure there is no agency of any kind that would approve much of anything coming from me. This material is presented for educational and some entertainment mixed in. Anything that you might use from here, you do so at your own choice. Does that cover the disclaimers?

One of the big things, obviously, in today's world is this whole Covid deal. Everyday we get a new set of information that is touted as the most current available. Unfortunate for most people is that everyday conflicts with any previously held belief. I keep wondering how many different versions and takes we can come up with. From most appearances, there is no rhyme or reason to any of this. Many people are sincerely scared Many people that really haven't clue are searching for relevance, are setting themselves as experts. Many times we see those people doing the fact checking as well. It is without question, interesting times that we live in. I would like to share with you some ideas and in the end I might just be classified as one of those that haven't a clue. But I really don't think so. However, only time will tell. What I present here might very well be worth what it is costing you, which is nothing.

Since the available information out there on this subject is so influenced by political emotion, one has to discount the the direction of going forward and resort to a form of reverse engineering to come to any kind of relevant and coherent rational thought on the subject. We are going to look at this from the "Scientific Method of Research" approach. That is defined as first you try to disprove a theory and if you can't then you begin to look in the direction of proving something of this whole deal. In the interest of time, space and interest I think we can dispense with mush of the disproving and move on to looking at what we can see, feel and touch. So here goes.

One thing that we do know is in many cases we see some solutions that are actually working. Here is what works, if you treat it as a Bacterial Infection, people gets better. If you treat the accompanying Parasitic load, people responds positively and gets better. As we know any Viral exposure and load with almost anyone will responds very well to Sunshine, rest, plenty of good drinking water and anything that is easy to digest, and doesn't put an undo burden on the digestive system. IE; go easy on porking/pigging out.

There are many and I say many people in the Natural Health side of things that are very good practitioners. Most of them will do a very good job in helping people overall and many times specifically. I would think that most of them would agree with my ideas presented in the previous paragraph. So lets move on. In dealing specifically with Essential Oils, I have found out that if you work with the Viral aspect of this deal, as you would any viral issue, as they are usually short lived, that alone will take care of that part of the business. Next is to work with the Bacterial Infection that appears to be there and is obvious to most people. Part of this must include attention to the respiratory system. Then lastly work with the parasite load. Keep in mind that many parasites are simply opportunistic in nature. They look for every chance that they can take advantage of and move in. Then other parasites tend to be there as part of a plan presented by nature it's self. In either case, the purpose of a parasite is to break down diseased tissue to natural element and begin the recycling process of those natural elements. Most of the time we are trying to beat Nature at it's own game. One of my favorite Isms is this, "You can't break the laws of Nature and get away with it". In my opinion, this is what the political/emotionally driven crowd is trying their hardest to do. It will be interesting to see how this plays out going forward.

Quite often I am asked, What can we do"? What can be done to address the issue and more so what can be done if you get the Jab? Something like 12 to 15 years ago I developed a few essential oil blends and some herbal blends. I won't be discussing the herbal blends in this discussion, but maybe at a later date in another discussion. Anyway, I found those blends to be really good. But I didn't feel right in releasing 2 of them. I did release some of the parasite blends and they worked really good. The two blends that I am now going to address is the Defender and the Guardian blends. Then when this Covid thing hit, we started getting questions. In some weird way, I thought of these two blends, and i felt really good about mixing up a bunch of the stuff and having people try them. Some of them went out in Leiann's Essential Oils Unleashed program. Some of them were distributed among people here and there. BTW, I also have used those two blends personally through out this deal and you know what? So far I haven't been hit with it and no jab either. Oh yes, I have been exposed and in several cases, I purposely made sure I "should have had" some transmission factors being transferred. So far, all has been well. From what has been reported to me, people that have used these two blends have had similar results as myself. I also have 3 major health factors that are extremely high risk and as such I should not have the jab, according to the God of this whole deal and I think you know who I mean. That does not mean I won't kick over in the near future, but it hasn't happened yet.

What about the people that have had the jab? These people in many cases had no real choice in the matter. Many of these people are asking what they can do. In my opinion, they would need to get on the Bio-Balance Program. The first part of the program consists of 4 essential oil blends. This program was originally called the Brain Balancing Program. But a name change reflected how it serves people much better. I was working on this long before Covid came along. After all I am suppose to know something about the brain and how it functions. So the idea was to feed the Brain what it needs to function. 80% of the Immune system is found in the gut/digestive system and the other 20% is found in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid within the Brain. Al of these people out there are touting the secret to immune functioning and have the answers. Usually this consists of a specific nutrient and costs you a lot of money. Or they try to get you to change your lifestyle and pay them a lot of money, for the rest of your life. So I got figuring that maybe if we look at the brain, give it what it needs in the ratios that it needs, then maybe we can depend on the brain doing the rest. So what happens here is that I used a Pearson Square that I modified to fit the purpose. A Pearson square is the basic formula that is used to balance a feed ration for livestock rations. Perhaps if we used the concepts here, we might be seeing much better health from everyone. I don't recall if it is spelled Pearson or Pherson, but you get the idea I hope. I then selected based on electrical charge, IE; the electrical polarity and ranges for each of the main nutrients that they brain uses. Of course a few things, such as water is not included in this formula, it is a given that you will drink a lot of water, high quality water. We go from a low level to a higher level. There are 4 oils in this first step which will take a person 4 months to do. IE; 1 oil per month. This is what I call the Horizontal balance. Then later on we will do 4 more oils that are for the most part the same oils used, but are formulated to work on connecting the 4 charge levels on a Vertical basis. We use certain essential oils from plants that are know to carry a high level of a particular nutrient to meet the needs of each one. Plus I add in some special Ionized, crystalized, nutrients on a very low level.

So when I am asked, from an essential oil perspective, what can be done to negate the potential damage caused by these vaccines, if that is what they are, or what ever is going on, then this is my answer, based on what I know and have uncovered in doing research. Even if nothing is going on with this whole deal, then the Bio-Balance Program should, in theory, do a person a world of good. From using these oils on people and animals, I see it as doing them nothing but good.

In this discussion I would like to talk about some background perspectives on this. But I think it is better done in another discussion. I half way think it needs to be done in 3 discussions. But you can get most of the information if you listen to the FB Live sessions that I posted in my one FB group, Aromatherapy and Nutritional Related Information. I did two of them. The older of the 2 is much better, than the latter. I tried to clear up some points in the 2nd. one and didn't do a very good job at it, plus I was having internet issues and that didn't do much to help the situation. Also, the two were done in the Applied Aromatic School and can be seen there as well.

But before I close I will give you a teaser. In one of them I will discuss the nutrient aspect. Such as with Cobalt. Basically if you are Cobalt deficient, you are screwed, well along with Silica as well. None of these nutrients work as a Lone Wolf. They always have their companion nutrient ad have their entourage of support nutrients. I will explain how to potentially solve the issue there as well. In the other one I will go through and explain why I think this is a particular type of Bacterial Pathogen and some history behind it. If it isn't this particular one, then it could be a few others with the similar or same outcome.We will have these oils available in the near short term. But in this day and age, when you order something, even like labels, you are put on the list and maybe down the road a few months, you might get it. I do have them blended up and in boxes and... so hopefully, soon. You got to love the way this would works now days.

End of Discussion.


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