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Smudging and Diffusing

Jan 09, 2017

There are many ways to use essential oil. One idea is Diffusing, which is very similar to smudging.  As a general rule, I have observed enough of this to say unequivocally that yes, I think the people that smudge are on to a valid form of helping themselves feel better.  Leiann quite often smudges and over the years I have come to appreciate it. Although it is normally associated with non-white man cultures, it still is a valid form of health recovery, even for the "white man", such as myself. However, in many situations we can't really smudge; try using a diffuser instead. A diffuser pretty much acts on the principle of smudging. Does pretty much the same thing. That is why a person might want to use a diffuser. Not only does it help you directly, it will also cleanse the area around you, such as any room that you are in. I like to use a diffuser, but I also like to use an incense burner for my personal smudging. I usually "fire" it up when Leiann is gone  as she doesn't like how strong the aroma is with some oils that I use in the incense burner.

Last winter I picked up a bug, I couldn't shake that thing. It came to the point that I brought out the big guns. I had some Basil oil that was a very high Carvocol Basil oil. Essentially, an oil that is basically a Basil version of Oregano. I couldn't use it in any of the blend formulations, so I thought,  why not try it and see what it actually does. I used it in an incense burner. I had to use it when Leiann was gone, but talk about a strong aroma in our bedroom. It took a short while and pretty soon that bug was gone. The combination of the EO and the burning of it, ie; read-smudging is what kicked the bug, in my opinion.

So in conclusion, diffusing (smudging) of the oils is an effective way of using the oils. In fact it is about one of the most effective ways of using the oils, even when some issues indicate a protocol of internal use. The kicker here is that for those of you that are anal about teaching about the oils and people like the feds coming down on you, you could perhaps consider this concept with a little more gusto. It also removes a lot of the safety concerns that some people gets freaked out about concerning the oils. This type of essential oil use is a safe and economical way to use the oils.

I know it is a temptation to use herbs to do your smudging but from an economical base it can be costly when you have to buy the herbs. So to get the same effect on a dollar to dollar basis, sometimes a bottle of essential oil is more economical than a whole big bunch of herbs. Plus using the oils in an incense burner won't set off the smoke alarm.

I put forth an idea for all of you to seriously consider. It works for me, it works for just about everyone else. Good luck in considering this method of using the oils.


Written by Leiann King.


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