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Rabbit Brush Essential Oil.

Feb 21, 2024

Today we are going to look at a few of the essential oils that are more of a indigenous type of oil that is done by a local distiller. I am particularly fond of these types of oils. The reasons are many but the main ones are that I can inspect and participate in the distilling process and am fully aware of exactly where these oils come from and how the whole extraction process that has taken place has come down. There is a long list of oils that fit into the “Indigenous Oils Program” that we want to develop and have a grouping of oils that come into this category. Rabbit Brush is perhaps one of my most desired oils and has actually done more to help me with my issues. I will explain about this oil in the following essay. I know, I know, I said in a previous discussion that I would not like to not have Rosemary in my personal collection, but Rabbit Brush is equal to that Rosemary oil. I didn’t mention this oil in that Rosemary discussion as there are not many people that distill this oil and it is not within the NAHA list of oils that has to be covered in an EO school endorsed by them. So with that in mind, here goes.
The official Latin name for this oil actually has several Latin names because of the various varieties. However, most of the varieties that we deal with in this area is of the
Chrysothamnus type within the Asteraceae plant family. The official name would be Rabbit Brush, Chrysothamnus nauseous. There are a number of other similar types of Rabbit Brush plants One of the other varieties of Rabbit Brush is actually called Golden Hair. Most of these so-called Rabbit Brush plants do display a golden color flower and the plant is normally covered with these pretty yellow/golden flowers when in full bloom. Normally, the plant has a very high, recoverable amount of Essential Oil. So it is known as a high yield oil plant. When this plant is distilled, there is not a lot of floral or distillate water on top of the oil. The distiller that we use will sometimes co-distill this plant with other plants. These co-distilled oils are really effective and might be looked at as a blend created within the steam distilling process.
When distilling this plant for essential oil, the whole plant is normally used. There are not any plants of this plant type that are farmed, it is all wild-crafted and as organic as organic can be.

Normally this plant will just appear in most of these desert environments after the soil has been severely disturbed. It really is the first step in reclaiming the soil profile so that nature can reconstruct the soil profile so that plants can naturally grow once again. Of course this does not take place overnight, it takes time. The Rabbit Brush plant has a lot of leaves on it. Many of these leaves are shed every year and to a somewhat lesser extent throughout the year. This is how the soil rebuilding takes place. As you look on the underside of this plant, you will see several inches of leaves that are in the process of decomposition and incorporating themselves into the soil. There are a number of various animal and insect life forms/families that make this environment their home.These life forms help in creating enzymes, catalysts and so on that contribute to the healing type qualities of this plant when used by humans and other animal life forms.

Based on the observed qualities of this oil, it is obvious that it has contributions from all
Seven periods of developments as portrayed on the Periodic Table of Elements chart. As a general rule most people do not work with any of the elements from the 5th., 6th., and 7th., periods of development. Normally these elements are not understood by the public in general and it's also hard to capitalize on these elements in order to sell them to people. When it comes to this area, all you hear is crickets chirping. Since I grew up living and functioning around this plant, it is near and dear to my heart. So there is my confirmed bias for this discussion.

Normally, the element contributions from these 3 periods of development are mostly about
energy. I am talking about physical and chemical energy, not the warm and fuzzy energy that
some people talk about. As a general rule the amount of actual physical amounts of these
elements that are needed by a human is of such a small amount, that it is theoretically
possible that some of these higher level elements can be provided within a few drops of
essential oils. But one thing for sure, a number of contributions to enzyme action and various
type actions can and will be activated by the use of these oils. When it comes to Rabbit
Brush, I feel like the greatest contribution of this plant to a human is with its emotional
properties. I have worked with this oil and have had others work with it as well in order to
gain perspective and experience with this Rabbit Brush EO and have found the
psychological contributions are undeniable. Although the physical assessments will take
longer to assess, I see contributions there as well.

Since this oil is only provided by what is called an Artisan Distiller, this means that there is
not really mechanical harvesting of the plant, IE: it is done by hand. It is not done on a
commercial level, so yes, it takes more time and effort to produce this oil. This oil and many
others of this class of Artisan Distilled- Indigenous type oils will have fixed oils within the
family of plants, so using one of these oils will be more compatible in quality of the use of the
oil. For example, The Sunflower plant is from the same plant family and as far as I am
concerned, is an excellent carrier oil to use with this Rabbit Brush EO.

So there you have a general run down of an oil that has a wide range of properties that can
lead to actual results and a better life for the users of the oil. Going forward, I will be doing
more discussions with these types of oils along with discussions with the more common
ones. As always, thank you for your time and interest.


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