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The Bottom Line on Essential Oil Quality

Jun 20, 2017

The REAL bottom line on Essential Oil Quality.

Many times we have people really hammer us on the quality of essential oils. It doesn't matter what company you are with, that company's oils is the best by leaps and bounds. Well, really you should feel that way about the company that you represent. It really presents some serious issues and conflicts in your mind and is irresponsible and irrational to know your product is of a low quality and still promote it and sell it. Part of the process of "proving" your product, (essential oils as far as this discussion is concerned), some so called "facts" are presented as as proof that "your" oils are the best. OK, I can deal with that. Most people can. But is it the truth? That is the question. The facts are only the truth to the extent of and the relationship to the available data that the "facts" are based on.

I will explain in this illustration. My favorite apple is a Golden Delicious. For me it is, without question the best. That is a fact. As far as I am concerned that is a truth as well. It is, is it not? It is only a truth so far as my my purpose of believing it is the best apple out there. My basis of criteria of it being the best apple, is the eating of the apple as a fresh apple. Is it the best apple for cooking? Is it the best apple for storage? So to say that a Golden Delicious is the best apple is not factual and really not truthful. Because we didn't qualify our basis of truth and to an extent fact.

So with essential oils the first determination of if it is a good oil or not is if it has any foreign substances in it such as man made chemicals, synthetic type additives, and in general anything physical that typically is not acceptable to be found in it. Once that is determined, then from that point on it becomes an issue as illustrated above with the apple.
Then as we move forward from that point. We work with various chemical levels (all be it natural and good types) to achieve a purpose. This then becomes an undertaking that is really akin to saying how many stars are out there in the sky. A very highly opinionated assessment. So many issues out there, so many possible combination of possible solutions. Some solutions work pretty good, some super good, some not very good at all, for a given situation. Then from that point we than move into an area that really isn't covered by a physical assessment. It then becomes a psychological issue.

This is better known as a trust issue. My observation is that when you move over there into that area is this and it can be backed up cross sectional studies, is that one area that perhaps has the greatest influence here is the nature of the character of the person presenting to the consumer, a given essential oil or the whole program.

In the particular company that I do some consulting work for, there is a main center point person. Actually there are a number of them that comes to my mind. However, we will focus on one particular individual. Doctor Wallach is that person. All he has to do is tell someone that they need to take a certain product or a number of products, particular minerals, they trust him and don't question him. But the interesting thing that they don't question him on, is the makeup of the product, mainly of in the ingredients in that particular product. Because most people trust the nature of his character. I say most people.

Why do I say most? Because most people will trust other people and they trust the nature of their own personal character.  So when a few key markers are touched on that they recognize as factual and truthful, they then transfer that trust of character across the board, and in this case to him personally.
A few people will question the day lights out of him and the products that he has presented to them. But you will notice that those people do that to every one and the interesting thing about them is that they show indicators that they don't trust themselves or their personal character. That is the key factor.

Many companies rely very heavy on "facts" of some sort, such as various analytical reports, catchy sales slogans, etc. They have to rely very heavy on this angle because of the nature of the character of the people from the top to the bottom. Some companies tend to be an attraction of people of low character. Some companies aren't. The indicator of that is by observing the nature and extent of the so called facts offered up by them. In other words they have to baffle you with "proof" to prove that they are of the highest character. No one can prove that to anyone. It is not provable from the one person to the other in this way. It is a process of demonstration and reception, over time.

Many, many times, people will ask how they can prove to some person from another company that their oils are better than the ones they have. The answer?? You can't, it is impossible for you to do that. I will explain why.  Yes, it is rational and responsible for a person to ask for information so as to educate themselves and to make good decisions. But when a person starts demanding proof and proof and proof, then that indicates that they have crossed over the line of becoming irrational. You can't discuss anything rationally, with an irrational person. It also indicates that they really have no idea of what they are dealing with. Tell tale sign.

So here we are, the real test of the quality of an essential oil beyond the basic quality tests. Trust and the character of the presenter. The presentation of a number or a level is simply an indicator of where an oil is, not what it is.

The bottom line in the final proof of the quality of an essential oil is you, your trust in yourself and the presenter and finally your personal character. You cannot recognize in someone else that which you are devoid of. You cannot project something that you do not have.  Essential Oil Quality is really a trust and character issue when all is said and done.


Written by Leiann King.


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