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Quality of Oils Part 2

Sep 08, 2019

Mar 7 2017



After I posted the last discussion on this topic, I felt like I really didn't put the finishing touches on it. So here goes;

When people first come on board with the Essential Oils, they are excited and want to share. However, the challenge they have is that most of the people they want to share with are already using oils and for the most part those friends that they want to share with are from one of the two big EO companies. Please keep in mind that I am not bashing those 2 big EO companies, just some of their practices and the actions of a few people associated with them.  Very seldom do you see behaviors from people associated from other companies like you see in this this grouping. Anyway, people ask this question; What can I say or what can I do to show them that our oils are better? I always answer the question this way, You can't!  Some of the reasons are related to what I have mentioned in previous discussions. Now some of these people that they will run up against are well trained in the debate aspects of dealing with "other" companies and those other companies approaches. In these cases it amounts to a freshman college debate student going up against a well trained and experienced attorney in a debate contest. We all have a good idea as to the outcome on that one.

Another aspect that you will get hammered on is this; proof, absolute proof that their oils are better than yours. Aside from what I have previously mentioned, here is another aspect. I don't know how many times I have discussed this issue with someone, face to face and they are drinking a DIET soda (mind you not a full sugar one, but a diet one. On a comparative basis a full sugar one is good for you and the diet one is bad for you), as they preach to me about their concern, about their deep concern about being very careful about not using "impure" essential oils. OOOkkkkaaaayyyy..Says I.

Then as you talk about other things, the topic comes up that they are on maybe a 1/2 dozen pharma prescriptions, because they have all these health issues. (For the record here, I am not opposed to the use of pharma drugs, just that sometimes there might be a better alternative out there, sometimes people have to do what they have to do. I respect them enough to understand that). So I think to myself, yeah, how is that "pure" oils and this whole purity thing working for you??? Then as you are departing they say to you, if you want to talk more about this we can, but you need to bring the proof that your oils are as you say they are and oh by the way, where are your oils sourced from?

Another big aspect is that they hammer on is the comparison of the higher quality of their oils over the others. What I find funny is that it has been established in a court of law, totally legitimate, fully legal court of law that both of the 2 big companies use synthetic oils in their oils.Yes, I said SYNTHETIC, not low quality, but synthetics. Yes, the documentation was only on a few of the oils offered by these companies, but come on people, if it is established in court this finding, and they swear that they don't use synthetics, what are you supposed to conclude? How does this affect your trust in the other oils of that company? Oh, I know, they got lucky and only tested the few oils that they used synthetics in, but they don't do that anymore. lol.

The documentation references can be found all over the neighborhood, but if you go to wikipedia and look up these companies, scroll down to the bottom where the references are, you will find some and will be able to start your own research. Wikipedia is a good safe place to start. So when people from these companies start preaching to me about purity and quality, I just turn and find a private place to go and barf. The people actually believe that which they are told, even to the extent that all that stuff in court was just lies, just lies, made up data. Yes, some of the stuff was dropped because when the facts came out that both companies use synthetics, the judge asked both parties if they really wanted to go any further. There is still some legal action still pending, pretty much unrelated to quality however. They choose to drop most of the lawsuits and counter lawsuits against each other. In particular, the parts about the "purity" ones. I addressed this behavioral concept in the Confabulation discussions.

So when considering doing a discussion (read; debate), consider the fact that you are likely having a discussion with someone that is a Confabulator and or an out right idiot. In either case you can't win. So just focus on what you have that they don't. If they are level headed people, you can have a good rational discussion on what you have that they don't.

So in the end, the best business building and or sharing opportunity for you is all based on your personal character. If you are solid and project an honest. upright, sincere, positive strong character, people will be drawn to you. The people that you want to work with anyway will find you attractive (we are talking character/personality OK!).  It is always better that the shady characters just move on, you don't need the drama. (Drama will always, read ALWAYS destroy each and every business where it is the story line).

This idea was taught to me by an employer that I once had. I was selling farm machinery. I was working on this one deal, the guy was just hammering the daylights out of me on this baler. So in my discussion with my boss, he asked me if I could sell the trade in for what I was giving him for it. Because he said, that I was essentially buying the baler. Of course the answer was no. I wasn't making any money on the one I was selling him either. So the boss said, you know, sometimes you make more money and end up with a better deal by not making the deal. IE; the best deal is to not make the deal. Drama freaks will prove out to be a bad business deal at the end of the day.

So the same idea is that you can do better by not signing some people up or not attempt to sign up some of these people from other companies. You just can't do it. Just part on good terms and it is a good bet that they will return to you, asking in sincerity about what you have to offer. Think of it in terms of delayed gratification.
I am sure most of you are familiar with the TV series of Lonesome Dove. In the Return to Lonesome Dove series, there is a scene that shows a situation of a strong possible of a ranch war. You have Capt. and gang on one side, the neighbor rancher and his gang on the other. They were having a tug of war of sorts over Newt. Capt makes a statement. The other rancher makes a statement. Newt replies with something like this: (His reaction is directed to the other rancher) He says, no sir, you are the one lying. I know capt and capt don't lie.

To me that would be one of the more honorable things that could be said about you by someone. I know (fill in the blank with your name) and (your name again) don't lie. So in the end, if something like this can't honestly be said about you then it is going to be hard to build a business or to share anything. We appear to be going into a day and age of people not being very willing to put up with lies and dishonestly. People that know you, will know of your character, they will determine if they can work with you or not. People that you don't know, well they will watch for clues that reflect your character. If it is low, those of a higher character, in some way will decline to listen to you or work with you. No cleaver sales gimmick or approach will ever be successful in the end if your character isn't there to carry it.

There are a number of aspects of having the necessary tools to build your business on and the very first one is your character. You can "fake it till you make it" all day long, and you may even make your business curve look like a rocket trajectory, which is good at first, but then it goes like a rocket, up and then down, just like a rocket. That is the business curve of each and every fake it till you make it type. A business build on the solid character will always be a slow upward curve, but it will always be solid and secure.

In closing, I would like to quote a quote by Albert Einstein but I can't totally remember it, but I know what it amounted to and it went something like this; Don't seek to become a man of success, because a man of success is always haunted by the fear of losing it, whereby he loses all. Rather seek to become a person of value, a person of value is secure, he is not haunted by the fear of losing it. He will always have it. The reward for good character is value.

Perhaps a person can apply the idea of being a valuable asset in your customer's lives, enabling you to be able to get where you want to be. In the end, your character is what really matters. It controls and directs everything else. Think of your personal character to be like a magnet,  that personal character will either repel or attract. The product is but a side note.


Written by Kent King.


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