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Sweet Sooth Blend

Feb 22, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Sweet Soothe EO Blend

In one of the groups I sort of got into a conversation about the Sweet Soothe Essential Oil Blend. I thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of the back ground of this oil blend. In my perspective, it always helps to have some of the back ground of a given thing, so that a person can work with it better.

Sweet Soothe has its origins in a blend that was widely used as an anti parasitic formula. Somewhere back in time someone came up with the idea of using Coriander, Fennel and Dill to do a number on parasites. Generally this was to combat the typical stomach worms. Then it was discovered that it helped with upset stomachs and helped with digestion. Some companies actually use a form of these 3 oils as a basis of their digestion related oil blends. For the most part, any one of these oils as a single does a good job for digestion related, up set stomach type issues. So if you only have one of these oils, don't feel bad about trying these if you are experiencing some things related to the stomach. You will likely have a positive experience.

Then somewhere along the line someone noticed that it helped a lot of diabetics with that issue. It wasn't long until it became a main go to for that group of people. we, it didn't help everyone. I was working with a number of people, and I started seeing some patterns. One of those was an emotional aspect. After a fairly long time period, I figured out something and tested it.  It was that Anise oil added to this blend making remarkable and observable improvements on the emotional side, which translated to the oil blend working a whole lot better and on a more broad spectrum. During the research aspect of this part, I looked at the Dill factor as well. Even though Dill Weed and Dill Seed are almost the same based on most GC/MS reports, they do have their individual qualities. I liked what both do. So I came up with the idea of why not just mix the two, on a 50/50 ratio, then use that blend as the Dill oil for that blend. Based on theory, it should work good.

In practice, it actually did better than theory. I was very happy. So we now have an oil blend that was made up of Anise, Coriander, Dill Weed, Dill Seed and Fennel. Based on the reports from this oil blend users and from my observations, this oil blend was performing very effectively. I was tickled pink, so to speak.

Then came the curve ball. Someone along the way figured out that Cinnamon Bark Oil also helped a lot of Diabetics. Some responded to the before mentioned oil blend, some did not. Some responded to the Cinnamon oil alone. Head scratching time, but hey, do what works, right? Then someone approached me about making a blend of all of those oils. I at first thought, hey, why not? Then I did the math, (my term for running the numbers, chemical compatibility, etc.). According to my figures, it didn't work, it was weird. I don't mind pushing the limits once in a while, but this was just too far out, too weird for me. But a number of people kept pestering me, so I said, OK, if it will shut them up, fine I will do it. Messed with a few variations. Came up with one that wasn't too weird. Sent it out for testing with those that "kept pestering me". They loved it. So I sent out test samples to quite a few other people. They loved it. So... to make an even longer story shorter, we now have the Essential Oil Blend that we now know as Sweet Soothe.

So there you have a brief over view of the background of this oil blend. Hopefully this gives you some appreciation of this oil blend.

Thank you for your time and interest.


Written by Kent King.


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