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Rosemary; The Herb and Essential Oil.

Feb 15, 2024
Normally when using the name of a plant, a Latin name is used to specifically define the plant that we are talking about. Most of you will know Rosemary as used in aromatherapy circles as Rosemary officinalis. Around the late teens, maybe about 2017, 2018 time frame the name was changed to Salvia rosmarinus by the people dealing with names and botany. The Rosemary officinals will continue to be used as a synonym when describing this oil. Just be aware of this  official designation and the change that has taken place, “officially”. Although many of us when dealing with essential oils will normally be using the 1,8 Cineole type. The1,8 Cineole is likely the most popular form of Rosemary used in aromatherapy, with the Camphor type being the next most popular type. From that point on the types are many and with just as many variations.
The 1,8 Cineole type carries a predominant level 3 positive charge. The Camphor type will normally carry a level 2 positive charge. This is an important factor when using Rosemary oil. It largely is related to what role it plays in what most people will use this oil for . Most pathogens, viruses and fungus will, for the most part, carry a negative charge. This is important as it will in simple speak, drive the bad stuff from your body and help with the removal process. The properties of this oil is used to work with a wide range of issues. That list is way too long to describe in this format and space allowed.
One of the really good things about this plant and the oil produced is that it has a lot of positive effects on our mental state. It works really good in helping to clear your mind, calm down your mind and generally promote good mental health. This can happen just by smelling the oil.
Another use of this oil, especially the 1,8 Cineole type is to use it as a tea. You can use a drop or two in some warm water for a tea or you can use some Rosemary leaves in the warm water for a tea. Both work well. But it isn’t a good idea to get the water over about 160degrees F. If you get it much warmer it will allow the terpenes to be released and if that happens, the Rosemary will not only encourage hair to grow on your head, but on your chest as well. Lol. Not really, but the taste will make you think so, IE; terpenes don’t taste very good. You might say it is like eating Vicks.
Since the Rosemary plant is an evergreen, you have the added bonus of the encouragement of homeostasis balancing to take place. This is a key element of the quality of the health promoting features of many essential oils. One of the prime nutritional values is the Boron aspect. It helps to promote the functioning of Boron. A vital element.
Rosemary essential oil is a moderate priced oil. But for what it does, it works wonders and is well worth the normal price that most people have to pay for it. For me personally, I would not want to be without Rosemary EO. If I was allowed to only have 1 essential oil at my disposal, without question, it would be Rosemary. As far as what oil would I choose as my second choice? Well I would have to think long and hard on that one, but for me, it is Rosemary without question, You can do so much with it and cover so many areas.
I hope this short discussion on Rosemary will help someone and the role it plays in aromatherapy. Thank you for your time and Interest. KK

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